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Jing Capture Software Is Great Website Building Software

Jing Capture Software Is Great Website Building Software

These days if you are building a website, you may find that you need to capture screenshots and add additional visual elements to that captured screenshot.

Everyone has their favorite software when it comes to capturing screenshots and optionally adding additional visual elements. Mine is the Jing Capture Software.

I find this useful when building content for my website. I consider Jing Capture Software is great website building software.

I use Jing Capture to capture screenshots. This also allows me to add additional elements to the capture screenshot. Below are a few screenshots that I have captured using the Jing Capture software.

In some cases, I then add additional elements to the captured screenshot.

Update: This has been superseded by TechSmith Capture which is also free and which I also find great. They discontinued updating Jing.

They developed TechSmith Capture which has a lot of similar functionally. They also have other products and services which are not free.

I find that TechSmith Capture software does what I need it to do and so do not have to buy any of their paid products or paid services. Happy Days. 🙂 🙂


An example of a captured screenshot with additional visuals elements added

WHOIS Result for workfromhomenotes.com
Screenshot captured using TechSmith Capture software. Additional information added to that captured screenshot using TechSmith Capture software.

You can actually see this in my Domain Cost Club Review: Good for Cheap Domain Registration article.

TechSmith Capture Software free download

If you want to learn more about TechSmith Capture Software free download, click here. This is not an affiliate link.

At that link, you can find out more about TechSmith Capture Software and if you like what you see, they usually have a free download link there as well. I think that TechSmith Capture Software Capture Software is great free website building software or at least it was free when I wrote this article. 🙂 🙂


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