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Is WordPress a website builder? My take

is wordpress a website builder? build a website

Is WordPress a website builder? My take is yes, it’s a website builder. I explain why WordPress is a website builder.

I also invite you to build your very own WordPress based website that you will be able to access on the internet.

Here’s a way to build a website using WordPress

is wordpress a website builder? build a website

You will be able to build your very own WordPress based website by answering a few questions online and clicking an action button.

This is shown exactly how to do in the accompanying step-by-step video presentation.

In the coming minutes, it is very possible that you would have your very own WordPress based website up on the internet, if you decide to follow the practical proven approach as explained here.

It will be your very own fully functional WordPress website up and running. The actual process itself takes most people 30 to 60 seconds, however you need to spend some time learning how to do it, and this is done by watching a step-by-step video.

The great thing about an online video presentation is that you are able to pause and rewind the video as many times as necessary. You can even watch the video on one window on your computer and build your own WordPress website on another window.

is wordpress a website builder? build beautiful profit ready websites

Using WordPress to build your websites gives you a lot of flexibility and does not tie you in to one particular web host so much as some of the other website builders. Those other website builder also have limited flexibility which most likely you will want to grow out of as soon as possible should you go down that path.

My take is simple, don’t waste your time building your websites if WordPress is not included in that solution.

WordPress is also a content management system with great flexibility. It’s used in many websites today. It also has hundreds of website templates to select from and thousands of website plugins that increases the flexibility and functionality of your website.

Other website builders, including Wix and Weebly have nowhere near these capabilities. With these, you are tied down to them. I just simply do not like the idea of limiting my options in the future if I do not have to.

is wordpress a website builder? wix

You can’t simply move your website from one host to another as a “simple move” because of incompatibles between them. This means you are tied down to that particular website builder. This might be OK with a small website however for an operational website it is not OK if you want to keep your future options open. Most people like to keep their future options open.

Both Wix and Weebly make it very easy for you to build a website initially. However, as you require additional functionality, you may have to pay for this additional functionality or live without this additional functionality. This potentially is not good news for you.

is wordpress a website builder? weebly

The process to move an existing website from either Wix or Weekly is very involved and very technical and is not a “simple move”. The website after the move will most likely look nowhere like the old website.

Both the Wix and Weebly website builders for instance tie you to their web hosting solution so you are tied that way. You can also be obligated to display website builder ads on your own web site. That may not project the professional image that you want to project with your website.

is wordpress a website builder? wordpress

WordPress is a great website builder as well as being a great content management system. It however is way more flexible than other website builders and interestingly enough does not tie you to one particular web host.

In the past, I have moved my WordPress websites from one host who supports WordPress to another host who also supports WordPress with no issues. However I have heard that complications may arise.

Any complications that may arise should be fixable by you working with the support teams at both your current web host and your new web host. Be sure to ask for advice from both support departments prior to moving the website and to follow those recommendations.

Build a website

is wordpress a website builder? website features

If you are looking to build a website, you are in the right place. Here you will find out how to build a WordPress based website in a very simple and effective manner.

These days if you are looking to build your very own niche websites for your online business, this can be done in a very short time period.

To build websites years ago, you had to be a website developer, a website designer and a website webmaster. Or be someone with big pockets to pay for this type of website technical expertise.

This is no longer the case. Today, if you can answer a few questions online, you can build a website very fast. Of course, I am talking about the initial framework including the “bare bones” initial content.

If you want to build your very own website in the next few minutes, read on.

Website essentials

is wordpress a website builder? website essentials

There are a number of website essentials that you should consider:

1. Speed: When a visitor selects a page on your website, that page needs to be displayed as quickly as possible to that visitor. If speed is not top-notch it is possible that the person will simply look elsewhere which is not good for you.

2. Good Clean Professional Look: When a visitor selects a page on your website, that page needs to have a good clean professional look and to project a good professional image.

3. Easy to Move Around: When a visitor navigates around your website it needs to be easy to do.

4. Uses the WordPress platform as the Content Management System: This gives you as the website operator, great flexibility regarding different website templates and different website plugins that can add additional website functionality.

5. Great relevant website content: The content on your website needs to be highly relevant to your website visitors if you want them to convert.

In my opinion if you do these 5 things, you will have a highly relevant website that could be very successful and profitable.

is wordpress a website builder? progress problem solving with action research

Years ago it would have make sense to follow the cycles as shown in the above diagram if you wanted to build a website. You could still spend ages today doing research on building websites or you can use the following approach to see how you find building a website yourself.

Would you prefer to do in less than 2 minutes or spend way more time doing way more research into how to build a WordPress based website?

Below you can build a free WordPress website right now by entering a domain name in the box below.

I am so impressed with this process myself that I now invite you to give it a go yourself. Seeing is believing. Doing it yourself is way more believing as you will appreciate after you create and build your own website below, right now!

Go on, I wonder how quickly can you create and build a website yourself with this process! The website you create and build will be accessible on the internet when you complete this process! Not much point in creating and building a website that is not accessible on the internet!

Ready, Set, Go….Get started right now, create and build a free website. You are just seconds away from a LIVE niche website! Manage your website and get training on how to build something truly amazing!

Above you can build a free WordPress website right now by entering a name for your Free website in the box above and clicking on the “Build it Now” button. Enjoy!

WordPress, a great content management system

I am a firm believer in WordPress as a great content management system. It is not just me. At this stage many websites on the planet use WordPress. This website was created and built using WordPress.

is wordpress a website builder? wordpress some background

I remember working on my initial website back in 2002. At that time I had to manually key in the underlying code which was a mixture of PHP and HTML. Finding bugs in that underlying code was also time-consuming. Having programming knowledge and expertise in those days was a must.

If I wanted to change the design of it, it was a major big job. The design and content were usually in the same HTML document those days.

Today, WordPress separates content from the design. This allows a WordPress website to change design without changing the content. There is still work to be done however it is nowhere near as much as the old way of doing it.

Today, anyone who can answer a few questions in the right place online (see the 3 steps below) and use a secure WordPress Managed web host can build a website very fast indeed. The website building barriers have been done away with because of the likes of the WordPress Content Management System along with other advances.

Here are some reasons to use WordPress:
1. It’s used in many websites today.

2. With WordPress web hosting, it is usually very easy to install and set-up today.

3. No advanced website programming knowledge is required. Some website programming knowledge may help from time to time however is usually strictly not required.

4. It allows you to change how it looks using different website templates. This is the design, look and feel of the website. In WordPress, this is managed using Themes. Modern themes today support responsive design. This is to allow your website to look good on all devices.

is wordpress a website builder? examples of three different wordpress themes

5. It’s functionality is extensible with loads of plugins. These increase the functionality or add new features.

6. It makes search engine optimization easier. You install a WordPress search engine optimization plugin, configure some settings and the plugin handles the rest. If you were not using WordPress and a WordPress search engine optimization plugin, good luck with all the manual extra work.

As you can see, WordPress is my choice and it is the exclusive framework I use to build all of my websites now.

Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy!

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