Use an Autoresponder Service That Has Been around since 1998

Use an Autoresponder Service That Has Been around since 1998

AWeber is an autoresponder service that has been around since 1998. They continue to make improvements to their service.

They know what they are doing. How does that help you?

Well they now allow you to use their services for free with no time restrictions.

AWeber Smart Designer

This allows you to actually build up your subscriber base so that by the time you have 500 subscribers, you are making enough extra money to cover the monthly autoresponder fee. 

Autoresponder companies usually charge a monthly fee for their services which is usually based on a number of subscribers you have, the number of emails that they send out on your behalf every month and the like.

The problem is that for many businesses starting email marketing is that they have no subscribers starting out.

Most autoresponder companies expect these businesses to pay this monthly fee for the very beginning of their subscription.

Okay most business have customers and may have obtained their email addresses over time. However, with email marketing it is very important in my opinion, to be able to show third parties that you do indeed have your customer’s permission to send marketing emails.

When a business uses an autoresponder service, the autoresponder service usually leaves an “audit trail” showing that their subscribers gave them permission to send them marketing emails.

The autoresponder service usually allows people receiving these emails to opt out. They simply click a link on the email and the person is then usually automatically removed from the email list.

Does AWeber have a free version?

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Yes. AWeber does have a free version. See the video below for more details.

Be aware that this post was written in May 2021. It is possible that AWeber, as a third party, may remove the free version in the future. You will note from the video below that this free version has no time restrictions so that gives you enough time to see if this solution works for your business. That is very helpful when your business is building up its list of qualified opted-in subscribers.

How can I get AWeber for free?

Simple, you get their free version here.

I do recommend that you see the video below for more details. As already mentioned, AWeber may remove this option in the future so it is a good idea to grab this now if you are interested. .) .)

Introducing AWeber Free

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

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