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Statista as a Source for Marketing Information

Statista as a Source for Marketing Information

I have used Statista as a source for marketing information.

Let me explain one case of how this came about. Statista was the source of raw statistical information.

Statista is a company that works with statistics. No surprises there, the clue is in the name. 🙂

Executive Overview of Statista

Statista is a company that provides meaningful statistical information for businesses. Knowing certain statistical information can provide a competitive edge.

What I Use Them For

From time to time, I quote their statistics.

Where to Find Out More about Statista


Wikipedia has a page devoted to Statista as follows:



They have their own website as follows:


(I have no affiliate relationship or anything like that with Statista)

An Example of How I Used This Source

For instance, when I wanted to know the number of internet users worldwide over a few years, I performed a number of searches using Google, my search engine of choice.

Following are some screenshots of my research:

Google Search Using “internet users in the world 2020” Search Phrase

Number of internet users in the world in October 2020

In fact they were the featured snippet. This search phrase was performed in early December 2020. Similarly, I repeated the Google search using 2019 instead of 2020.

Google Search Using “internet users in the world 2019” Search Phrase

Number of internet users in the world in 2019

As you can see from the above, they were the featured snippet. In the same way, I performed a similar Google search for 2018.

Google Search Using “internet users in the world 2018” Search Phrase

Number of internet users in the world in early 21st Century

As can be seen above, they were one of the first entries. However, they were not the featured snippet. In fact, they were the second natural entry. Of course, Statista came up in the cases mentioned above.

Statista Came up Consistently in My Search

When working with anything that is statistical related, I prefer to use the same source for all of the related information.

In this example, they actually have statistics relating to the worldwide number of internet users from 2005 to 2019.

If I used different sources for different years, it is highly likely that different methods of calculation may be used that would be hard for me to determine if the same methodology was being applied all the time.

I am not 100% sure that the same methodology was used for each of the years in these Statista statistics however this is a reasonable assumption at my end, especially as they cite these statistics.

For these type of statistics, if I cited different sources for the information, I may not have been comparing apples with apples. I would have most likely been comparing apples with oranges.



All things considered, I am happy to credit and cite them when they are the source of the information that I have published at this website.

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