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Some General Related Suggestions

I would always suggest getting a medical check-up. The results of which, will help to determine what happens next. Reassuring if nothing shows up. If something does, then the appropriate steps can be taken.

I would also suggest getting a dental check-up as well.

I would also suggest getting your eyes checked as well.

Any diet changes mentioned here and elsewhere on this website (and probably elsewhere on the internet), should be discussed with your professional medical team to be sure that the proposed diet change makes sense for you.

For instance, I know one lady who has low levels of salt in her body was advised by her doctor to only drink half cups/mugs of tea. When you drink tea, your salt levels go down. And yet, green tea is known for its anti-anxiety properties. And chamomile tea is known to be helpful for General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

There are also some important caveats with drinking green tea. These are very important warnings in connection with drinking green tea, especially if you take any medication at all.

Another example, is that some seemingly good ideas regarding diet may not be so smart as taking some food or some food supplements may conflict with medication. For instance, flaxseed oil capsules and/or cod liver oil and/or omega-3 fish oil may conflict with aspirin.

And yet another example, is that you may be allergic to some food or some food supplements. This can be fairly difficult to track down, as it may take some time for the allergic reaction to show up. You might notice after a while, that you vomit more or feel nausea more often.

These two, conflicting with medication and being allergic to something can be extremely difficult to trace back to the medication conflict or being allergic to something.

Likewise, any changes to your physical activities should be discussed with your medical team for similar reasons.

Walking for instance, has over 20 health related benefits, but if you are not healthy enough to walk, you may damage yourself or if you walk in bad weather it may bring on health related issues, so you need to be sensible.

Walk and its over 20 health related benefits are related to the amount of walking, the type of walking and for how long the walk is. I prefer to walk each day, however if it is stormy, I would give it a miss and not worry about it. Check that walking is a good idea for you.