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My Wealthy Affiliate Progress Report, 20 Weeks In

My Wealthy Affiliate Progress Report, 20 Weeks In

There are a few things that I really like about Wealthy Affiliate.

One of them is the fact that I can move at my own steady pace doing what I think is important now.

When I started off initially with Wealthy Affiliate that was viewing and listening to the Wealthy Affiliate training videos which so far I find great.

That was on their free starter membership. Using that membership I had access to twenty online lessons spread over two courses. Both courses consisted of ten lessons each. Most of the lessons consists of a short enough lsson which you read online. Some of them also have a short video explaining the lesson content.

They also have a number of related tasks associated with each lesson. By doing most or all of these related tasks it reinforces the lesson’s learning.

This follows the well known learn and do approach which is a good way of learning and practicing the new skill. I did each of these twenty lessons and most of the related tasks. I was then in a better position to decide for myself if I wanted to proceed further.

I decided to proceed. By the way, you can stay on the free starter account for as long as you like. They will even allow you to build a secure Managed WordPress website for free for up to six months to see if you like that.

Keep learning new relevant information in an effective manner

The concept here is the same as the “working smart rather than working harder” concept. The same concept can apply to learning also. I reckon I have learned a lot however realize that I have only just started to learn how to be an online affiliate marketer mastering WordPress and online marketing principles.

Things make a lot more sense after doing the training and then doing. It is important to remember that it is the quality content that is important. And it is important to keep generating related quality content.

One very interesting tool that Wealthy Affiliate have is their online Site Health tool for websites hosted with them. This tool scores different heading of your website.

Sitehealth: Scores for different headings

Each of these different heading scores adds up to an overall health score for the website being looked at. This overall health score is color coded. The best color here is green with the “SiteHealth is Awesome”, which I am thrilled and delighted about. 🙂

SiteHealth Going from red to orange to blue to greenYou can see nearby these color coded scores along with their associated descriptions.

Going from red, to orange, to blue, then to green “SiteHealth is Awesome” as shown was interesting.

Note that these scores are not Google scores. They are scores designed to help affiliate marketers. Seeing the SiteHealth progress bars change colors in that manner was interesting.

Next goals…

The next goals are to continue on with the training, spend more time learning and doing different WordPress related activities, publish more related quality content and so on.

I do this on a part time basis when I have time. I have other time consuming commitments, so I know that this is going to take me some time. I don’t know how much time, however someone mentioned “Rome was not built in a day, however they built every day”, so I am following that approach.

I do know that by continuing this process, that my time will be well spent. 🙂 🙂

Update in May 2021

I no longer recommend Wealthy Affiliate as there are in my opinion better and more cost effective solutions out there.

I no longer use Wealthy Affiliate after over 6 years of continuous consecutive Premium membership.

I explain why in my My Wealthy Affiliate May 2021 Update article.

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