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Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing?

Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

This discusses getting started in affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you can start a home business, working from home, on the internet. This is also my #1 Recommendation as it clearly has a number of advantages.

It does not make any difference where you are on your journey in working from home. You could be researching it, starting it or are already successfully working from home with various degrees of success.

Wealthy Affiliate is for you. I explain why below and provide you with the opportunity to get your starter trial Membership account.

That way you can see for yourself if indeed it is for you. If it is not, you wouldn’t have spent any money finding out and that is a good thing. Unlike most other human activities out there. I don’t know about you, but I do know, that I have spent money on things, only to find out that it was not for me after spending that money.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Home Based Business

Here, I review Wealthy Affiliate which I recommend if you are interested in working from home and on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of step-by-step training designed to help you get your website up and running with a lot of applicable internet marketing advice that should help you a lot and save you a ton of time and expense.

Wealthy Affiliate provides support and guidance through step-by-step training. A lot of this training is that you learn some theory and some practical information via online video training.

If you miss something you can simply rewind and look at the material again. You are then expected to try this out for yourself. And before you know it, you have done it.

Of course, some of the training videos sequence and screen layouts can change over time as other organizations and people update the third party software running behind the scenes of which Wealthy Affiliate have no control over.

child learning to ride a bike

Without learning you are not able to do anything. I remember learning how to ride my first bike. My parents put training wheels on my bike, and provided support and guidance, and the next thing I knew, I was riding my bike. The same applies here.

In many sports it is so much well focused practice that allows players to achieve their sporting success. This allows them to score so much. That is what is going to happen when you get trained properly, however you must also practice properly.

My take on Wealthy Affiliate

Five years dedication badge earned on February 22, 2020 at Wealthy AffiliateBadge Earned on February 22, 2020.

I started my starter trial in January 2015. Because it made sense for me, I upgraded to premium in February 2015. I have being a continuous premium member of Wealthy Affiliate ever since February 2015, over 5 years now. This still makes sense for me.

Dynamic David at Wealthy Affiliate

It is easy to get help

Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing - getting help within Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, within Wealthy Affiliate, when you are logged in, it is easy to get help. There are different help options available. Choose the one that makes the most sense when you have a relevant question or indeed relevant questions.

Step-by-step training is available

Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing - Step-by-step training is available within Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, step-by-step training is available. You will have access to all the training provided in two classrooms in the starter trial membership option. With the premium membership option, you will have access to more, a lot more. In my opinion, you should only upgrade to premium after you have experienced the starter trial membership option and are happy to do so. Do this on your own timetable, not someone else’s timetable.

One fully functional WordPress website

A starter trial member can create a fully functional WordPress website with their starter membership, that can be used in any legal moral niche and it is hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s state of the art Managed WordPress hosting platform.

This website is accessible on the internet the moment you create it.

Nothing beats building a website yourself and then adding content that is accessible on the internet the moment that you make it available.

Yes, with the starter trial membership option, you are able to create a fully functional WordPress website yourself. Training is provided, so if you can watch videos and follow instructions, you should be able to create this website yourself.

No need to pay a web developer a ton of money to do this for you. And you have more control over your fully functional WordPress website as well. Which means you are able to change things quickly yourself should you want to without paying a web developer a ton of money to do this for you.

Hosting for this fully functional WordPress is included

Yes, hosting is included. With the starter trial membership option, this also includes hosting for a fully functional WordPress website within the Wealthy Affiliate hosting environment. With the premium membership option, you can use your own web domains and more features are also available. You move at your own pace. This can be as slow or as fast as you like.

Wealthy Affiliate is recommended

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is recommended. Once you implement the information that Wealthy Affiliate provide, your online business should know no bounds. Know that the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate is step-by-step training.

This is a great way to go for sure. However, you do need proper affiliate marketing education and proper affiliate marketing training in order to increase the odds of success for you. Wealthy Affiliate provides proper affiliate marketing education and proper affiliate marketing training.

When I was a boy, I used to get stamps on approval. Then I either returned the stamps or paid money to keep them.

This is much, much better. You sign up for the starter trial membership option. Explore what is available, learn lots, put up a website or two. Go through as much of the step-by-step training that is available to members on the starter trial membership option. Build a website. And take it from there.

You will not find training this good anywhere and support like this anywhere. Other companies out there expect you to part with money before you can start with them. Not so with the Wealthy Affiliate approach.

Wealthy Affiliate is where you can learn about internet marketing and how to build an online business. Within the starter trial membership, I was able to watch videos which showed me how to get a website up and running using their tools. I did not know about all the useful things explained in their videos. As already mentioned, the starter trial membership allows you to create a fully functional WordPress website online that can be accessed online.

With the starter trial membership, you will have access to a number of online classrooms, and associated how to videos. These videos show different aspects of working from home. For instance, they show how to get a website up and running using their tools in a very short time period. You will most likely learn lots with this.

I for one wish I found them earlier. With this starter trial membership option, you join and learn about how to work from home in the affiliate marketing space. You will have to put in time and effort however if you follow their training, it should be good for you as well.

I learn things here too. I find the style of doing online step-by-step video presentations great. I can view the online step-by-step video presentations whenever I want. I learn and do things at my own pace. This suits me very well and no doubt suits many other people as well and may suit you as well.

People learn crawling first, then walking, then running and so on. It is the same idea here. Remember learning how to ride a bike when you were a child.

Same idea for affiliate marketing. People learn some affiliate marketing concepts, then apply that learning with practical tasks on their website, then learn more affiliate marketing concepts, then apply that learning with practical tasks on their website. This practical way of learning and doing reinforces what you learn. This is how the core affiliate marketing education and training is mainly delivered at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate:-

  1. Is a platform for all affiliates, from no experience to highly experienced.
  2. Provides affiliate training which you do online at your own pace as your schedule allows.
  3. Includes practical real world training on using the popular WordPress hosting platform.
  4. Provides secure WordPress hosting to empower you to build your web presence on the web.
  5. Provides additional affiliate tools to help you with your affiliate marketing.
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12 thoughts on “Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. I agree with your review and assessment of Wealthy Affiliates as top rated. I can attest to this because I have benefitted from their wealth of experience and expertise. Wealthy Affiliate will take you by the hand and lead you through their step by step training designed to help you become a professional.
    Nice post.

    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments. They are very unique and very special. I wish I had found them sooner. I knew I was not the only person who rate them very highly. 🙂



  2. Great Wealthy Affiliate review! I like the fact that you encourage your visitors to try the free account first and wait until the proper time to upgrade to premium.

    I upgraded to premium within a week because I really wanted to start an online business, and the price is better for what’s included than other major website builders and hosting services.

    The Starter Membership is great too, especially because it’s free. I like the fact that, even though it’s free, WA’s owners still provide instructions on how to properly set up a business online in any profession.

    Thanks for this review,


    • Hi Travis,

      Thanks indeed for your comments.

      When I joined Wealthy Affiliate initially I knew very quickly that I was going to upgrade to premium. I took full advantage of the starter trial membership offer, then I took full advantage of a very special offer to upgrade to monthly premium, then just before that first paid month of premium membership was up, I upgraded to yearly premium as I was so impressed with their offering.

      I have learned a lot of things with them.

      Just today, a Saturday, I had a ‘very low priority’ WordPress question, I asked the Wealthy Affiliate community did they have any ideas. Kyle, one of the owners, replied saying that he expects this to be resolved for me early next week. Wow, one of the owners actually working and replying back to members on a Saturday. 🙂

      In my experience, if you ask other internet based businesses a question over the weekend, you be very lucky to get a reply sometime on the following Monday. 🙂



  3. Getting started online was always the hardest part for me when I was looking in to ways to make money, but I eventually discovered how 🙂

    I love your insights in to Wealthy Affiliate and I can’t believe how much you receive when you become a member of the training program… It’s Amazing!!

    It’s rare that you come across legit programs like Wealthy Affiliate, and this one is certainly a keeper in my eyes!



    • Ni Neil,

      Yes, getting started is always the hard bit.

      “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” is a famous saying which contains a lot of sense.

      I am thrilled to hear that you are getting started. 🙂

      There is a lot inside of Wealthy Affiliate for sure.


  4. wow mr david thanks for coming up with such a great review of Wealthy Affiliate, there have been people around streets searching for job that they don’t get and right here you have provided them with the clue and I will encourage them to follow your site for better


    • Hi Jose,

      Being an affiliate is one way to expand your opportunities for sure. However doing it on your own is not so easy for a lot of people. One way to make it easier for yourself is to do the affiliate marketing education and training by grabbing the starter trial membership as explained in my article above.

      See you on the inside when you join. 🙂
      Kind Regards,

  5. Hello and thanks for sharing, this is an awesome review of wealthy affiliate, working from home is now becoming the thing of the day because of the many benefits that come with this type of work. Wealthy affiliate is that kind of business and offers that kind of training that can you up and ready in no time and the proof is there because of how big the community is and it just keeps growing. Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

    • Hi Norman,

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn about working from home as an affiliate marketer, all from the comfort of your own home, at a place and time that suits you. They have a great starter trial membership package which is pretty impressive.

      Kind Regards,

  6. This a great review and write up David. I feel like I have not started. I wish you success lol.

    • Hello Linah,

      Thank you for your comments. The best place in my opinion to educate yourself about affiliate marketing is explained in the article above. I wish you all the best with your affiliate marketing activities. 🙂

      Kind Regards,


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