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Joining Domain Cost Club for Income

Domain Cost Club is a company that sells web domain names to their members using special at-cost registrations, renewals, and transfers pricing.

They also have website hosting offers for their membership. This website right now is hosted using hosting provided by Domain Cost Club.

Basically you become a member. Once you are a member you can purchase up to a specified number of domains using Domain Cost Club’s at-cost pricing. This at-cost pricing is very attractive.

If you are registering or renewing domain names, you may as well register and renew your domain names using Domain Cost Club’s at-cost pricing model.

You are spending money on this anyway. Plus you can also take full advantage of their referral program.

Commission values noted in the following table as well as the number of domains you can register and/or renew using Domain Cost Club’s at-cost pricing model.

Know that you can upgrade your membership tier if necessary during the year should you purchase more domain names using the very attractive at-cost pricing model at Domain Cost Club.

Many Domain Cost Club members do this during their membership. 

Membership Tier Annual Price Referral Income Domains At-Cost Whois Privacy
Lite $9.99 $1.00 5 Yes
Basic $29.99 $5.00 19 Yes
Plus $49.99 $10.00 49 Yes
Unlimited $99.99 $25.00 Unlimited Yes

Domain Cost Club also pay the same rates for renewals of Domain Cost Club memberships.

GoDaddy have a similar pricing model for their discount club. I compared their pricing and found Domain Cost Club pricing to be better as discussed here.

Domain Cost Club members who refer others to Domain Cost Club get paid when their referrals using their referral link purchase Domain Cost Club Membership packages.

They also get paid when their referrals renew in coming years.

In my experience most of my referrals do renew their Domain Cost Club memberships. This confirms that the offer is good when my referrals renew. They would not renew if the offering was not attractive.


One estimate out there is that half of all baby boomers are interested in starting a business. They would prefer to start a business rather than retire. I find this statistic interesting.

This potentially sets a very interesting scene and has the potential to be a big wave especially if you are positioned correctly before the wave starts.

I read that the average 50 year old has less than $50,000 in retirement savings. This means that they need to look at generating additional retirement savings from now to retirement.

They may also need to look at the option of working during retirement, and this option in the traditional corporate world may not be available.

Also a number of current baby boomers are not impressed with their current corporate careers.

They are tired out from years doing the corporate thing assuming that they have not being affected by corporate events.


When beginning to look around for different options, starting a traditional business with bricks and mortar involves considerable investments of time and money with no guarantee of success.

Likewise starting a franchise also involves considerable investments of time and money with no guarantee of success.

For instance, the total startup costs to purchase franchisee rights with McDonald’s and open just one new outlet in the United Status of America would cost between $900,000 and $2,300,000 in October 2015. I would assume that these costs would increase in the coming years.

And again, there is no guarantee of success. Having a franchise may also mean that you have to do things in certain ways, and if you are creative, this may not suit you.

One option is doing referral selling online.

In most cases, you can start doing this for very little money, no where near the $900,00 to $2,300,000 just mentioned for a McDonald’s in the USA.

Of course, you would start doing this part-time as there is a learning curve involved as well as getting some real-world referral selling online experience.

Furthermore like all human activities there is some risk involved.

With this approach there is no need to purchase stock.

Some business models involve a monthly commitment to buying stock that you may not resell.

I am not in the business of building up unwanted stock that I would need to store somewhere.

The unwanted stock would also need to be funded by me upfront. No, that approach is not for me. I assume you too wouldn’t want to fund and store unwanted stock.

Some business models involve spending money upfront on stock.

I would be very wary of doing this until I have my own real-world experience and success in selling that stock on.

Many people who do this end up with unwanted stock.

No need to buy stock

With Domain Cost Club, there is no commitment to buying stock.

You buy a membership (a mere $9.99 per year for the Lite membership tier) which allows you to buy domains via the club using at-cost pricing and you then have the right to refer others to the club and get paid when you sell memberships assuming your membership is still active.

You can sell memberships globally, all from the comfort of where you have your internet connection.

My Domain Cost Club experience

I became a Domain Cost Club member in November 2014. I have contacted their support team on a number of occasions and find them helpful.

They also respond in a timely manner on each occasion, so no worries there.

I also find that the Domain Cost Club membership area easy to work with, along with the area where domain names are managed.

Compared to my last domain name supplier, doing what I need to with my domains inside of Domain Cost Club is very easy.

Also Domain Cost Club do not change me any additional monies for domain name privacy.

With my last domain name supplier this was costing me $7.95 per domain name per year.

Some domain registrars even charge as much as $14.95 per domain name per year for this service.

Domain Cost Club charge the mind-blowing $0.00 (zero) per domain name per year when domains name are registrated with them. 

So yes, I find Domain Cost Club easy to work with.

I am a big fan of Domain Cost Club.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the huge domain name business and would like to work from home and vacation anywhere, this could be ideal for you.

This is a low cost entry route into starting your own internet based business, compared to starting up say a McDonald’s franchise in the United States of America. I am sure that this is the case anywhere in the free world.

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