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Mail To Issues on Devices/Browsers, A Workaround to Help

Mail To Issues on Devices/Browsers, A Workaround to Help

I discovered mail to issues on devices/browsers – below I discuss a workaround that helps me with that. It may also help you.

When I did some research I discovered that it is not uncommon. In a number of cases it seems that this boils down to the client machine and its settings. My research suggested that it is not a server issue, nor is it a html coding issue. If you are using WordPress, it is also not a coding issue where you enter in the instruction. In this case, look at the ‘underlying code’ in text view (not in visual view) to be sure that it technically correct.

Issue may be something to do with client machine and its settings

the mailto code

Now as it appears to be something to do with the client machine and its settings, no way does a html coding developer or a web coding developer or a WordPress blogger have any control over that, nor does the support team where the website is hosted.

The ‘workaround’

The ‘workaround’ I use I actually used before I became aware of this issue. Chances are also pretty high you may also use this ‘workaround’ without actually realizing it. The following code will display on one line if there is enough space:


The mailto code

There are extra spaces in the code below to prevent your browser trying to perform the mailto command. 🙂
So when you bring across into your environment, remove these unwanted spaces. 🙂

I include an image of the exact working code so that you see exactly what I mean. Computers are fussy, they need the syntax to be 100% correct. They need the < and /> and double quotes and the mailto command (I understand) to be in lower case, and the mailto command needs to be followed by :

The mailto code

Line 1… e m a i l :
Line 2… < a h r e f = ” m a i l t o : x y z @ a b c . c o m ” >
Line 3… x y z @ a b c . c o m
Line 4… < / a >

Line 1 will just display email:
Line 2 is the code to go into mailto mode. Note that in real code there is a space between the “a href”.
Immediately prior to mailto is the double quote.
The mailto should be in all lower case followed immediately by the : followed immediately by the email address.
This is followed immediately by the double quote and it in turn is immediately followed by >.
Line 3 is the email address (in the real code, there are no spaces here.
Line 4 is the full closing tag.
Sometimes in line 3 people would have a “Send us an email”. In this instance and for this workaround I suggest that the email address is actually specified instead.
Note that of course in the real world, lines 1 to 4 above, may actually on just on one line.

This html code includes a human readable tag. This is because the closing tag at the end of line 2 is not like the full closing tag in line 4. The bit between the closing tag on line 2 and the full closing tag on line 4 is the human readable bit.
This displays the email address to the viewer as well. This code will display:


If the mailto part does not work, for whatever reason, the viewer would see the above, see your email address, and if the person really wants to send you the email, they can grab your email address, open up their email program and send you this important email.

Again, this is not a server issue. It is not something that your web hosting support team can fix. It is the fact that so many computer clients and browsers don’t always follow the HTML coding mailto standards. They should. However they do not. So we have to work around this.

This coding trick will at least help you to work with this limitation if it affects your viewers and allow you to continue doing your thing.

I welcome any related comments. Please feel free to enter them below for our readership. Cheers. 🙂

Naturally, if you have a different solution, please feel free to outline your solution below. That way if more people have this problem, they have more options regarding a solution that could be used in their situation. Go for it. 🙂

The mailto code

However in this instance, I am not in a position to look at your code. Just make sure that your code is similar to above, as that code is working code. This means that the working code worked at the time of writing this. If you leave out a > or a /> or the double quotes, then your code is not similar to mine and may not work. 🙂

If you are using the mailto command, you might be interested in using web hosting for your website.

Additional Resource

Depending on how you define your web hosting needs determines in some way how much you pay for it. The trouble here is that it is very difficult to compare like with like when comparing different web hosting types, options and packages.

These days, cPanel hosting and their associated scripts are pretty good. I think that very cost effective and reliable cPanel hosting solutions have a lot to offer when compared against secure managed WordPress hosting in general.

The following post refers to my definition of secure managed WordPress hosting:

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