My Favorite Responsive WordPress Theme Example in July 2016

My Favorite Responsive WordPress Theme Example in July 2016
Iconic One, a WordPress Theme

Over the last while, I have downloaded different WordPress themes to my websites and worked with them.

As there are a lot of different options associated with a website, especially a WordPress website, I have narrowed down on the WordPress themes that I like.

Currently my favorite responsive WordPress theme example in July 2016 is the Iconic One WordPress theme.

This theme is fast

This theme is fast.

This theme is responsive

This theme is responsive.

Other things I like with this theme

I like the layout of the home page and the home page loads up quickly.

Comments can be activated for all pages. I can disable comments on certain pages if I want to. Comments can be activated for all posts. I can disable comments on certain posts if I want to.

There are a number of responsive WordPress themes out there. I have downloaded and implemented a few of them on my websites. Each of them have their advantages and their disadvantages.

I would really like to mix and match some of the functionally and the styles of different WordPress themes.

I myself like a simple WordPress theme. For me, the Iconic One WordPress theme ticks a lot of boxes at this point in time.

One thing that I consider very important is that the theme must load and display my website pages very quickly to the reader. And this theme scores very highly on this important point.

My Favorite Responsive WordPress Theme Example in July 2016 Conclusion


In conclusion, this post very clearly and very concisely lets you know that my favorite responsive WordPress theme example is Iconic One at the present time. No doubt this will change in the coming weeks and months.

I love that my website loads up quickly using it and that it is a responsive WordPress theme.

I also like the fact that the developers of this theme maintain it and enhance it on a regular basis.

At the time of writing this article, the last update to this theme was two days ago and I immediately implemented it on my website, so as to allow you to enjoy the features of my favorite responsive WordPress theme.

With this theme, I just have two little enhancements which I have on top of the theme itself which takes me a few short minutes to re-apply to my WordPress theme.

How can you get your hands on this responsive WordPress theme?

To install additional WordPress themes to your WordPress site, you need certain privileges. Not all WordPress themes are available for free at the WordPress Theme Library.

Not all WordPress web hosts give you privileges to install WordPress themes from the WordPress Theme Library.

The following instructions assume that you have the necessary privileges. The steps are as follows:
1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard as a WordPress Administrator user. This could be a user named as admin or it could be a user name who has WordPress Administrator privileges.
2. Click Appearance, then click Themes.
3. Click on the Add New button.
4. Enter the text Iconic One in the Search theme data entry area.
5. WordPress takes a moment or two to do a query against the WordPress theme library and returns a list. In this case, the list is the requested Iconic One WordPress theme. You see an entry like below:



6. There is also an Install option. Clicking Install downloads this WordPress theme to your website, and after it is downloaded, you will see the normal options as shown below: (The version number may be different)



Perform your Live Preview. If you like the Live Preview and decide that you want to Activate this theme now, click on the Active button.

After activating it, always do a number of tests to ensure that you are happy with it. You can always go back to an earlier theme that you implemented earlier, assuming that you have not deleted it.

Always have a backup theme to revert back to in the event that you do not like a theme that you just activated.

As far as I am aware, there are over 30,000 WordPress themes available at the WordPress Theme Library. So some WordPress themes are better than others. Just a simple fact of life.

I actually moved to a different WordPress theme by August 2016 as discussed here.

Update in May 25th 2021

The Iconic One Theme has not been maintained for over five months at the time of writing this update.

I captured the following screenshot on May 25th 2021 at

Iconic One WordPress Theme

As you can see from the above screenshot, this WordPress Theme was last updated on December 24th 2020.

I have included the direct link above to allow you to click on that to see if by the time you read this, whether they have updated it again. 🙂 🙂

I have been using the GeneratePress WordPress Theme since January 31st 2019. I opted for the premium version as the premium version has additional functionally that I wanted.
I am still using the GeneratePress WordPress Theme with the premium plugin. There is a small recurring cost every year so that I can get the latest updates and support from GeneratePress.
I recommend you visit GeneratePress, download the free theme and play with it. I use it. I may earn if you purchase using this link. In any case, I wish you all the best.
Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Responsive WordPress Theme Example in July 2016”

  1. Great job on sharing knowledge about wordpress themes. Many people think wordpress is overwhelming and get flustered inside the wordpress app. Your insight on the Iconic theme is great. People want a nice fluid theme for their site and you gave them one. You made it easy to access the theme through wordpress as well.

    • Hi Gary,

      I think that it is through ‘trial and error’ that people learn stuff about different WordPress themes. One thing I do is actually when visiting other websites, and if the website is WordPress based, and if I like the theme, I note it down.

      Over the last while, I have used several different WordPress themes, and actually reverted back to Iconic One theme, after having used it earlier.

      One thing I love about it, is that it loads up very fast for me, and fast loading means that my visitors get to see the content earlier and are not waiting ages for the page to load up.

      This is down to some great things I learned over the last while. I document some of these things at this site.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Hi, great post, thank you.

    Its clear that Iconic One is your favorite theme. I like it a lot how detail you explained why you like it ;-). I thing is very important that every one has a theme they like and feel comfortable with it!!!

    It was very clear also how to choose your them in word press thanks for that clarifying.
    My question would be, do you know how to make your own themes?

    Thanks for the post and keep on your good work 😉

    • Hi Sarjan,

      Thanks for letting me know that you like my article. It is always good to get that type of feedback. 🙂

      I follow the “build on the back of giants” approach. That is why I look for a WordPress theme that I like and then change it to my needs. Building a WordPress Theme from nothing would be a major undertaking for me.

      I would have to learn how to do it, do it and then amend it over time. I would imagine that it would be quite a bit of work, to take into account all the different devices (PCs, laptops, iPads, smart phones of various sizes).

      Currently I much prefer to use an existing WordPress theme and ‘amend it’ to my needs.

      Iconic One is a theme I like, and I only have to ‘amend it’ to my needs in 2 places. The developers of Iconic One WordPress theme maintain it on a regular basis.

      Kind Regards,


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