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How to Build a Website for Dummies

How to Build a Website for Dummies

How to build a website for dummies is my way of showing you how easy this process is. Today, it is quite simple to start building a website using technology.

These days it is quite easy and simple to start building a website when you use modern tools and modern knowhow. I also have a few links in this article on related books you can buy at Amazon.

I read somewhere, that if you read three or so books on any topic, you end up knowing more than most people on that topic. Those links also break up my content to make it easier to read this article.

My easy way on how to build a website for dummies is simply to use modern up to date tools to help do this effectively and efficiently.

This easy and simple way gets a bare bones website up and running very quickly. Then you can get on with building your website with great content.

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How to Build a Website for Dummies Introduction

When I mention dummies, I mean beginners or people just starting to learn how to build a website. You do not need to be a website developer to build websites.

Having this skill is invaluable in today’s information oriented world. The great thing is that today, you can leverage time saving tools that can assist you in building your website the easy way.

Also you could be a software developer who knows some underlying website building languages like HTML or HTML5 or Javascript or PHP or whatever.

If you know or do not know these underlying website building languages, no worries as my easy way to build websites does not involve actually knowing these underlying website building langauges.

It is great to know these website building languages. However today using some great tools, it is possible to build websites very fast. Here I mean the bare outline, a very basic website. You will have to write posts and do other activities to turn this very basic website into something great. This is going to take time and effort.

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Knowing how to use web building tools in my opinion is valuable

Approach One: You can have a very basic website up in less than five minutes using website building tools.

Approach Two: Or you can spend days and weeks doing something similar without using these tools.

Why do the second approach when the first approach is available?

Okay you need to arrange some webhosting in both cases.

However you can get webhosting which is not as expensive as you might expect. Bluehost is a well known web host who have many web hosting options, ranging from budget prices upwards.

Many webhosts allow you to add WordPress to your webhosting account and using that, it is very simple and easy to start building a WordPress website.

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Use a great website building process

I like over 30% of websites use WordPress to build my websites. WordPress itself has a core base, and has many addons that were developed by many people in the website building world. These addons are being added to all the time.

A number of addons are chargeable by the marketers/developers of that particular addon, and many addon are not chargeable by the marketers/developers of that particular addon. The addons themselves can be installed and implemented easily.

You do need to check by testing that the addons do what you want them to do. If they do not, it is usually a matter of continuing your research until you find something suitable, like what you do in other areas of your life.

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Install website building software, no way. Use a webhost that allows you to build websites online the easy way

With a number of webhosts, you install WordPress. This in 2021, is way easier than it used to be. I did this years ago. Then it was error prone, cumbersome and awkard. WordPress has come on greatly in the last few years.

In March 2021, I installed WordPress on two of my websites (including this one) with no issues. I may have used different scripts than I did years ago or at the very least upgraded versions of those scripts.

Anyway, none of the old errors showed up. It was fast, effective and efficient.

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Is Shared Hosting Enough?

For the vast majority of website owners, I am not really sure now what are the real benefits of using Managed WordPress hosting if shared hosting can be this. Managed WordPress hosting typically costs a lot more than shared hosting.

One benefit of Managed WordPress hosting is that the webservers are supposed to be optimally configured for WordPress. This should mean performance is better.

However one thing I noticed with Managed WordPress hosting is that the web host provider develops their own dashboard and functionally. This in turn may make it more difficult for them to upgrade hardware or software.

WordPress recommend using the latest supported version of PHP.

There are two main benefits to keeping PHP up-to-date:

Your website will be faster as the latest version of PHP is more efficient. Updating to the latest supported version (currently 7.4) can deliver a huge performance increase; up to 3 or 4x faster for older versions.
Your website will be more secure. PHP, like WordPress, is maintained by its community. Because PHP is so popular, it is a target for hackers – but the latest version will have the latest security features. Older versions of PHP do not have this, so updating is essential to keep your WordPress site secure.
Source: https://wordpress.org/support/update-php/

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cPanel Hosting

Today many cPanel webhost accounts come with the Softaculous Apps Manager installed. Installing WordPress with the Softaculous Apps Manager is really easy and simple. Or at least that was my experience in 2021. Rather than reinventing the wheel, here is a link to their Install WordPress using Softaculous documentation. This includes screenshots. It shows how easy and simple this approach is.

Many cPanel webhosting accounts come with the Softaculous Apps Manager installed. This allows you to install WordPress.

In 2021, I found that this approach just worked with no issues. Getting your own hosting, at say for example Bluehost, you will have a lot of options regarding functionally. You will have access to many WordPress Themes and many WordPress Plugins, both free and paid.

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How to build a website for dummies

There are links on this page to related books. You could buy one or more of this books from these links and wait for the books to be delievered to you. 🙂

Whether you opted to buy this book or not, you can continue now to see below how you could, with some work, have your own website up and running in a very short period of time. 🙂 🙂

Building a website these days is a simple enough task compared to building a website a few years ago.

Today by using tools we can take advantage of time saving tools to help us build websites.

This is why I think knowing how to use tools and systems such as WordPress is so important.

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