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Ireland Has over 200,000 .IE Domain Names

Ireland Has Over 200,000 .IE Domain Names

I learned some interesting domain figures in July 2015 that I wanted to share with you. Ireland’s country domain extension name, .IE now has over 200,000 .IE domain names associated with it.

Fact, France and Ireland score the exact same on the per 1,000 population count


For every 1,000 head of population in Ireland, there are 44 .IE domains.

This as it happens is the same as France.

Ireland is adding over 16,000 .IE domain names every 6 months.


Netherlands are way ahead of Ireland and France on this score

Ireland still has some way to go to catch up with the Netherlands on this front.

For every 1,000 head of population in the Netherlands, there are 332 .NL domain names.


Why isn’t Ireland’s score higher?

Postage stamp of Ireland

I have a theory based on my personal experience. Personally, I would have thought that Ireland’s score would have been higher.

However I think that part of the reason is that Irish people and Irish businesses buy domains in the general generic extension space, extension names like .COM and .NET for instance as well as United Kingdom related extensions.

I for instance, have never brought a domain with a country extension name. I have been buying domain names since at least April 2002. Not once did I buy a .IE domain name. I have purchased or renewed at least 15 domain names in the .COM, .NET and .WS domain extensions in this time period.

Ok, I know that the .WS extension name is associated with a small country island, however I brought it for its ‘web site’ meaning, not because I am based in that small country island.

For instance I first purchased this particular .COM domain name (workfromhomenotes.com) back in August 2005 and have maintained it ever since as noted in the following screenshot:

WHOIS Result for workfromhomenotes.com

You may have also noticed that its domain registrar is Domain Cost Club.

Since I do not like paying retail prices for things I can obtain cheaper, I looked at the following offering and went for it. You too may very well do the same thing. I at least will no longer pay retail price for a domain name. Ever. With a current active applicable Domain Cost Club membership, you will be able to do the same thing, assuming of course, that it makes perfect sense for you as it does for me.

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Why Domain Cost Club?

Domain Cost Club Review: Excellent for Reliable Domain Registration

For many years now, I have been using Domain Cost Club. I find them reliable, responsive and competitive. This domain name (workfromhomenotes.com) for instance is registered with Domain Cost Club.

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8 thoughts on “Ireland Has over 200,000 .IE Domain Names”

  1. This is very interesting stuff but there’s one question that is really holding me back – how do these sort of domain names perform?
    I mean surely they don’t rank well in the overall worldwide spectrum of Google?
    I think they’re probably fine from a local point of view but other searches…well maybe not?

    • Yes, Chris I agree with you. It really depends on what the website is marketing and to where they are marketing.

      Some businesses will use a local country domain extension domain name so that they can redirect that web traffic to their main .COM domain name.

      Easons, a well known book shop in Ireland, uses Easons.IE then when you go there you are immediately re-directed to Easons.COM – That way they are covering both bases, so if people are keying in the web address, they will end up at Easons.COM

      Country domain names are usually associated with businesses inside that country. Consumers inside that country I assume would prefer to do business with them. It also depends on what type of goods, services, and products are being marketed on that domain.

      For people living in Ireland, if they key in google.COM, they get re-directed to google.IE, which is the opposite of what Easons do. I assume that way spreads the workload for Google.

      I think also depends on where the markets are for the businesses in question. If you want to brand yourself worldwide, .COM way be the way to go as it is one of the known domain extensions.

      Over the next while, more top level extension names will be launched. For example, .SITE, .NEWS, .EXPRESS and .CAFE top level extensions names were launched recently. More will be launched in the next while.

      All things being equal, my understanding is that Google does not put a higher value on domains in the .COM extension, as many things are used in Google’s determination when they return search results. People being more familiar with the .COM extension might click on search results with a .COM name, and that may make that domain name more popular in Google’s eyes over time. This depends on part on what that directed traffic does when they visit that domain name.

      If you can grab your domain name of choice with a .COM extension, grab it. If it has already been grabbed at least you have more choices now.


  2. That is interesting about those European country domain extensions. I suppose that something similar is (or was) true with the United States of America domains.

    I started buying domains about 20 years ago and now have 50 or so that are all .com or .net. Most of those now I’m letting expire since they are no longer relevant in today’s Internet.


    • Hi Gary,

      In my opinion, it may be smarter to renew your .COM domains as .COM domain names account for around 40% of the domain name business. Remember that .COM is still the most recognizable domain extension out there and will be for some time to come.

      In my opinion, the landscape for domain names is still changing and will continue to evolve for some time to come. I find the statistics around them interesting. I don’t think I would ever buy a country domain because I think it implies a limitation that you do business only in that country.

      It also depends on where your target audience is and what they reasonable expect. Many businesses have domain names using different extension names, and route them to their main domain name.

      For instance, Easons, a major bookseller in Ireland own both easons.COM and easons.IE – When web visitors go to easons.IE, they are automatically redirected to easons.COM

      Another example is that if you are in Ireland, and you visit google.COM, you are automatically redirected to google.IE

      Different organisations have different ways of managing traffic that reach their websites.

      New top level extension names have been coming out over the last while and will continue to do so for the next while. I mean just recently, .SITE, .NEWS, .EXPRESS and .CAFE new top level names were launched.

      As you have around 50 .COM and .NET domain names, you might find that you get a better deal with Domain Cost Club than you do with your existing Domain Registrars. Domain Cost Club may be especially attractive for you if you are paying anywhere from $7 to $15 per domain name per year for Domain Privacy Registration services. You can find out more about them in my review of Domain Cost Club here.


  3. Hello David, thank you for this article, people really need information when they are in business but I just have a question: how can we know the every day available domains, I mean where can we check them? I also have dot com domains but if the dot ie are good why not try them.

    • Hi Charlotte,

      You can go to a domain registrar online. Most domain registrars have some sort of “check if your domain name is still available” function.

      Country specific domain registrar’s have similar functionally for country specific domain names. They usually have additional hurdles that you need to overcome to actually obtain the specific domain name using their domain extension country code.

      It really depends on where your visitors are coming from. Remember that a certain percentage of your visitors may be guessing your domain name as well.


  4. An interesting article indeed. These figures back up the noise you hear nowadays on how everything is going digital. Businesses, socializing, education, just about in every field the internet has changed things drastically from 30 years ago.

    Regarding the cheap domain site you mentioned at the end of your article, what would be the savings over another site such as Hostgator, NameCheap, MyDomain, etc.? These I normally will pay 10 USD per .com domain, and less for the .net etc.

    Thanks for your efforts on this post!

    • Hi Dave,

      The cheap domain site I mentioned at the end of my article is Domain Cost Club.

      Domains obtained using Domain Cost Club membership can use free domain privacy services. Other Domain Registrars charge extra for this service. HostGator charge $14.95 per domain name basis per year. So with 4 domains needing this service every year, that could cost you $59.80 extra per year for just this one additional service. Way more per year if you have 20 ($299.00) to 50 ($747.50) domains needing such services.

      In my review of Domain Cost Club article I talk about the potential savings between HostGator and Domain Cost Club of you purchased a number of .COM domain names. The comparisons I did along with the potential savings are:

      1. If you purchased 1 .COM domain name with domain privacy services, saving over $9 if you purchase using your Domain Cost Club membership
      2. If you purchased 2 .COM domain names with domain privacy services, saving over $28 if you purchase using your Domain Cost Club membership
      3. If you purchased 5 .COM domain names with domain privacy services, saving over $87 if you purchase using your Domain Cost Club membership

      In each of these cases, the price at Domain Cost Club was way more attractive than the price at HostGator. 🙂 🙂

      Oh, you can read my review of Domain Cost Club here and see how I calculated those potential savings. These potential savings are after the cost of Domain Cost Club membership is taken into account.



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