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Making Images SmallerEarlier one of my many contacts mentioned that he is developing a website. This contact has an image that he wants to include on his website however it is too big. He wanted an easy fast way to make it smaller.

I was going to write a complicated article explaining how I make images smaller. However I started this process, and thought, hey I better do some research to see if there is a better way to do it today.

Boy, I am glad I made that decision.

Research stage

I opened up a private browser session and went to my search engine of choice: Google.
You might have heard of them, they are a big player in the online search engine world. 🙂

I used “online image resizer” as the search term. One of the top entries from my google search was for (NB: I have no association with this organization).
I just thought that it sounded like what I was searching for.

OK, then I needed an image to play with. I found an image of a lake that I could use in the public domain.
This is below.

Now to resize this

I then went to (NB: I have no association with this organization). I uploaded the image above to it.

I decided to do two things.
1) Reduce the size of the image by 25%. They also have other options available.
2) Use the jpeg image type. They also have other options available.
Using functionally within (I ignored their online ads) I achieved these two objectives.

The “new” image is below:


  • Original File name: bluelake.png
  • Original File type: image/png
  • Original File size: 237 KB
  • Original Dimensions: 751 × 431
  • Resized File name: bluelake.jpeg
  • Resized File type: image/jpeg
  • Resized File size: 19 KB
  • Resized Dimensions: 563 × 323

So, you can clearly see I achieved my two objectives. 🙂
1) Reduce the size of the image by 25%.
The width decreased from 751 px to 563 px.
The height decreased from 431 px to 323 px.
2) Use the jpeg image type. The file type is jpeg.

A really important performance benefit of this

You will also see that the file size decreased from 237 KB to 19 KB. The new size is just over 8% of the file size of the original file. So loading this image is going to be way faster. Happy Days. The search engines use how fast your content loads as one of the criteria they use to determine ranking.

My understanding is that if there are two web pages with the same score, the web page that loads faster is more likely to be included in the search engine results. This is an SEO benefit. It also helps user experience which may also be an additional SEO benefit.

If you are running a website it is important that your content loads on each of your visitors browsers as quickly as possible to help with their user experience when visiting your website.

Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Making Images Smaller”

  1. Hi David, thanks for your detailed review,
    I do use a lot of images in my websites, so I was wondering if imageresize org is only for resizing or if there are other option for image optimization; also is there a limit on the images you can run trough them or you can use it at will?
    keep us informed please with the best tools around to help us building functional websites; take care ciao.

    • Hi Stefano,

      Hey, I only found them yesterday and wrote that article last night. 🙂

      I am assuming you can use them at will as they do not ask for any personal information when doing the resizing. Currently their site has ads on it, so I am assuming that is how they fund the site currently. As I said in the article, I have no association with them, so I do not know what their plans are for the future.

      I would suggest that you resize your images, and change them where it makes sense to the jpeg image type.

      And if your website is using the popular Word Press platform that you use a plugin for image optimization. I currently use the Word Press “”EWWW Optimizer”” plugin.

      Kind Regards,



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