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Wealthy Affiliate Review Based On Over 6 Years Being Premium

My detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review covers pros and cons I noticed since I joined in early 2015. Their target customers are affiliates especially newbies. They provide affiliate marketing training. And website hosting with excellent 24/7 support. As well as a keyword research tool.

I took out a Premium Membership with them from February 2015 to March 2021. I didn’t renew in March 2021 as I was no longer getting good value.

Let’s get started.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Introduction

They used to offer a good deal. Back in 2015, they were way ahead of their competition. Yet their competition has now caught up and overtaken them.

These days there are other businesses providing better affiliate marketing training. And some of the other businesses are actually building new affiliate sites. All the time. To finetune their training. And to ensure that their training is still valid today. Wealthy Affiliate don’t do this. Which means that they provide some outdated and incorrect training.

Wealthy Affiliate provide excellent managed WordPress hosting with around the clock support. The cost of which is very expensive if all you need is hosting with around the clock support for one or two sites.

Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword research tool is very basic. Especially when it’s compared with other keyword research tools available today.

They only have limited types of packages available which means you may not fully use up all the benefits of paid membership which then makes that membership very expensive.

If you want hosting for one WordPress website, you have to buy premium membership which allows you to host up to ten WordPress websites which makes their pricing expensive if you do not really need their other offerings.

They do not continuously validate that their training still works, even though affiliate marketing is a fast changing world. The world of affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and Google search is changing all the time however their training does not change to reflect these changes.

Some Alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate?

You need to go to other sources to get those types of updates. If you subscribe to related channels on YouTube, you may find them more useful and helpful. I mention a few related YouTube channels later on in this post.

This Is My Detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review

This is a detailed review. Included is my initial history with Wealthy Affiliate. Reliable secure managed WordPress hosting is included in membership. I include my experiences with them since January 2015. Most of these experiences were good but there have been some not so good experiences.

For instance you can’t downgrade your account from premium to starter. This means in my view that free starter members are treated better than ex-Premium members which I think is wrong. And this is hidden from view within Wealthy Affiliate.

My Initial History with Wealthy Affiliate

I myself first came across Wealthy Affiliate when I read a review of Wealthy Affiliate in January 2015. After reading that review, I was interested. I was curious and took full advantage of their free trial. This includes access to 20 free online training lessons on running an online business with a big focus on affiliate marketing which they are already highly successful in.

This consists of online affiliate marketing business education, online affiliate marketing business training, online affiliate marketing business tools, online affiliate marketing business products and online affiliate marketing business services.

Core Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

They have core affiliate marketing training courses. These were developed by a highly experienced affiliate marketer. He is a great teacher and a great communicator. Yet he does not continually build new sites from scratch to ensure that this content still works today.

Learn and Do

The core training courses follow a learn and do approach. First you learn about the online business lesson concept. This could be online text or online video or a mixture of both. Then you do some related tasks on your online business to implement that learning. This is a good way to learn practical skills.

Work at Your Own Pace – as Fast or as Slow as You like: You Are in Control

This is how it should be. Certainly this is one of the things I liked. I don’t have to wait for the slowest learner in a classroom situation when I understand concepts way faster than the slowest learner.

More importantly to my learning, I can take my time when I find it hard to understand concepts. At least I know that I am not slowing down the learning experiences for other people and can focus on my learning.

You do associated tasks after the learning at each step if you want to. I encourage you to do so if they make sense for you. This acts as a way to cement the knowledge and help turn that knowledge into real world practical know how.

I did each of the twenty core lessons available in the free trail. Then I knew I found something valuable. The first ten lessons were the ten lessons in phase 1 of their Online Entrepreneur Certification course. The next ten lessons were the ten lessons in phase 1 of their Affiliate Bootcamp course.

There is some overlap between the lessons in both courses, however I found that acted as a refresher and cemented what I learned earlier. So all good there.

I Did Not Have to Do Both Sets of Courses

Of course, I did not have to do both sets of courses. Choosing one set is also okay. I was doing these lessons using my free trial. This was before spending any of my own money. I was doing as much as I could using this free trial to see if this is a good fit for me.

An Effective Way to Learn about Running an Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Using the online training material within Wealthy Affiliate saved me tons of time in learning about running an online business, especially affiliate marketing concepts and principles.

Good Practical Real World Introduction to Managed WordPress Website Hosting

Using the free trial they even let me build a free website using their managed WordPress hosting. Try getting that elsewhere. They use WordPress hosting. This is used by over 30% of the websites in the world. Getting familiar with WordPress is a good thing in today’s modern online world. This is an added bonus.

Other Online Offers for Web Hosting

Other online offers I seen for world-class web hosting involves you spending money up to 36 months in advance before you can even host your website.

Web Hosting like all products and services comes in many different favors. For example budget, standard and first class.

Pay Money for Three Years in Advance with No Experience of the Provider – You Are Kidding, Right?

No, I am not kidding. I am serious. I know that a few world-class web hosting providers, according to the reviews I read about them, that will want to lock you for up to 3 years in advance with you prepaying the price for these 36 months in advance (albeit at a special introductory rate) before you have even tried them out. Bluehost is one of them.

How often do you purchase products and services where you have no personal experience of the product or service for this length of time and pay the money in advance for this length of time?

Some of them will even lock you in for up to 3 years with you prepaying in advance for the full 3 years at a special introductory rate BEFORE you have even used their web hosting. What do you do if that web hosting does not meet your needs? Good luck getting your money back in that case.

Exploring the Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial

Back to my initial history with Wealthy Affiliate, I decided at that time to explore this further and took full advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate free trial.

I am thrilled to report that it was a great decision at the time as it led to great learning outcomes for me.

Probing into Wealthy Affiliate
Website Building At Work From Home Notes

Here you will find my Wealthy Affiliate – Overview section. This is a high level bird’s eye view of what Wealthy Affiliate is about. You will also find out about some of my early experiences of Wealthy Affiliate which you might want to copy.

I include a brief overview of their offerings. The most important in my view is their detailed core Affiliate Marketing education and training which is designed to give you a comprehensive practical know-how on a number of different affiliate marketing strategies that work developed by a highly experienced affiliate marketers who knows how to communicate this effectively.

Get a Competitive Edge

Very often it is practical education and practical training that gives you the competitive edge. Often if you can learn how a successful person does something step-by-step, you can copy that process for yourself and become successful doing that activity. This is one way that Wealthy Affiliate help affiliate marketers.

This is followed by some of the things I like about Wealthy Affiliate. Then to be fair, I also include some of the things I do not like, which in my view are very minor. I then conclude with my closing conclusion.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Overview

This Wealthy Affiliate Trial membership is for you if you are interested in learning how to be an affiliate marketer or if you want to build an online business. This trial membership gives you access to some great training.

Do What I Did and Grab a Free Trial

Do what I did. Start a free trial. Review what is in the free trial. Determine for yourself if this is something that you like.

A great advantage is that you can start this in your own spare time at home connected to the internet.

A Heads up: This Does Take Time to Learn and Master

Just so your know, affiliate marketing is something that takes some time to learn and master. It is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It is going to take time and effort to learn and master this. How much I do not know as there are loads of variables involved.

What I can say is that the affiliate marketing training provided within Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of useful practical knowhow that when applied sensibly should help you greatly on your affiliate marketing journey.

The Wealthy Affiliate trial membership gives you access to some affiliate marketing training which empowers you to start to build your own website within the Wealthy Affiliate platform to see if this is for you.

Start Building Your Own Website on Your Own Timetable and on Your Own Schedule

You can do this to your own timetable and to your own schedule. You are in total control. This is how it should be.

Here I review Wealthy Affiliate which I recommend if you are interested in affiliate marketing or running your own online business. Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of step-by-step training designed to help you get your website (or websites) up and running.

What the Training Includes

The training includes online marketing advice, how to build a website, how to research for keywords, how to write posts and technical advice. This should help you out a lot. More importantly, it should also save you a lot of time and expense. Speaking for myself, I wish I found them sooner.

Without Learning You Are Not Able to Do Anything

They provide support and guidance through step-by-step training, through self motivation, and the more you know and the more you learn, the more you do. Without learning you are not able to do anything. For instance in everyday life, I remember learning how to ride my first bike. My parents put training wheels on my bike, and provided support and guidance, and the next thing I knew, I was riding my bike the way young children do.

The same applies here. In many sports it is so much well focused practice that allows players to achieve their sporting success. This allows them to score so much. That is what is going to happen when you get trained properly, however you must also practice properly.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that caters for people running online businesses, especially affiliate marketers of all levels. This includes you if you are thinking about affiliate marketing. Or you if you are already a highly experienced affiliate marketer. Or you if you are somewhere in between. It includes you if you run an offline business that you want to get online, especially if you are a “hands-on” type of individual. Of course, you could spend an awful lot of money going online if you do this wrong.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform focuses on providing practical affiliate marketing education and training. It also focuses on providing reliable secure managed WordPress hosting, keyword research tool, tools to help create content, other tools, email services and domain registration services.

Although some, though not all of these services are also available from other suppliers, I have come across none that supplies all of these things in the one place at the quality, quantity and price point that they do.

Wealthy Affiliate has a vast array of educational and training material available on their website. Some of this material is actually very good especially the educational materials developed by one of the co-founders.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Tools, products and services that affiliate marketers need to build their affiliate marketing businesses. This includes Education & Training, Websites & Hosting, Keyword Research Tool and Tools to Help Create Content.

It is easy enough to get help. The easiest way to get help in my opinion in Wealthy Affiliate is to log into Wealthy Affiliate and use the Wealthy Affiliate search bar at the top of the screen. There are many articles within the Wealthy Affiliate library of resources that cover many affiliate marketing topics.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Ideal For?

This is ideal for affiliate marketers of all levels – including those thinking about it, those who already highly experienced and those in between. Anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing. This means all affiliate marketers of all levels, from complete newbie (those just thinking about affiliate marketing) to expert (highly experienced Affiliate Marketers), including all those in between.

This is also ideal for people who want to build an online business. Online businesses and affiliate marketing share many of the same or very similar tasks. Therefore many skills learned for one or the other are directly transferable to the other.

Basic Core Training

The basic core training showing how to choose an interest, build a website, attract visitors and earn revenue. Basic website hosting. Plus more.

You can start doing this in your spare time at home connected to the internet. This is the ideal way to start in my opinion. In your spare time, learning and doing affiliate marketing activities to bone up your affiliate marketing skills.

Once you implement the information that Wealthy Affiliate provides, your online business should know no bounds. Know that the basic core training provided by Wealthy Affiliate is step-by-step training.

This is probably recommended for you seeing as you are reading this. This would be even more so if affiliate marketing resonates with you in any way at any level, including those thinking about it, those who already highly experienced and those in between.

My Experiences

I want to talk about Wealthy Affiliate, about some of my experiences with them and why if you are into affiliate marketing at any level, why it makes a lot of sense to become a member. They have a number of useful tools, products and services that help Affiliate Marketers to build their affiliate marketing business. These also help people running other online businesses as well.

Start on the Free Trial

You can start on the free trial to see if it is something for you. This is what I did when I joined first. At that time I did not know if it would be a good fit for me or not. Taking full advantage of their free trial allowed me to explore their offerings in more detail, allowed me to get familiar with them and to see if it was a good fit for me. It turned out that for me, it was and is a good fit.

The Free Trial Is Not a Limited Time Offer

The great thing about their free trial is that this is not a limited time offer. You can actually stay on the free trial for as long as you like. They will host one free fully functional website for you (albeit with advanced options turned off) for your first six months of membership. You see how easy it is to put up a website. Additionally you will also wonder why you did not do it earlier.

I saw a screenshot of a member been on the free trial for over 500 days before that person decided to upgrade to premium membership. That is over 16 months before that person decided to upgrade to premium membership.

Not like other offers out there where the first 7 days is free, then your credit card gets hit. You decide with Wealthy Affiliate when to upgrade to premium if you do.

The Free Trial Includes Some Great Training on Running an Online Business

When I started my trial, during the first few weeks I well and truly took advantage of the free training that I was given access to. This after long work days in my full time day job.

I Took Advantage of a Special Price Because I Found the Trial Beneficial

I took advantage of a special first month premium discount membership offer for $19. I took advantage of that offer before the deadline. And paid my $19 for my first month of premium membership and before that month was over I had decided to go yearly.

This for a number of reasons, including the fact that I saw the value to me in the affiliate marketing education and training that they gave me access to. Once I decided before that first month of premium membership was over, I decided to pay for premium on a yearly basis as that makes a lot more sense for me than paying for it monthly. That was an informed decision based on my experiences with them during the free trial.

The Main Offerings

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, what can you expect? Well, they have a range of tools, products and services that all affiliate marketers will find useful in helping them to build their affiliate marketing business. I discuss a few of these tools, products and services.

Education and Training

The Affiliate Marketing Education & Training provided is good, especially the materials in both of the core courses developed by one of the co-founders. He has a good communication style and uses a mixture of online video and text in his well-structured relevant training courses. These particular courses have also tasks that you do after learning. This means that as you go through his courses, assuming that you are doing the tasks, you are also doing tasks to build your affiliate marketing business. Other members also develop education and training in different aspects of affiliate marketing, a lot of which is pretty good.

I say Focus initially on the education & training provided in one or both of the two core courses developed by one of the co-founders first and do the associated tasks first before looking at other education and training resources within Wealthy Affiliate.

Websites and Hosting

The Websites & Hosting provided is good. They provide a secure managed WordPress based hosting solution. Using WordPress means that the websites you develop can be moved to other WordPress hosting solutions. This is an additional comfort thing should it become necessary.

The last thing you want to do is to develop websites and be “forced” to stay within a limited web host’s solution because it is difficult to move that one hosting provider to another because of incompatibles.

They have an easy to use website builder and provide video based step-by-step training that shows how to build a website in less than a minute on their platform. This website is then available on the internet when that process is complete. Pretty impressive. Of course, once the website is built, you do need to add your content. 🙂

I say Open up your free trial and create one free website using this. Of course, there are more premium functions & features available to premium members however you get quite a lot of functions & features on the free trial.

Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research Tool provided can be used to help you to determine what keywords to focus on when you are creating content for your website. As an affiliate marketer, the content you create on your website is going to determine how successful you are. Writing content in an academic setting is completely different to writing content for the online world. Learn how to write content for the online world is extremely important.

It is no good creating good quality content if no one reads it. So an important activity is to do keyword research. You want to determine good keywords to use so that over time, the search engines find your content and include your articles in search engine results. A percentage will click through to read that article and a percentage of them will buy from your affiliate links in that article.

I say Spend time going through the training on this so that you understand these concepts very well. This may save you a lot of time later on in your online business.

Tools to Help Create Content

They have tools to help create content. They have a tool which is designed to help you to write content in an effective and efficient manner. You can design your own templates and then use these templates as you create content. This can be a brilliant time-saver.

Of course, you do this writing after doing your research. I find that I can create content very effectively and with efficiency using this tool. I am also able to get images from a library of over 1,000,000 images for my posts. Thank goodness, there is a search function to look for suitable images. I also find images from other suitable sources that Wealthy Affiliate have educated me about over the last while.

I say Spend time using these tools and see for yourself how effective and efficient they are for you.


There are some things about Wealthy Affiliate that I like.

The Affiliate Marketing Education and Training

The first thing I like is the affiliate marketing education and training. Here I am talking about the training provided by one of the co-founders. He presents the material in different ways which usually involves reading some of his content, viewing an online video presentation where that topic is discussed in more detail.

Each lesson usually includes some action steps for you to do, based on the material he has just shown you. By using a learn and do approach, your practical know-how increases. Using this approach means that you are building your real-world website and building your real-world online business practical know-how.

Free Trial members have access to the first ten lessons of both of these courses. After doing the lessons you have access to, you will have real-world practical affiliate marketing knowledge. If you also do the suggested tasks, you also have some real-world practical know-how on starting to build your very own online business.

The Secure Managed WordPress Hosting

The second thing I like is the secure managed WordPress hosting.

Know That Good WordPress Web Hosting Is Expensive

A free trial starter member can host one website with their starter membership. This is a fully functional WordPress website, that can be used in any niche and it is hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s state of the art Managed WordPress hosting platform. I have seen other webhosts charging $30 per month to host one website. Of course, that $30 per month WordPress hosting for one website contains a lot more functionally than the functionally provided within the free trial.

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership includes ten websites hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s state of the art Managed WordPress hosting, and includes full 24/7/365 hosting support.

Hosting Support Needs to Be Really Good and It Needs to Be 24/7 for Every Single Day of the Year With No Exceptions

Every time I opened a hosting support related ticket with them, they have responded in a timely prompt manner, usually with the ticket resolved at that point. I take this support for granted. I now sometimes get annoyed when other online businesses can not provide that level of prompt and professional support.

They have set the bar high for all other online businesses. No other online business that I deal with are this responsive. Of course, some of them are very responsive, just not as responsive in my opinion as when a support ticket is opened at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Managed WordPress hosting associated with my Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership allows me to grow my affiliate marketing online business without worrying about web hosting or the costs associated with web hosting because it is already included in my premium membership deal.

When you are logged into your Wealthy Affiliate account, you are able to create your very own secure managed WordPress website. The training that Wealthy Affiliate provides will help you to do this assuming that you can watch step-by-step videos and follow instructions.

Window One I Use to Follow the Online Training Video

I recommend having one window open on one of their training online videos.

Window Two Is Where I Do the Associated Practical Task

And another window open to actually do what the online training is showing is an approach that works for me. And sometimes I find that I may have missed something. So rewinding the training online video and looking again shows what I missed earlier.

There may be differences between the two. This is to be expected from time to time due to the fast moving world we live in. Nothing stands still. So when looking at an online video that shows how to use a certain WordPress plugin, know that your implementation may be different to the implementation used by the trainer. This may result in minor differences or major differences.

Using This Approach Cements My Real-World Practical Expertise

Anyway having these two windows open in this manner helps me to cement my real-world practical expertise, especially when there are differences, as I am now required to do some thinking. For instance, what is the trainer trying to impart? Or how can I do this practical task now that things have changed?

The Keyword Research Tool

The third thing I like is the keyword research tool. I understand that trial members can do 30 searches a month. Premium members can do unlimited searches a month. This allows members to do keyword research looking at the average number of searches per month, the number of competitors and a keyword quality indicator along with other great information.

Here’s an Example of the Tool in Action

Wealthy Affiliate review - great for all affiliates: keyword research holidays in july

This is not an exact science and the figures are not exact. This is a keyword tool used to help you to determine a good keyword to use. A keyword may be a phrase. I explain the figures in this example:

  1. AVG: This figure is the average number of visitors that used this keyword every month for the last 12 months.
  2. TRAFFIC: This figure is the average number of visitors that you could expect if you managed to get your post using this targeted keyword on the first page of ten results. This is an estimate figure.
  3. QSR: This figure (QSR stands for Quoted Search Results) is the number of competing websites that use this keyword. Depending on your approach, you might want this to be less than 50, or less then 100, or less than 150, or less than 200. This can depend on how established your website is.
  4. KQI: This figure (KQI stands for Keyword Quality Indicator) – This is either “great” (green), “OK” (orange) or “poor” (red). If this is not “great” (green) I usually don’t bother with it.

If There Is a Lot of Competition, There Is Little Point You Using That Keyword

This is especially true when your website is just starting out. There is little point in targeting a keyword phrase that has a lot of competitors because the search engines are not likely to send traffic your way. If you target a keyword phrase with little competition the search engines are likely to send some traffic your way. If the search engines see that the traffic they send you stays on your website, they may start to rank your content higher.

Some more research would need to be performed outside of this tool to see if this would make sense. I would need to do a quick analysis of the top ten entries for both these keywords in Google to see for myself what the top entries look like and to determine can I write a better post. If the top few entries are well known organisations who have a lot of quality content, I know with a newly created website that I would not be likely to rank above them. This is just plain common sense, however I do need to do this quick analysis. The primary idea with the quick analysis is to determine to spend more time on this keyword or drop it.


There are some things about Wealthy Affiliate that I do not like.

Off Topic Material

The first thing that I do not like is that there is quite a bit of off topic material within the vast amount of material available. There is some material developed by Wealthy Affiliate Members that is way off topic in my opinion.

By off topic I mean that the subject matter that they discuss is not affiliate marketing related nor is it online business related nor is it business related nor is it self-improvement related. Some members in my opinion seem to think that Wealthy Affiliate is Facebook, where they exchange “social media” personal type of messages. To each their own, I suppose. 🙂

The Wealthy Affiliate Search Function Needs Improvement

The next thing that I do not like is that the search function within the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard needs to be improved. This to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. They need to include more than the first ten entries in the different categories, like the way that the Google search engine lets you continue looking really deep into something, like the search term I used in the following image. Each page in this case displayed ten entries:
Wealthy Affiliate review - great for all affiliates: google holidays in july
If this was a relevant search term in Wealthy Affiliate, I would only have got the first ten entries in the list, whereas in this case with Google, I am on page 22 and each page contents ten entries, so I could have explored the two hundred and ten earlier entries in this list before I came to this page (making 220 entries by the time I get to the last entry on page 22).

Members Internal Ranking System

Another thing I don’t like is the members internal ranking system. This is distracting and takes away from the core activities of what you are supposed to be doing in my opinion.

Depending on how active you are interacting with other members and answering their questions, and how you actually use the services and tools within the platform, you get ranked. This is just an internal ranking system which has no bearing outside of the platform. There is also no direct financial gain from having a good number. In this case the lower the better.

Way too many members get side-tracked with this internal rank. They think that it is important whereas it has no real bearing at all in the real world.

Can’t Downgrade From Premium to Starter

For instance you can’t downgrade your account from premium to starter. This means in my view that free starter members are treated better than ex-Premium members which I think is wrong.

And this is hidden from view within Wealthy Affiliate. You can read a very detailed post on how I found this out here.

To say I am not impressed is a serious understatement.

My Wealthy Affiliate Complaints Experiences

The cons mentioned above are the main cons I have identified with Wealthy Affiliate. However there are more. I documented my Wealthy Affiliate complaints here.

Note that some of these have already been mentioned elsewhere in this article.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Conclusion

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot for its price point if you are into affiliate marketing and require and actually use their other related affiliate services. Other better affiliate training and affiliate services are available elsewhere.

I find it very helpful that a lot of the affiliate marketing services and products I need to grow my affiliate marketing business I can find inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

The affiliate marketing education and training that they provide is good. Doing the ten lessons in phase one of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training and also doing the ten lessons in phase one of the Affiliate Bootcamp training should put you ahead of many other affiliate marketers. I do suggest that you also have alternative sources of affiliate information to get other opinions. Affiliate Marketing is not a one size fits all thing. This leads to many different opinions and approaches being used by different affiliates.

Only you can truly determine if Wealthy Affiliate will be good for you. It does in my opinion depends on what you do. Of course, work and time is required at your end as this is not a get rich quick scheme.

For ethical and moral reasons I do not provide my affiliate link to Wealthy Affiliate in this post.

As an affiliate, becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate was a good decision back in 2015. Being premium I was able to use their hosting, keyword research tool, find public domain images easily, I learned about SEO, how to use Canva, et cetera using their recordings of their live classes.

Since I stopped being premium, I get my hosting from Domain Cost Club, I fine-tuned my Canva process to create images and I remain more up to date with what is happening in the affiliate marketing world by subscribing to related YouTube channels.

Examples include Income School, Authority Hacker, Brian Dean, Matt Diggity, Neil Patel and more. Note that I have no affiliate relationship with any of these. I also suggest that you do your own due diligence.

Keep your money in your wallet/purse and learn from these YouTube channels. At least until you are sure that you will benefit a lot if you purchase their wares.

I work from the comfort of my own home.

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