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Upcoming New Domain Extensions in August 2015

Upcoming New Domain Extensions in August 2015

Domain Cost Club is live and open for immediate registration.

I have all my domains registered with Domain Cost Club. I became a Domain Cost Club member in November 2014. I upgraded a few months later to Lifetime Charter Membership because it made so much sense for me.

Upcoming new domain extensions becoming available in the fist half of August 2015

These are upcoming new domain extensions becoming available. New domain extensions are becoming available on a regular basis. This schedule is subject to changes. The quoted prices are expected prices for Domain Cost Club Members and the recommended retail prices. All of this information is subject to change without notice.

As you can see, Domain Cost Club Members can make some really good savings on as many domains that they purchase using their Domain Cost Club membership.

They might have to upgrade to a higher tier of membership to purchase additional domains. This is because the lowest tier of membership allows members to register/renew up to five domains and many members quickly reach this limit.

Luckily they can simply upgrade their membership to a higher tier so that they can register/renew more domains when they reach the limit in their current membership tier.

Please remember, no matter what business or businesses you are in, it is very important to get in early while the best names are still available.

A small investment today can pay off later in a big way, as the early .COM people could tell you. If you are not able to get your .COM name of choice, consider one or more of the domain extension names that are now available. COM is not the only game in town. 🙂

Look at the .lol domain extension name coming out in August 2015. 🙂 LOL!

Details Below Valid on July 25th 2015 – Details **may** have changed since, especially prices

Domain Extension Domain Cost Club Member price Retail Price Available
.accountant $19.98 $40.00 August 5, 2015
.racing $19.98 $38.00 August 5, 2015
.win $19.98 $38.00 August 5, 2015
.loan $19.98 $38.00 August 5, 2015
.download $19.98 $38.00 August 5, 2015
.tech $35.00 $68.00 August 5, 2015
.lol $20.00 $38.00 August 11, 2015

OK, what do you do now?

Good question. You become a Domain Cost Club Member in order to buy domains using At-Cost pricing. The domain business worldwide is huge. The new domain extension names are becoming more mainstream, more familiar and more acceptable.

If you are a Domain Cost Club Member, you would enjoy At-Cost Domain pricing for the domains you purchase via Domain Cost Club. You would also have the ability to earn money on referrals. Now is a great time to become a Domain Cost Club Member. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Look for Your New Domain at Domain Cost Club

Why Domain Cost Club?

Domain Cost Club Review: Excellent for Reliable Domain Registration

For many years now, I have been using Domain Cost Club. I find them reliable, responsive and competitive. This domain name (workfromhomenotes.com) for instance is registered with Domain Cost Club.

If you purchase domains, they may save you money. If you currently pay for domain privacy services, chances are higher that they will save you money. They also have an optional cPanel hosting option which is also extremely well priced.

Learn More about Domain Cost Club
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8 thoughts on “Upcoming New Domain Extensions in August 2015”

  1. Hi David,

    Wow! This is great information on domain names and the upcoming availability of new extension. Being an SEO expert, I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate keywords and help clients choose the best suited domain name that’s easy to remember, not difficult to spell and reflects their business. These new domain extensions will certainly come in handy!

    Thanks for the solid information on the latest domain name extensions and how to profit from them!


    • Hi Pj,

      Thank you for your comments. I am delighted and thrilled that you find the information solid.



  2. Wholesale prices on domains? Hey, this could actually be a game-changer for someone who wants to run a whole bunch of websites. Also, I love that there are all these different domains coming out. The .com domain extension has been overused in my opinion. It’s boring. It’s far more interesting to have a domain that has a more descriptive extension.

    The only issue I can see here is that you need to pay a membership fee to get the domains at the low cost. Of course, this can be earned back by getting referrals.

    • Hi Marcus,

      Lite Membership of Domain Cost Club costs a mere $9.99 per year and this membership tier allows you to register or renew up to five domains using the at-cost pricing at Domain Cost Club.

      With some domain extensions you will very quickly save that small fee.

      For instance a domain ending with .ACCOUNTANT normally costs $40.00 to register for the first year, however Domain Cost Club members can get it for a mere $19.98, a saving of $20.02 (using September 2015 pricing which may change in the future). Then subtract the Lite membership making a saving of $10.03 and that is just with one domain name. With Lite membership you can register or renew five domains.

      And domain privacy services at Domain Cost Club do not cost anything extra. GoDaddy charges $9.99 per domain name per year for domain privacy services. GoDaddy also has a Discount Domain Club which is also based on a paid membership. With them, I believe you pay $9.99 per month for membership (and you pay this a year in advance so it is really an annual charge of $119.88), and they then allow you to buy domains at their discounted price (which in most cases is still more than the discounted prices at Domain Cost Club).

      The concept is very similar, you pay a membership fee which allows you to buy domains at special prices. However with them if domain privacy services are required, that costs at least $9.99 per year per domain name.

      I wrote a post comparing Domain Cost Club against GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club offering on seven key points. On each of these seven key points, Domain Cost Club came out ahead. You can read my post here:-

      GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club vs Domain Cost Club Pricing


  3. Nice type of investment. A domain extension sounds like a postal code. By buying domain extensions, do we buy the entire area? Like, buying all addresses that contain these extensions? In that case, like how not all places are the same, not all domain extensions will be profitable eventually? Just some of my first thoughts.


    • Hi Rosanne,

      When you buy a domain name, you buy the domain name with the domain extension.

      You can buy domain extensions yourself if you have a lot of money and assuming that no one else with money is interested in that domain extension, you can buy a complete domain extension.

      A while back a number of companies were interested in the .app domain extension name, I think Google and Microsoft. In the end, Google won and paid $25 Million to be the owner of the .app domain extension name.

      You nailed it correctly when you say that not all domain extension will be the same. However, it does offer some good options if your first choice is not available or is too expensive. For instance, one of my domains is a .XYZ domain and the owner of the applicable .COM domain had it for sale for $4,000. I paid less than $1.50 for my .XYZ domain name and saved almost $4,000. Not bad 🙂



  4. The Domain Cost Club is an awesome deal. For someone buying bulk domains its a steel. Also this product can sell itself.

    In terms of the new extensions – I still subscribe to it being better to get the .com (and if not then the .org or .net) but if its a real good one word maybe its worth testing the waters with the many new extensions.

    • Hey Marc M,

      Yes, you are correct, Domain Cost Club is a great deal especially if you register or renew any number of domain names.

      The offer is actually more cost effective than using a competitor’s discount club offer (GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club). Both in terms of the actual annual membership fee and the domains that can be purchased at the competitor’s discounted price. These prices were cheaper at Domain Cost Club when I looked at these prices. That of course may or may not be the case in the future.

      For many (though not all) purchasing a .COM is still the best option if the domain name you want is still available as a .COM, but if not, purchasing one or more of the other domain extension names could be a great idea. For instance I got an .XYZ domain for less than $2 for a domain I wanted, the owner of the .COM wanted at least $4,000 for it, so I am up over $3,998.

      Have a good week,




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