Use the Popular Insight Timer App

Use the Popular Insight Timer App

I have been using the popular Insight Timer app since October 2016. I highly recommend it. I still consider it a top rated free meditation app in 2021. You can pause every now and then by doing Meditation. You can meditate by using Insight Timer.

Executive Overview of Insight Timer

The Insight Timer App is an app used to help people do meditation.

What I Use Them For

I use this app every day since October 2016 to do meditation. As a matter of fact I have been using this App every consecutive day since October 17th 2016. This meant that on January 14th 2021, I had done meditation for 1,551 consecutive days in a row using this app in various ways. Of course, back on October 16th 2016 that was zero.

Where to Find Out More about Insight Timer

Read my post below:


Wikipedia has a page devoted to Insight Timer:

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Insight Timer

They have their own website as follows:

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One way to do meditation is to use the Insight Timer App. This App has a good number of free guided meditation audio sessions. They can be done online using most smartphones.

Here you are going to find out how this popular App can most likely help you to do meditation.

I Recommend You Use the Free Version to See If This Is for You

I do suggest that you use their free version to see if this is for you. If it is, know that you can stay on their free version for ever or you can upgrade to their premium paid version. I used their free version for about 22 months before opting for the premium version. Both versions are excellent.

The App Is Updated on a Regular Basis

They update the app on a regular basis. And of course, they have major upgrades from time to time. Sometimes these updates change the user interface. This means that some of the screenshots shown in this post may be out of date or may no longer be available within the current version of the app.

Number of Meditations Has Risen Greatly

The amount of content has risen greatly. For instance:

  • In July 2018 there were over 10,000 free online meditation sessions and there were over 2,000 teachers and musicians
  • In August 2020 this had risen to over 55,000 free online meditation sessions and to over 7,880 teachers and musicians
  • In January 2021 this had risen to over 70,000 free online meditation sessions and to over 9,350 teachers and musicians

Most of the content I have listened to I have found good.

Continuous Improvements

In my opinion, the app was good in October 2016 when I started using it. However the additional functionally and the additional content has risen greatly since then which makes this app even better. I use functionally within the app which I find useful.

Insight Timer App - Meditations - Get Help - Start of List

Additionally I find the Insight Timer App to be helpful in my life. I enjoy the “pauses” which allows me to “recharge” with the rest of my day. They have thousands of different meditations of varying lengths by many different meditation teachers. They also have a number of musical tracks as well.

This is a great handy app for empowering you to do meditation related tasks at anytime. The app can operate in offline mode for some of its functions. They have thousands of different guided meditation sessions covering a large number of topics within the self-care arena, including meditation, mindfulness, visualization and relaxation.

App runs on Android and on iOS

The App is an application that runs on compatible smartphones on Android and on iOS that empower people to learn about meditation, do meditation, document their meditation progress, perform various countdown timer functions, do guided meditation sessions online and do unguided meditation sessions along with other functionally within the App itself.

How Does This App Help Me

Here are some of the ways that I use this App as a tool to help me:

  • I enjoy the countdown timer aspect of the App. Similarly I have customized different countdown timers with different options. These include how long in minutes, any background noises, any interval bells, the sound of the starting bell and the sound of the ending bell. Those are some of the attributes that can be customized.
  • I enjoy different guided meditation sessions that are available. There are many thousands of different guided meditation sessions/recordings available within the Insight Timer App which were and are developed by thousands of different meditation guides.
  • I report any meditation sessions that I done outside of using this App, so that all of my meditation times are filed with Insight Timer. I find this useful and helps motivate me to do meditation every day. This is good as I have done meditation for hundreds of consecutive days now, so I am unlikely to miss a day now.
  • I listen to different talks by different people about different meditation subjects.

My Real World Experience in Using the Insight Timer App

Insight Timer App 3 Minute Countdown Timer Start

As a matter of fact I have been using this App every consecutive day since October 17th 2016.

Report My Meditation Sessions

I use it to report my meditation sessions. Moreover I can use any of the available ways to meditate using the App. For any meditation sessions I do not using the App, I can report those times within the App. I also do some of the many thousand different guided meditation sessions/recordings available online on the App on a regular basis.

Insight Timer Courses

I also do some of the Insight Timer Courses. This is included in the premium version and not the free version. The free version and the premium version both include access to this 7 session Insight Timer Course that teaches you how to meditate. One session is supposed to be done daily, however you can do as many sessions in a day that you like. And you can actually do multiple Insight Timer Courses at the same time. More about this later.

Configurable Countdown Timers with Interesting Options

I have a number of preset countdown timer profiles setup and use the one that I want to do now. The nearby screen capture shows a 3 minute countdown timer, that sounds a bell every minute. I have configured this countdown timer to have no ambient sound and to use an ending bell when the 3 minutes is up.

I configured this particular preset for my personal use within the Insight Timer App to do a meditation technique called The Three Minute Breathing Space that involves three separate one minute mini meditations in the one session with my eyes closed. Then I need to know when to switch from one mini meditation to the next. That is why I have the bell going off every minute in that meditation session. This is just one of the many ways I use this App.

Success Using the Insight Timer App

Like a lot of people, I include regular daily self-care tasks in my life. I decided to give meditation a go as I felt that it could help me on the health front and I also felt that it would be of value. Beside which, I discovered that meditation has a lot of additional potential benefits which I did not want to miss out on.

App Has Loads Of Functions

The Insight Timer App has a number of different functions, one of them is a countdown timer function which you can configure yourself. I have setup a number of different countdown timer options based on the length of the countdown timer, sound options, how often to make sounds, and so on and so forth.

Insight Timer App Presets

Some of the meditation techniques involve doing tasks on a timed basis with your eyes closed. For example for one minute do this, for the next minute do that and for the third minute do something else. Well, to do this, you need some sort of timer.

This is the sort of thing where you can use the Insight Timer App countdown timer function. When you do meditation counting down from say 3 minutes, you need an alarm, for example a low sounding bell, to go off when that time is up, otherwise you never end! The Insight Timer App countdown timer function does this brilliantly.

Issues I Had Using My Cell Phone’s Countdown Timer

Of course, I used the countdown timer function on my cell phone initially. I jumped when its alarm goes off at the end of the meditation session. You understand I was not aiming for that!

Then I looked closer at the countdown timer function on my cell phone. It only has a “total” countdown timer function. There is no ability to countdown for one minute, make a bell, then countdown for two minutes, make another bell and so on.

If my cell phone or smartphone is in silent mode, it flashes when the countdown timer is complete, however with my eyes closed during meditation, I can not see that!

Again, not exactly what I was aiming for!

So I had a bit of a problem. I needed a solution that was simple, workable and practical. And that was also cost effective!

Insight Timer’s Countdown Timer Function: Will It Sort This Issue?

Insight Timer App - Profile

I then looked closely at the countdown timer function within the Insight Timer App. Uniquely with it I was able to configure presets countdown timers with multiple options. I got those presets configured exactly how I like them. Additionally I can edit, add or remove presets. At this stage I have been using them as required since October 2016.

As well as that, each time I report meditation sessions using the App or do meditation sessions using that App, it filed that information. I can view related statistics based on that information if I want to.

I captured the nearby screenshot earlier on my meditation journey. At that time I had done meditation every single day for 650 consecutive days in a row, with an average time of meditation of 27 minutes each day. I use these type of statistics to remind me to keep doing meditation every day!

What Is the Insight Timer App?

The Insight Timer App is an application that runs on compatible smartphones on Android and on iOS. This empowers people to:

  • learn about meditation
  • actually do meditation
  • document their meditation progress
  • do unguided meditation using a preset countdown timer
  • do guided meditation sessions online
  • do unguided meditation sessions

There is other functionally within the App itself.

This is a great handy app for empowering you to do meditation related tasks at anytime. The app can operate in offline mode for some of its functions.

I connect my smartphone using WiFi connected to a router which in turn is connected to the internet. I then use the Insight Timer App on my smartphone to select and listen to their guided meditation session online and this works very well for me.

I find very useful with my self-care tasks the number of features that the app helps me with.

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone interested in learning more about meditation or interested in reporting their meditation sessions or interested in listening to guided meditation sessions.

How Is This Helping Me?

This helps me in a number of ways. I can do guided meditation sessions using the App. Or I can do unguided meditation sessions using the countdown timer function inside of the App. The number of guided meditations available is quite large and covers a large range of topics relating to meditation.

It helps me to keep my current meditation streak active. In meditation “speak”, the meditation streak refers to the number of consecutive days that a person has done meditation in a row.

Learn Meditation Using This

insight timer app - meditations - get help - start of list

There are a number of different ways to learn how to meditate using the Insight Timer App.

Learn How To Meditate In Seven Days

An offering within the App is a seven day course called Learn How To Meditate In Seven Days. It was free at the time of writing this, so it may still be free. Each of these lessons with a guided meditation session lasts about 10 to 12 minutes per day for each of the seven days.

Although I do not consider myself as a meditation beginner or as a meditation guru I actually completed this course. In that process I learned new things. I think that it is important to expose yourself to different meditation approaches, so that you are better able to determine which approaches work best for you.

Starting Meditation? I Suggest the Following Approach:

If you are a meditation beginner or not yet a meditation guru, I suggest that you download the Insight Timer App and start this course.

Get the Insight Timer App. Begin the free seven day Learn How To Meditate In Seven Days course within the App to learn about meditation. This is about 10 to 12 minutes per day. You know pretty quick if you like meditation or not. You also know pretty quick if you like the Insight Timer App or not.

You can always do any number of the guided meditation sessions/recordings online within the Insight Timer App. There are thousands of them to select from, so you should find some that you like.

Why Is It Free?

“At Insight Timer we believe everyone deserves access to a free meditation practice. That’s why we offer the largest library of guided meditations on earth for free, and the world’s most loved meditation Timer, for free. You can meditate for as long as you want on Insight Timer without ever paying a cent.”
Source: Insight Timer App within the “Learn why we’re free” section in late July 2018.

They have a few optional paid features which are completely optional:
1. Insight Premium which covers offline mode, high quality audio and their advanced audio player.

2. Insight Courses which are more in-depth multi session courses. This is discussed further on in more depth later on.

Only Go For Premium If You Love The Free Version!

In my opinion, the premium version is well worth it. However I recommend that you use the free version until you are ready to use the premium version. You can remain on the free version for ever.

Insight Timer have make the following commitment:
“If you’re someone who isn’t interested in our paid features, you remain a loved member of community with free lifetime access to 10,000 guided meditations, 2,000 teachers and our Timer. That’s been our commitment from Day 1, and will remain so forever.”
Source: Insight Timer App within the “Learn why we’re free” section in late July 2018.

I expect that over time that some of the information may change however I expect never to have to pay for the lifetime access to thousands of online guided meditation sessions/recordings developed by thousands of different meditation guides and the Insight Timer App.

In-Depth Multi Session Insight Timer Courses

insight timer app - courses

Starting in 2018 they have started to create In-Depth Multi Session Insight Timer Courses. I have done a few of them, so I can comment on how I found those courses. These courses are designed and provided by different teachers within the Insight Timer platform. These are usually 10 sessions or 30 sessions however the number of actual sessions can vary.

Do Every Day For Short Periods Of Time Is The Recommended Way To Do These Courses

These courses are divided up into 10 to 15 minute sessions which people are supposed to do daily. Doing it quicker or slower is totally up to you. The information is provided as an on-line audio lecture/discussion where the meditation guide provides more information about the subject matter.

Of course, the subject matter could include more introductory detail about some life improvement topic. When using the App itself to search for guided meditation sessions, if the meditation guide of that guided meditation session has developed one of these In-depth multi session Insight Timer course, the course image and title are displayed as a link.

Try This Free One To See How You Like It

The seven day Learn How To Meditate In Seven Days Insight Timer course is an example of one of these courses. Note that at the time of writing this, this was free within the App.

The premium In-depth Insight Timer courses that I am aware of within the App consist of 7 or 10 or 11 or 27 or 30 sessions. Other courses may have different number of sessions. Each session usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes for the audio component which is an on-line audio lecture/discussion where the meditation guide provides more information about the subject matter. One great advantage is that you can rewind or forward this audio component. I find this very useful and would be lost without it!

Some of the sessions involve doing ‘homework’ which are designed to help you understand the subject matter better and get additional benefit from doing the course. Whether you do the ‘homework’ or not is totally up to you.


insight timer app - meditations

What do I like?

  • Simple to use.
  • Countdown timer function is great.
  • It is free. Note that chargeable things are being added.
  • The “My progress” section within the App shows some interesting statistical information showing progress over time.
  • There are always more meditation sessions/recordings to listen to.
  • Bookmark favorites.
  • There are thousands of guided meditation sessions/recordings available.
  • There are thousands of meditation teachers and musicians adding applicable guided meditation sessions/recordings and other great content.


What do I not like?

  • Updating the App takes some time every time that an update is available.
  • When doing online guided meditations, on occasion the sound has to be turned up or down. There does not seem to be a standard sound level that is the same level across all online guided meditations. This can also happen with different meditation sessions/recordings developed by the same meditation guide. This is more a minor inconvenience rather than anything else.
  • Some of the recordings/approaches/courses actually increase the level of noticeable “bad emotions or bad feelings” as these can come to the surface using these recordings/approaches/courses. The logic I believe is that once these come to the surface it is easier to deal with them. That has not been my experience.


Screenshot using Insight Timer App on Feb 14, 2020 Showing Meditation Streak of 1216 Consecutive Days in a row

Using the popular Insight Timer App is a great way to do meditation. I actually used another online application called Headspace before I used the Insight Timer App.

See accompanying screenshot captured on my smartphone using the Insight Timer App on February 14, 2020 showing my meditation streak of 1216 consecutive days in a row.

I started using this app on October 17, 2016 to either report my meditation sessions or do guided meditation sessions using the app or both.

Pretty pleased with this app. 🙂 🙂

Oh, by the way don’t let my meditation streak put you off starting. Back on October 16, 2016, my meditation streak was zero.

One meditation author I know has spent over 18 years practicing meditation every day, so I am never going to catch up with him! I did not let that put me off starting my meditation practice back in October 2016. 🙂 🙂

I am reminded of an old saying:

What is the best time to plant a tree?
Answer: Twenty years ago.

When is the second best time to plant a tree?
Answer: Now.

The official Insight Timer website can be found here

This is not an affiliate link as they do not use affiliates. I am providing this information out of the goodness of my heart because that is the type of guy I am. And because I find this app to be brilliant in helping me. It is my hope that it also helps you.

I have no affiliate relationship or anything like that with Insight Timer. I am a happy user who uses this app every day to help me pause in my busy life. I find it great. As I said earlier it is also my hope that this app helps you.

Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy!

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22 thoughts on “Use the Popular Insight Timer App”

  1. The article is very useful, I discover something very new. I will look more into the Insight Timer App. Their courses sound interesting and useful. I will take notice to learn new ways for relaxing. I didn’t expect also there was so many ways for meditation!

    Thank you very much for sharing this!

    • Hi Andrea,

      The more time I spend using the Insight Timer App with the different options available within, the more happy and thrilled that I was pointed to this App a while back. They keep adding different ways to use it, and a number of new online meditation sessions/recordings are added every day.

      May you find the Insight Timer App to be beneficial, Andrea.


  2. I’ve downloaded and tried too many meditation apps from my iPhone. And then they just sit there and I end up deleting them and not using them. I will definitely check out the insight timer meditation app. 

    I like the fact that he keeps track of how long you been meditating overtime. Are there in app purchases subscription or a one time fee?

    • Hi John,

      I downloaded the Insight Timer App to my smartphone in late 2016, and have used it most days since then. A few days I did meditation sessions outside of the App, which I noted later in the Insight Timer App. 

      Access to thousands of different guided meditation in online mode is currently free and Insight Timer Inc the company behind the app have indicated that this will be the case for the next while, so no worries there.

      You can use the “Basic” functions within the App for free. The “Premium” functions within the App attract small fees. Personally I used the “Basic” function for almost 2 years before I was attracted to some “Premium” functionally, which is paid for either monthly or yearly. Money well spent in my opinion. The yearly price is cheaper than the monthly price multiplied by 12.

      In my opinion, it is well worth the time to download the App and give it a go. 


  3. I can’t say enough good things about insight timer. What a wonderful group of teachers, great info and a community filled of positive beautiful people around the world.Thank you so much for letting me know about such a wonderful app. I’m on the final day of the 7 day course and have really enjoyed it. The narrator’s voice is so soothing, could listen to her for hours!

    • Hi Kit,

      Thank you for your comments. I am thrilled that you have decided to give this a go and you are on the final day of the 7 day course to learn how to meditate. That course is a recent addition to their offerings. It was not there when I started using this App in late 2016. I did that 7 day course myself a while back and loved it, and learned a few more things about meditation. I believe that you can do this particular 7 day course again if you want to.

      I believe very much that everyone should at least give meditation a go and see if they find it of value in their lives. I for one am a strong believer in meditation. 


  4. What a good article! I have to say that I’m not a believer that meditation is the best way to find your inner peace and remove stress.

    Personally I have suffered from stress due to work, little by little I have been improving doing other techniques, but really this shared experience about meditation, has attracted my attention, besides it has many advantages and I start to have curious to try it for a while and see the difference.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      I am sorry to hear that you suffered from stress due to work. I am glad to hear that you are improving doing different techniques. This is where this type of article may help as it outlines a number of different techniques, some of which you might resonate with and find of use, others less so.

      As you suffered from stress due to work, I would suggest that you keep using a number of different techniques. I experience stress/anxiety myself and I find now that using a number of different techniques helps. Things like walking, reading and meditation on a regular basis helps.


  5. I’ve heard and read that meditation can really raise your vibration to a higher frequency and allow you to be more open to the universe. I’ve tried to meditate but I found that I can’t be still waiting in silence or to a humming sound. I think I just have to keep trying until I’m in tune with myself and body.

    • Hi Victor,

      There are many different meditation techniques that do not involve you being still waiting in silence or to a humming sound. Many such example can be learned and practiced using the app I described in some detail above.


  6. I have to admit, I have very little experience with meditation. Although I’m convinced it can be of great benefit as I often have stressful situations and find it hard to relax at the end of the day. I have bookmarked this article.

    Thank you and hopefully I’ll soon have less stressful feelings.

    • Hi Jurgen,

      Once you download Insight Timer App to your device, I suggest that you do the free 7 day course to learn meditation within the Insight Timer App and take it from there.


  7. I have never heard of the Insight Timer App before. What a great little App. I have tried to meditate a few times, but I found it was really hard to clear my mind and focus. I am going to download this app right now and check it out.  I really like that it’s free and that there are guided meditations.  You did an awesome job explaining what this app is all about and you have definitely sold me on it.  Thanks!  I look forward to learning how to meditate.

    • Hi Nicki,

      That are a number of different meditation techniques out there. Many people learn just one, which they do not really like and so never build a meditation practice for themselves. I think that it is important to explore different meditation techniques and actually try out the ones that resonate with you. 

      Anyway this App is a great way to learn how to meditate and they even have a “learn meditation in 7 days” course which I would suggest that you do.

      I hope that you find this App as useful as I do and that you enjoy it as much as I do. 


  8. I must say that I have never heard about this Insight Timer app you discussed in your article but I think that it is definitely worth it. I am using android so I will try it for sure. Today we live in such stressful and hard time and we don’t have time to pay attention on our body and health. I especially like that it have offline mode so it would be easier to practice.

    • Hi Daniel,

      The Insight Timer App is in my opinion definitely worth it. It is a tool that helps me greatly in my meditation practice. Using it, I know that I have now done meditation for hundreds of concentrative days in a row. I love the fact that it allows me to record meditation sessions that I have done outside of the App, so that I maintain my meditation streak (in meditation speak, the number of days that you have done meditation in a row).

      Happy Meditating,

  9. The Insight Timer App really does sound like an interesting app, on a subject I have failed at SO many times before!

    I love the idea of meditation and I have tired it on numerous occasions, but I’m really not good at it (concentration). Does this app come with any handy tutorials for people who lack concentration (like myself)?

    I can imagine it must be wonderful to have this sort of app guide you through meditating.

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, the Insight Timer App is a great App to do meditation, no matter what your meditation experience. They even have a free 7 day course within the App that teaches meditation. This is in effect a handy tutorial for people who lack concentration.

      The App is a great tool to help people with their meditation. I find it wonderful using this app to guide me. 🙂


  10. Hi, how are you? This was a comprehensive review of the Insight Timer App within your detailed article. I think it covers all aspects of the app. Personally, I have never meditated on my life, but I always wanted to do it, I have read so many testimonies from people who meditate every day for years and feel incredible, I just never knew how to start. 

    Is it really that this app offers you all this for free? If so, I will download it when I finish writing this comment. 

    I’m going to try it to see how it goes, thank you very much, if it were not for you, I would not know this app. Greetings, Pao.

    • Hi Paola,

      The Insight Timer App covers a lot for free. There are some additional totally optional paid for options, however you can use a lot of the functionally within the App for free.

      Currently, you can listen to as many of the guided meditation session in online mode for free (apart from the cost of your internet connection). And the founders and owners of the website say that this will be case for the foreseeable future. 

      Happy Meditating,

  11. Thanks for this detailed article. I think I will give the Insight Timer App a go as I think that will be beneficial to me. I tried to download the app last night and my phone froze. I had to do a complete reboot to unfreeze it. 

    I will try to download the app again I hope that is not why it froze. I like the reviews that I am seeing on this including yours. Very helpful thank you

    • Hi Cathy,

      I have used the Insight Timer App for many months now on my smartphone now and it never froze for me. I use the smartphone in WiFi mode when using the App. I hope that you have better success downloading the App the next time you do it. If the problem persists, you can always contact their help/support team for assistance.

      Happy Insight Timer App Meditating. 🙂



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