Meditation with Headspace: My Experience and My Take

Meditation with Headspace

Doing meditation with Headspace to manage stress is a great idea. Meditation can help to manage stress. If you can follow videos you can use Headspace. You are going to find how Headspace can help you to do meditation. It’s quite easy.

Using Headspace to learn how to do meditation is a good idea.

Executive Overview of Headspace

Headspace is an online subscription based application that provides online meditation sessions.

What I Used Them For

I first started meditation using Headspace on October 17, 2016. I did Headspace every day for about 5 months, then did not do it for about 5 months, and did it again every day for about 5 months. Then after a few more months I stopped using it. In my opinion, the Insight Timer App is a better solution.

Where to Find Out More about Headspace

Read my post below:


Wikipedia has a page devoted to Insight Timer:


They have their own website as follows:

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Doing Meditation with Headspace to Manage Stress

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You can manage stress by doing meditation using the online Headspace service. There is science behind the practice of meditation which the online Headspace service uses.

Doing meditation with Headspace is more of a “learning and doing thing”. You log into your online Headspace account. Then you do an online meditation session, simply by listening to an online audio recording. By doing this for a few days, you will see and know if this approach works for you. Each daily online audio recording is different, some way more so than others.

Headspace have a free trial. Just so you know upfront, using Headspace is a good way to do meditation, however in my opinion, the Insight Timer App is way better. I explain why here. In fact, none of the links for Headspace or Insight Timer on this website are affiliate links.

Managing Stress with Headspace

Initially when you are starting off with Headspace, you do some starter packs in order to become familiar with how Headspace works. During this process you will be practically learning, doing and meditating all at the same time. Headspace and meditation are a good combination especially in the early days of learning how to meditate.

Headspace Meditation Sessions

Learning and doing meditation is a great life skill to acquire and do. Headspace sessions are guided meditation sessions, with various lengths of time. You select the length of time before you do the current session. Examples include 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 20 minutes.

This is great. You could be doing say the “Stress” pack. On day 1 – you are at home and it is a non work day, you decide to do 20 minutes. On day 2 – you are at home after a work day, you decide to do 10 minutes. You used to be tied in to the same length every day and you decided that length on the first day of starting that pack.

This is no longer the case, you specify the length of time for each session just before the session starts. It defaults usually to the length that you used previously.

I think it is great that this flexibly is built into Headspace. You no longer have to decide on the day of picking the pack, that each session is going to be 20 minutes. This is an example of Headspace working with people in “real-life” situations.

Headspace Sessions Are Very Flexible

You also can do a number of different Headspace meditations every day. So you might do “Stress” pack, day 4 for 20 minutes, then do the “Everyday” session for 15 minutes, then the “Singles” flustered meditation.

You decide in real time which Headspace sessions that you want to do now. If you are at home on a non work day, you might do a few for a few days running. Then you are back at work, and due to time constraints, you do the “Everyday” session for 3 minutes daily for a few days running.

Headspace Packs

Headspace have many different packs, not just the Headspace pack on Stress. Each Headspace pack is designed to help with specific feelings. Examples of other packs include anxiety, sleep, anger, change, self-esteem, happiness, acceptance, appreciation along with more.

Some of these are 10 days long, others are 30 days long. The main idea is to work with a specific feeling for a period of time. Usually a Headspace 30 day pack consists of learning, doing and meditating a particular technique for 10 days, then another particular technique for the next 10 days and then another particular technique for the final 10 days of the course. The main idea is to work with specific feelings to help you in your life.

Headspace Pack on Stress

The Headspace pack on Stress is a 30 day pack focusing on Stress. In this pack, like other packs at Headspace, Headspace provide guided meditation sessions online and they gradually introduce different ideas and techniques, which in this case, are designed for managing stress.

So of you are suffering from stress, using Headspace to learn how to do meditation and to practice meditation on a regular basis is a great idea. If you can follow a video and follow instructions you can do the Headspace Pack on Stress. This combination of using Headspace and meditation can help.

Headspace Singles

Headspace also have what they call singles. These are also each designed to help with specific feelings. These singles consist usually of one session going through that feeling. And of course stress is included in this list.

Examples include stressed, burned out, feeling overwhelmed, flustered along with more, and so on. As you can see, some of these particular cases may be associated with stress.

Headspace Everyday

Headspace also have what they call everyday sessions. This is a session focusing on something different everyday. These change daily and you can only access today’s session today.

You can decide ‘on the spot’ if you are going to do today’s one today. No worries if you do or if you do not.

What I Like

Here’s a few things I like.

Free Trial Period

The first 10 days are free to try out the application or at least that was the case when I was using Headspace.

Good Presentation

They use interesting graphics/cartoons to explain concepts very well.


Same person does all the recorded meditation sessions or at least that was the case when I was using Headspace.

What I Dislike

Headspace keep making improvements to their offering, however I have some concerns:

It Is Completely Subscription Based

After the first 10 days are over, they expect you to keep your subscription active by making regular payments. Yes, each day of a pack is different, however the differences are not great, and so I think that a much smaller number of guided meditation sessions could be done with a lot of the information from different days compacted into a much smaller number of guided meditation sessions.

It Is Completely “Online Now” Based

The audio recordings are not available for download to your computer so you can not listen to them later. You have to be online and have an active subscription in order to listen to the audio recordings.

Meditation with Headspace Conclusion

Using Headspace is a good way to do meditation, just be aware that in my opinion the Insight Timer App is way better. I explain why I have this opinion here.

The official Headspace website can be found here

This is not an affiliate link as they do not use affiliates. I am providing this information out of the goodness of my heart because that is the type of guy I am.

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4 thoughts on “Meditation with Headspace: My Experience and My Take”

  1. Dave,
    I speak from experience that Headspace is an enjoyable experience. My wife has had it on her phone for a while and once every night it reminds her that it’s time for some Headspace. I was so curious about this that I Googled it and that’s when I found this post. I told my wife that I found your post and she invited me to participate in a session. It was late at night, so naturally I almost fell asleep a few times. Fortunately, they said it was ok to let your mind wander. Mine does that quite a bit. Thank you for explaining what Headspace is. It helped me show my wife that I’m interested in the things she is interested in too.

    • Hi Neil,

      I used Headspace for about 5 months, then didn’t use it for about 5 months, then used it again. When I wasn’t using it I was doing my meditation using alternative ways. During the 5 months when I was not using Headspace, they added a lot of additional functionally which make it in my eyes even better. You used to be limited to be on 1 pack at a time. Now you can do more than 1 pack at a time. This is great so that you can explore other packs without really committing to specific packs.

      Many people find Headspace useful. I am thrilled that your wife is one of them. And you might participate in more sessions with her.

      Currently I use the Insight Timer App now to do my meditation and to record my meditation times. I usually do my meditation as soon as I can in the day, usually after breakfast. You and your wife might try out different times of the day that work best for you.

      May you and your wife enjoy your meditation.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful information.

    I have been suffering from stress for many years and it was strongly suggested to me in the last couple of months that I try meditation after a few health issues.

    I decided to do my own self help training and have found it hard to find the right technique for me. Hence I’m really looking forward to see if your meditation suggestions are suitable to me.

    Thank you so much for the information


    • Hi Gina,

      You are welcome. I hope that you find the meditation information here useful.

      As you have been experiencing stress, I would recommend that you look at the other techniques mentioned in this article as well. These are usually ideas and techniques that you can add to your stress management toolbox. Stress seems to affect people in different ways and if you have a number of different effective approaches that work for you these can be very helpful in managing stress. If an idea or a technique does not work for you or does not resonate with you, look at the other ideas mentioned here.



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