Premium WordPress GeneratePress Theme Review: Is It Worth It?

Premium WordPress GeneratePress Theme Review: Is It Worth It?

Today I want to talk about the premium WordPress GeneratePress theme which I have been using on a few of my websites.

It is a lightweight theme with speed, performance and usability built in. The theme itself is free. The free version is good.

However in my opinion, the premium version has a lot more functionally and it is not that expensive. To use the premium version, you have to install a WordPress Plugin and license the GP Plugin. 

wordpress generatepress theme: lightweight

The premium version has more flexibility and more functionally as you would expect. This is called GP plugin. This consists of a collection of GeneratePress premium modules. GP plugin “sits on top” of this theme which is how the premium version of this theme is used.

I want to discuss with you some of the additional useful options available in the premium version.


What is the WordPress GeneratePress theme?

wordpress generatepress theme: speed

It is a free lightweight premium WordPress theme. Many WordPress administrators find that the free version is enough for them. However, I wanted some of the additional functionally that comes with the premium version.

I wanted the ability to edit the standard copyright notice. This is not possible on the standard free version of this theme. Okay, you could modify the back-end code if you know how and you have the time to do this.

Of course, if you modify the back-end code you will need to remember to see if this modification is still there should the theme get updated and re-apply this modification when necessary. Another minor thing to check if you should ever upgrade the theme or plugin along with all the other minor things.

That by itself is not enough to make you or I shell out for the premium version and I agree totally with you on that score as there are free themes that will surely do a similar job without the need to “jump” into the back-end code.

wordpress generatepress theme: hooks and filters

What got my attention is that the premium version also includes the ability to use advanced hooks inside of the theme. This is really cool. This allows me to fine-tune every single post and every single page to have pretty much the exact design I want for it. This is very powerful.

I could have a specific post, with no page header, no sidebars, and no footer, just the text in the post. I did not find a free theme that could do this before looking at this theme.

Lets say I wrote a specific post with no page header, no sidebars, and no footer, just the text in the post and I published it on my website. Then a few days later I have a change of heart and change my approach, and decide that I want that post to have a page header, a right hand sidebar, a footer and the actual text in the post.

wordpress generatepress theme: disable elements

In the premium version of this theme, this is achieved by selecting or de-selecting some options and the job is done a few seconds later. This in my opinion is some flexibility that is very powerful and very time saving.

In the premium version of this theme, you also have access to a number of prepared designs of different types of websites which you can use to kick-start your website. This is a great time-saver. Then after grabbing that prepared design, they call them importable demo sites, you then customize your design using the various options inside of the premium theme to how you like it. This is awesome.

What is the premium WordPress GeneratePress theme?

wordpress generatepress theme

The premium version is a plugin that sits on top of the free lightweight GeneratePress theme.

The premium version has additional features and additional benefits, some of which means that for me, I save time. That is time I can deploy to other activities. 🙂

Premium WordPress GeneratePress theme review – Generous licensing terms


When I read the licensing terms I saw that they suited me, they were not greedy and the cost of the premium plugin make sense for me and I could justify its cost.

If they had been greedy, I wouldn’t have gone ahead and purchased the premium version of the theme nor would you be reading this right now. 🙂

I really liked the fact that I can use the premium version of this theme on all of my websites for no additional money.

In a nutshell for me I can use the premium WordPress GeneratePress Theme on all of my websites for as long as I like. For the first year, I would be entitled to support and updates. To be entitled to support and updates in future years, I would have to pay an additional fee which is fair enough. So all good there.

How the premium WordPress GeneratePress theme works

After installing the WordPress GeneratePress Theme, activating it, then installing the GP premium plugin, activating and licensing it and enabling most of the option inside of the GP premium plugin, it is ready for use.

wordpress generatepress theme: gp premium
Accessing GP premium from within the WordPress dashboard.
This shows the active functions.

wordpress generatepress theme: copyright

For instance, within the premium version, it is possible to edit the copyright box. To get here, go to the WordPress dashboard, appearance, customize, layout, footer, page down to find the copyright box and edit accordingly. When done, publish in the usual manner.

The Site-Library contains a number of prepared designs for various types of businesses which you can “grab” to kick-start your own project. This is a great time-saver.

Then after that you can then add your own specific styling to truly make the design your own. Below are only some of the available importable demo sites.

wordpress generatepress theme: importable demo sites

This website for instance used the “marketer” importable demo site as its initial template. You may notice that it looks nowhere near what the “marketer” demo site looks above. That is what I have been able to do so far. Who knows what you will be able to do?

The pros – What I like

wordpress generatepress theme: thumbs up

Generous licensing terms: Can be used on more than one website.

Good support: Support answers technical questions in a prompt and professional manner.

Site library: This consists of a number of importable demo sites is a great kick-starter. It saves a lot of time and effort. I was able to use the “marketer” demo to kick-start the look and feel of two of my websites.

Hook system: There is an advanced hook system to add additional functionally for selected pages and selected posts. This makes it easy to add or remove current special announcements for instance. This is awesome.

Good documentation: They also have an amount of documentation available to help you use the functionally available.

wordpress generatepress theme: documentation
Some of the documentation for GP Premium.

The cons – What I do not like

wordpress generatepress theme: thumbs down

Uses up a WordPress plugin: I am using a WordPress host that encourages using as few plugins as possible. Each plugin requires time to install, configure and maintain, so only having plugins you really need is a good idea.

Discovered smallish glitch: I discovered a smallish glitch with the “marketer” kick-start look from my point of view.

When displaying the right hand sidebar, the default background was a “horrible orange” in my opinion. I identified the “root cause” and changed it.

Not all WordPress administrators would have this as part of their skillset!

Of course, other people may be okay with that default background.

“Section” functionally – Can not use standard WordPress comments: WordPress comments can not be implemented for WordPress pages or WordPress posts created using “section” functionally. A workaround is documented in their support area which I think should be added to the product.

“Section” functionally – Can not add the right hand sidebar: I do not know if there is a workaround.

Apart from these minor “cons”, I am overall pretty happy with the theme.

I simply re-created the two pages I created earlier using “sections” functionally to not use “sections” functionally. That is the nature of working with technology, you have to sometimes do things in other ways!

Premium WordPress GeneratePress theme summarized overview

Product: Premium WordPress GeneratePress theme.

Target Audience: WordPress Administrators – All Levels – From newbie to expert.

Recommended: Yes.

Short Informative Videos Available: Yes.

Where To Find Out More Information: Here.

I have been using the GeneratePress WordPress Theme since January 31st 2019. I opted for the premium version as the premium version has additional functionally that I wanted.

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I am still using the GeneratePress WordPress Theme with the premium plugin. There is a small recurring cost every year so that I can get the latest updates and support from GeneratePress.

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