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Search Engine Optimization and Generic Top Level Domains

Search Engine Optimization and Generic Top Level Domains

In a lot of cases, people find websites when they use search engines, like Google and Bing. In the last few years, a lot of new generic top level domains (gTLDs) have become part of the web scene. This will focus on search engine optimization and generic top level domains.

In a nutshell, google says that the domain extension does not have a bearing when they are determining the list of choices that they display to users. However the general feeling is that it is then down to people to determine which post to investigate further. This is where domains ending with .COM may have an advantage. This is because the .COM extension has been around for so long and so almost everyone who uses the internet is familiar with that domain extension.

More and more well known businesses are now using web domain names in these new generic top level domains. General Motors use generalmotors.green which redirects to their main site.

An example of one of these new top level domains using the .GREEN generic top level domain. General Motors, a large Corporation is using the generalmotors.green domain.

Another example of one of these new generic top level domains is the .XYZ top level domain. Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc is using the abc.xyz domain.

Many more examples are now part of the web scene of today.

Today, I want to focus on search engine optimization, also known as SEO and the new top level domains. Search Engine Optimization is very important to most websites, if not all websites.

There is a mistaken belief that the search engines do not drive traffic to websites because that website is using one of the new generic top level domains.

This is not correct. Very loosely speaking, search engines actually drive traffic to websites, based on the quality and the uniqueness of the website content, not on the name of the generic top level domain.

This is what a Google said in a recent blog post:

Q: How will new gTLDs affect search? Is Google changing the search algorithm to favor these TLDs? How important are they really in search?
A: Overall, our systems treat new gTLDs like other gTLDs (like .com & .org). Keywords in a TLD do not give any advantage or disadvantage in search.

In a nutshell, Google treat a new gTLD (examples include .GREEN and .XYZ) in the same way that they treat .COM

This is what Google says. Having noted this, my suggestion is that when you can, buy a .COM domain. however if you can not, you can then look at the new generic top level domains. Always good to have options, even if you do not use them.

Basically my suggestion is that when you can, buy a .COM domain. However if it is not available and you feel the domain name is really good, rather than spending money trying to buy that domain name from the current owner, who may have brought it for flipping purposes, consider buying a domain in the new generic top level domains. The money you save stays in your pocket for you to spend in other ways. 🙂

For instance a few weeks ago, I wanted a certain domain name.

For the sake of this example, the name of the website I wanted is aaaaaa.com, I actually wanted a different one however it is possible if I wait long enough that the owner of the one I wanted will let it expire, than I can jump in and buy it for less than $10 from my domain name supplier, Domain Cost Club.

Anyway back to my story, the .COM name was already taken, and a message was displayed on the top right of the website when I went to visit it. Something like the following:

Buy this domain

The owner of aaaaaa.com is offering it for sale for an asking price of 4000 EUR!

Due to my membership of Domain Cost Club, I actually brought aaaaaa.xyz for $1.24
I therefore saved at least 3998 EUR!
This translates to US$4537.33 with today’s exchange rates!

As Google’s article says that they treat all generic top level domains the same, there was no need for me to actually buy the .COM name, as Google search treat both aaaaaa.com and aaaaaa.xyx the same. 🙂
Better the 3998 EUR or US$4537.33 in my pocket. 🙂 🙂

Knowing that Google treats both generic top level names the same, saved me a whopping 3998 EUR or US$4537.33 🙂

Now that you know, goodness knows how much money you will save knowing this. Happy days indeed. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization and Generic Top Level Domains”

  1. Thank you for writing this article, I’m pretty new to website building.
    I’ve been wondering about all these new domains coming on the scene and how relevant they are.
    I will always try to get the .com if at all possible but if I can’t I won’t worry about it too much.
    Sounds way better to save a lot of money and get one of the new domains.


    • Hi Randy,

      Many people would have you think that having a .COM domain name is very important. It is important, and if you can get your .COM domain name of choice, grab it when it is still available.

      However if it is not available, and if the current owner of the .COM is asking for a lot of money for it, with the new generic top level domains available, you have the option of using one or more of the other generic top level domains.

      Having the option is important. People are starting to see well known businesses use these new generic top level domains and that will also help.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Information is key! I like the part when you were passionate about SEO and traffics and after it when on the price of the website and that my friend is part of growing a business. Knowing all those terms and how to use them to make: crossing finger real profits!

    • Hi Alan,

      Yes, information is key.

      I wanted to clearly show to my readers that if you are looking for a .COM name and it is already taken, even if the current owner is willing to sell it to you, you could spend a lot of money in that process that you did not have to spend.

      I would not be impressed if I had purchased that particular .COM domain name from its current owner for 4,000 Euro or US$4,500.33, only to find out that Google would still give me the same ranking.

      Remember it is high quality unique content at the website that is really important in Google’s eyes.

      So yes, information is key.

      Kind Regards,

  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for this article about the new domain extensions. New ones seem to be popping up all the time. It is my understanding that businesses are being allowed to create their own domain extensions now. So, it seems like a domain extension can be just about anything these days.

    Even so, I am still more comfortable using the dot com extension because I feel that it is the more professional extension and it is trusted as well.

    I think it will be hard to keep up with them all now!

    Thanks for the great information. It was well organized.


    • Hi Verna,

      New domain extension names are popping up all the time now. Yes, some businesses have their own extension now, a bank in the United Kingdom comes to mind. That business could be paying a lot of money just to have and use that domain extension name. They could buy a large number of .COM domains with that money.

      I think that it is really a marketing thing for them along with it also being a security thing.

      Thanks for your comments.
      Kind Regards,

  4. I only became hip to the value of domain names recently when I heard about a 12 year old kid making a million off of a single flip. That perked my attention. I had a hard time finding a domain for my website but I managed to squeeze out a couple. Do you think were just going to move into .net and .org domain names? If so it looks like there is plenty of room in a suffocating .com space.

    • Hello Steven,

      I think that coming up with domain names for websites is exciting and interesting.

      My take is simple, grab .COM names if you can. And then only as a fall back, if the .COM name is not available, grab it in one of the other ranges, looking at .NET and .ORG and also .XYZ, along with loads of other extension names, some of which explain what the website is all about.

      It was just last night, that I grabbed another four .COM domain names. I had a very interesting time coming up with the names, which I think are really good.

      Because I am a paid up member of the Domain Cost Club, and because I use privacy services, I saved at least $40 on just that one transaction, so I am very happy indeed. 🙂 🙂

      The new extension names are starting to become more familiar on the internet.

      Kind Regards,


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