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Increase Sales, Use Split Testing, 3 Steps

Increase Sales, Use Split Testing, 3 Steps

Take a look at that last email promotion you sent. Go ahead, open it up.

How is your subject? Interesting enough to open? How about your call to action? So intriguing that you want to click it?

Good! But opens and clicks only measure interest. They are not your end goal.

What is your end goal?

Your goal is to make sales. Full Stop. This is very important, so it will be said again. Your goal is to make sales. Full Stop.

It is the revenue from customer purchases that keeps you in business. Without this revenue from customers, there is no business, unless the business has another funding model. Even with another funding model, the business is going to need paying customers in the future in order to stay around long term.

So an email broadcast’s true worth can be measured in the sales it generates. It is possible of course, that the email broadcast is a small component in a much bigger marketing and sales plan. However at the end of the day, the overall marketing and sales approach will have to generate revenue, otherwise, why bother?

How to put the message together to help get the most purchases?

A very important task here is determining how to compose the communication in such a way that generates the most purchases. Within the Aweber Email Marketing solution, this can be done as explained briefly below.

Step 1: Set Up Sales Tracking

First, you will need to make sure you are tracking the purchases your subscribers are making in response to each broadcast. Please remember that your emails may be having an cumulative effect on your subscribers, therefore the subscribers who buy may be doing so because of this cumulative effect.

What may be very true, is that the subscriber who purchases in response to an email broadcast may not have purchased of you if you did not send that broadcast. For instance, you do not buy a new car because you saw just a single ad promoting it. You most likely saw a number of ads over a period of time, and then the last one you saw, triggered the final ‘call to action’.

Step 2: Tweak Your Promotional Broadcast

The primary idea here is to make potentially important changes to your communication to determine if a different version will result in more sales being generated.

This is a creative process, so to begin, have a look at the following:

  • Your call to action. Is your design eye-catching enough? Would different words be more compelling? Should it move above the fold (the point where readers need to scroll to see more)?
  • Your text-to-image ratio.Experts recommend a blend of 60% text to 40% images to illustrate your message while avoiding spam traps.
  • Your preheader. Do you have a white-listing request? A link to your newsletter online? An unsubscribe link?
  • Your format. Are you using the best layout for your content? Or should you try using a different format instead?
  • Your images and copy. Are you presenting your product or service in the best possible light? Or would your readers respond better to something else?

Step 3: Split Test For the Winning Design

To work out which version will generate more sales, use the broadcast split testing function within the Aweber< account. This sends each version to a randomly selected, equally sized audience so you will hopefully see different results. Again with results you do need to be careful coming to conclusions.

Then after those email broadcasts are actually sent, follow the statistics for each version to keep an eye on the sales. You just simply click on the subject on the Broadcast page to see how they are doing.

Once you have the winning version, you know what design to use for future promotions! πŸ™‚

Hint: You may end up being so hooked to this process, that you never have the final winning version. Some people are applying changes to their emails by the time and doing these tests on a continuous basis. Some people say that a Builder’s house is never completed, because the Builder is working on it all the time. Same concept here.

Idea: Determine in advance how many iterations you are going to do, say 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. Then once you have reached your target, run with the most promising version at that point in time.

How Likely Are You to Follow These Steps?

How likely are you going to set up sales tracking and do split tests to see which changes will have the most benefit (also known as sales) to you?

What changes to you think you would test? I would like you if you want to, to share your results below. I am sure our readership would find this information useful.

Did you know that 36% of small business owners AWeber surveyed rated email marketing as the most effective digital channel to generate sales for their business, and only 19% said social media? Find out what other digital marketing practices small business owners are using.

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9 thoughts on “Increase Sales, Use Split Testing, 3 Steps”

  1. Thanks for the info. I have actually bookmarked this particular article because, eventually, I need to try my hand at email marketing. I am a seasoned marketer by trade and got my start years ago via direct marketing, so I am well familiar with split tests and love them! I used to do A/B splits and more when conducting subscription campaigns for Parenting magazines, years and years ago. I recently worked at TravelSmith and they would occasionally conduct A/B splits, but mostly for images. Never did a subject line or content test of any kind that I recall. Now that I am running my own business, I hope to cull my own email lists someday. Probably in the very, very distant future! I’ll check out AWeber, as I have heard of that system before. Thanks!

    • Hi Diana,

      Thanks. Sounds like this is something that is right up your street. At the moment, with Aweber they will give you a free trial for the first month, so now may be a good time to check Aweber out and see for yourself.



  2. Hi David This is great website as it dives straight in to what people really want but sometimes to shy to ask. I mean this tells you exactly how to grow your business, which is what everyone in online business really wants. You website is really good and I think I will actually book mark it as I believe it can assist me.


  3. Well I’d never heard of split testing before I came across this article this morning – a very interesting read I must say! The three steps you have provided here are sharp and to the point. I haven’t been using them for my business up to this point ( I know, I know! ). Will be taking this info to heart and trying it out straight away – thanks for this πŸ™‚

  4. Really nice information! I find this really useful and I can’t wait to put on my business strategy, email marketing is a great tool and we can totally use it to increase our sales, I can see this information and I think we never stop to learn. Thanks for share, what do you think about Get Response? It’s a really good one?

    • Hi Alfred James,

      Like all tools and techniques, email marketing can be really good in the right context. Whatever you do, do not spam.

      I used to be a customer of Get Response quite a few years back. One of the things that they used to do (don’t know if they still do it), was when people unsubscribed from one of their customer lists, they would put in other Get Response customer ‘ads’ on that form. I did not want my subscribers unsubscribing from one of my lists and getting added to other Get Response customer lists.

      I build my list so that I can profit not so that other people can profit.




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