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My “Something Different” Stress Management Technique

My "Something Different" Stress Management Technique

I want to talk about my “something different” Stress Management Technique. This is something that is helping me to manage my stress. It may do the same for you. 🙂

One important way to manage stress is to do a hobby that you are totally passionate about and that you can actually do for decent amounts of time each day. My “Something Different” Stress Management Technique is to do a hobby which I enjoy called Affiliate Marketing.

I have been doing affiliate marketing as my passionate hobby to help me with managing my stress. It is something different and is helping me. For me it is a process which I enjoy.

Hi there and welcome to my Online Affiliate Marketing Hobby Story. Affiliate Marketing has been a hobby and a passion of mine for a while now.

Over the years I have purchased numerous products to improve my skill sets as well as my affiliate marketing expertise. I have purchased products in the affiliate marketing world, in the self improvement world and in the business world as these are all closely connected.

I am pursuing affiliate marketing as affiliate marketing has a number of attractions for me. I have no boss and I do my affiliate marketing activities in my own time.

Anyway, there are many different strategies in affiliate marketing. There are also many people saying that their way is the best way to make money. In order to learn about their ways you have to spend money and time learning about them. Some are good and others not. I have gone down some “false roads” down through the years.

Why Affiliate Marketing is for me?

online affiliate marketing

I have spent time learning about WordPress and have used a number of different WordPress themes down through the years. I have also used a number of different WordPress plugins, so I have practical WordPress knowledge and expertise.

I have also learned about keyword research, done keyword research and wrote articles targeting those keywords to allow the search engines to include my content in search results so that those searchers find my content and take me up on my recommendations.

how to do online affiliate marketing: new sale or new lead

how to do online affiliate marketing: paypal you got money emails

I have sold products and services using this approach and know first hand that it works. There is nothing more exciting to get emails from an affiliate network that you are partnering with that says “you make a sale”. Those are great emails to get.

I am an Amazon Associate and Amazon transfer my earnings from them into my bank account on a regular basis. I am working on making those earnings higher and to happen more regularly.

I come from a computing background and so love the WordPress related activities associated with my online business.

Now I want to start to give back

david giving back doing online affiliate marketing

Over time I have learned about WordPress, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins and keyword research. I also learned and practiced some practical ways to do keyword research, written articles, learned and practiced practical SEO techniques. These along with other affiliate marketing activities help me improve my affiliate marketing abilities. And my affiliate marketing capabilities.

Now I want to offer you some understanding into these affiliate marketing activities as well as provide you with real practical ways that real affiliate marketers are doing these days.

A Little Story About My Affiliate Marketing Life

I joined an affiliate marketing platform a few years ago when I was doing other things. At that time I did not have the time to give it as much time as I would have liked, however I kept my subscription active and kept my interest in affiliate marketing active.

I also did some of the affiliate marketing training that they provide as well as creating a few WordPress based sites. This means that I am now extremely comfortable with creating WordPress based sites. You will too if you follow this training and practice doing the suggested exercises.

Part of that affiliate marketing platform is access to some great affiliate marketing training online and also to some great affiliate marketing tools.

Over the time of my membership I have seen this affiliate marketing platform increase their offerings thereby making premium membership of this affiliate marketing platform even more valuable and even more useful to aspiring affiliate marketers as well as experienced affiliate marketers.

Prior to joining that affiliate marketing platform I had over my life always had an interest in having my own business. So much so, back about 35 years ago I actually set up a mail order business before going to college.

david and mail order

I learned a lot during those mail order days however I was not earning enough at the time so had to drop the mail order business. I did a 2 year full time computer programming course which I totally enjoyed from day 1. I loved that computer programming course.

So much so that in my first year in that course I was awarded the best student in the department of science and computer science award. Awesome or what?

david computer programmer

After completing that course I obtained a job as a trainee computer programmer and progressed fairly quickly in that career. I enjoyed that career path for over 25 years and loved it. That career path meant that I did not have much time for my other interests which I put on the back boiler.

For me there was always something missing and that is the “free as a bird feeling” that is associated with mail order and also as it turns out with affiliate marketing. I have a collection of self improvement books and business related books as that nudge never truly left me. Thank goodness.

Now I have some time to actually do the affiliate marketing thing and I am grabbing this with both hands when time actually allows me to. I am loving it. Now I need to focus my affiliate marketing time on the really important tasks and not be too concerned about the unimportant tasks.

What’s Next?

david says do online affiliate marketing now

Well for me this is to build up affiliate marketing businesses which I am totally looking forward to. I know that I can do it, it is basically a matter of keeping myself focussed on the important things.

I have already pushed through various challenges in building up my online business. I know that I can push through whatever more challenges are required in building up my online business. It takes focussed time and focussed effort to build up an online business. If anyone else says otherwise be sure to ask them for the proof without you parting with money to view that proof. 🙂

My Mission With Affiliate Marketing

david and planning doing online affiliate marketing

I want to make you aware that there are a lot of benefits associated with affiliate marketing, this is the result of a lot of hard focussed work. Building up an online business using affiliate marketing as your vehicle is a great idea however you do need to be aware that it is not necessary the easiest or the fastest way to make money, especially in the beginning when you are learning about affiliate marketing. To learn about affiliate marketing you do need proper affiliate marketing education and proper affiliate marketing training in order to increase the odds of success for you.

It is important to understand that there is a lot of false information out there and a lot of people have got unbelievable expectations of what can be achieved in affiliate marketing in a short time period with little or no real work.

As far as I am concerned it is going to take focussed time and focussed effort in order to build an online business as an affiliate marketer. I am reminded of a famous saying “Rome was not built in a day”.

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