Managing Greeting Card Lists

Managing Greeting Card Lists

The simple way I manage greeting card lists is to have a list with people’s names down on the left hand side.

Then for each year, have two columns, a sent column and a received column, something like the following:

Name 2019-Sent 2019-Received 2020-Sent 2020-Received
John Smith Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jane Doe Yes No Yes Yes

If I don’t receive a greeting card in return for two or three years in a row, I tend not to continue sending that person a greeting card, unless I know that there is a very good reason. I do not always apply this guideline as old senior friends may not be in a position to actually send me greeting cards.

Sending greeting cards involves two costs, the actual physical cost of obtaining greeting cards, postage stamps, and associated travel costs, as well as the time cost. So spend those costs wisely.

I find that sending and receiving greeting cards is relaxing. The trick I find is to send greeting cards to people who appreciate them and who in return send me greeting cards. 🙂 🙂

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