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Start with Affiliate Marketing, the Proper Way

Start with Affiliate Marketing, the Proper Way

Do you want to start with affiliate marketing? The proper way? If so, I discuss four main ideas below.

For anyone working from home affiliate marketing may be a good option for you in more ways than one. Affiliate marketing and working from home have overlapping skill sets.

This discusses getting started in affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you can start a business working from anywhere there is an internet connection.

It does not make any difference where you are on your affiliate marketing journey. You could be researching it, starting it or are already successfully working as an affiliate with various degrees of success.

Affiliate Marketing is a process used to sell products and services supplied by a third party. The affiliate usually has a website where the affiliate discusses products or services that include affiliate links. If a qualifying sale is make using one of those affiliate links, the affiliate may earn from qualifying purchases. Different third parties have different rules however the above is the main Affiliate Marketing process.

Today I wanted to discuss some ideas about how to start with affiliate marketing, the proper way. To do this properly, you need to have proper affiliate marketing education and proper affiliate marketing training.

Having proper affiliate marketing education and proper affiliate marketing training gives you additional options when you are building your affiliate marketing business.

This is not studying affiliate marketing in college or in university although I would think that would help. I am of the opinion that time spent on education or on training is never wasted, as very often life general skills are also learned during education and during training.

Start with affiliate marketing: personal development

This is about learning about affiliate marketing from already successful affiliate marketers who also know how to teach this information using modern techniques.

Of course, you also need affiliate marketing tools and know-how so that you are working effectively and with efficiency.

I want to discuss four main ideas with you here today. The first one is selecting your niche. The next idea is how to create a website. The third idea is to build an audience and the final idea is starting to earn.

Choosing a Niche

Start with affiliate marketing: selecting a niche

This is the main topic that you will be writing about. This could be related to a hobby or passion of yours. The main idea is that this is something that you are already familiar with to some extent. You know about problems and potential solutions to these problems.

You also know that people are looking to buy related things in that niche. So you are in a position to write good unique content.

For instance you could write about a problem you had along with how you solved it. You might have solved this problem by buying a product. You would write about your experiences of that product mentioning its pros and cons. You would include other helpful useful information including a link to where they can buy that product.

I am sure that you already know a lot about a niche. This could be a hobby or something else that you have built up a knowledge base over time along with relevant know-how. You could write about topics in that niche that help others.

Creating a Website

Start with affiliate marketing: creating a website

Today, this is quite easy and quite fast. Modern tools and modern systems developed by other people make creating a website a simple task. If you can answer a short online form of a few questions you can do this. Yes, you can do this.

This can be done online in less than one minute. Your website would then be accessible immediately on the internet. Of course, you have to build it out with your very own content.

You also change the look and feel of your website so that you are as happy with it as it is possible to be. With the place that I know your website is built using the very popular WordPress platform.

This means that your underlying website is built on a platform which has a lot of scope and an amazing number of options. This allows you to put your very own touches to your very own website.

It is much easier to change the look and feel of your website in WordPress compared with other ways of changing the look and feel. When technology changes and it will, websites built on the WordPress platform can change relatively easily.

Building an Audience

Start with affiliate marketing: building an audience

Once you have a website up and running, the next step is to learn how to drive traffic to your website and to start building an audience.

You will want to learn solid practical affiliate marketing concepts and techniques. Of course, this includes proven ways to drive traffic to your website. Once you learn these ways, then you need to actually practice these proven ways.

At first you will want to learn about the free ways to do this. The usual advice is to master the free ways first before looking at the paid ways. With paid ways it is possible to spend a lot of money without getting a decent return. If a free ad is not making you money, why would paying for that ad make you money is an important question.

Learning and practicing affiliate marketing is like other learning and practicing activities. You repeat the learn and do process until it becomes second nature to you. Like how you learned how to walk, learned how to run, learned how to ride a bike and maybe learned how to drive a car.

Starting to Earn

Start with affiliate marketing: starting to earn

This is an important step. Once you have traffic and once you have affiliate links on your posts, when people buy using those links, you typically earn an affiliate commission.

You will want to learn about ways to find affiliate programs in your niche. Learning how to approach these affiliate programs is a skill in itself.

Please be aware that not all affiliate applications are accepted. And it is important to remember that all niches have loads of affiliate opportunities so it is important to not let rejections upset you. One good approach is to simply review the situation, take any actions you can and move on.

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