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Upcoming New Domain Extensions Becoming Available in July 2015

These are upcoming new domain extensions becoming available. New domain extensions are becoming available on a regular basis. This schedule is subject to changes.

Upcoming New Domain Extensions (including .jewelry, .show and .team) Becoming Available in July 2015

**Update on March 28th 2021**

The quoted prices below were prices valid on March 28th 2021. These are prices for Domain Cost Club Members to registrar domains for the first year in these top level domains. I also include the recommended retail prices so that you can see the potential savings.

All of this information is subject to change without notice. As you can see, Domain Cost Club Members can make some really good savings on as many domains they buy using their Domain Cost Club membership.

Lite membership of Domain Cost Club costs $9.99 per year and allows members to buy 5 domains using the Domain Cost Club at-cost pricing model.

Domain Extension Domain Cost Club Member price for the first year of registration Recommended Retail Price
.jewelry $10.00 $68.00
.show $5.00 $21.50
.team $5.00 $41.00

With domain names, it is very important to get your domain names as early as possible before someone else grabs them. As over 40% of the domain name business is within the .COM extension, you want to grab your .COM domain name as early as possible. If it is already gone, one of your options is to consider one or more of the domain extension names that are now available. .COM is not the only game in town. 🙂

Domain Cost Club now sells domain names in over 420 domain extensions, of which .COM is one. 🙂


I have done some maths in my Domain Cost Club Review article. I even noticed that the cost of Lite membership in Domain Cost Club for one year is way less than the cost of Domain Privacy Services for one domain for one year with GoDaddy (Source).

I also checked the price of the Private registration service with the domain registrar I was previously with. The price there now is $7.95 per domain name per year. So I saved an amount of cash. Always good. 🙂

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Domain Cost Club sells domain names and website hosting at really good prices to members. I use them.
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