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Can I Make Money Selling Domain Names? Let’s See

When you are online visiting websites, each of these websites you visit has a website domain name. For instance the name of this website domain name is WORKFROMHOMENOTES.COM

Each website on the internet is associated with a web domain name. Web domain names are available from web domain accredited registrars.

Over 284,000,000 web domain names registered in January 2015, what this could mean for you

In January 2015, there were over 284,000,000 web domain names registered worldwide. Let’s recap, each of these 284,000,000 web domain names was registered. That means that someone registered each of those web domain names.

Someone makes money when another person parts with money to register each of those 284,000,000 domain names.

In my own personal case, I first registered WORKFROMHOMENOTES.COM on August 7th 2005 and it has been registered for every year since then to now (plus some more years) for around eight dollars to twenty dollars a year depending on where I actually register the web domain name for the coming year. I also always get domain privacy services for this domain, so depending on the registrar for the coming year, this can cost an additional zero dollars to fifteen dollars per year on top of the registration fee per year.

Someone is making money when I part with money for every year when I register just this one web domain name for one year. It is the same for the other domain names registered out there on the internet.

Behind most transactions involving website domain names, there are a few parties generating revenue, one of these parties could be you if you take out a Domain Cost Club Membership package which allows you to purchase your domain names At-Cost. You can also generate revenue yourself if you sell Domain Cost Club membership packages.

Amazing concepts

I am personally a big fan of Domain Cost Club for a number of reasons. The product itself can be sold on the internet to anyone else on the internet over the internet. I can work anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. People purchasing Domain Cost Club membership packages using my referral code can be located anywhere in the world. This is an amazing concept.

The Perfect business

MoneyThe product itself requires no shipping and no stock and no risk. Talk about the perfect business. You can earn income by referring other people to Domain Cost Club using your referral link. Of course they have to purchase their membership package using your referral link before the sale is credited to you.

Domain Cost Club
If you buy or renew domains, you should look at them. They are a no-frills low cost domain registrar, who also provide free domain privacy services for domains registered with them.
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