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My Review of GeneratePress Premium, a WordPress Theme

This article is about my review of GeneratePress Premium. I started using it in 2019.

In fact it’s so good I’m still use this it in 2022. And it’s worth it.

Let’s see why I have this opinion.

My Review Of GeneratePress Premium, a WordPress Theme

What Is the GeneratePress Theme?

generatepress theme: lightweight

GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme that focuses on speed, stability, and accessibility.

The free version of the theme is good. Many find that this is good enough for them. Yet I wanted some of the extra functionality and flexibility that comes with GeneratePress Premium.

What is GeneratePress Premium?

GeneratePress Premium is a WordPress Theme that consists of the free lightweight GeneratePress theme as well as their GP plugin.

GeneratePress Premium is more than the free version. Here is some functionality I like:

Edit GeneratePress Standard Copyright Notice

wordpress generatepress theme: copyright

For one thing it’s easy to edit the copyright notice.

GeneratePress Premium Advanced Hooks

wordpress generatepress theme: hooks and filters

Another key point is that it has advanced hooks functionality. These allow you to add more functionality under specific rules you specify.

For instance you could display a top bar for every single page and post on your website. For example, many websites display a top bar to highlight a specific message.

wordpress generatepress theme: disable elements

When using it, it’s easy to enable or disable the header for a specific page.

Library of Prepared Designs for Different Types of Websites

It comes with a library of prepared designs. These are designed for various types of websites. What’s more you can use any of these to kick-start your own project.

Then after that you can add your own design elements. For instance, this website used the “marketer” importable demo website as its initial template. Now it’s hard to believe that this website used the “marketer” importable demo website as it’s starting point.

GeneratePress Premium Review – Generous Licensing Terms

What’s more one license caters for up to 500 websites. This means that for the vast majority of website owners they going to need one licence. And that licence is good value.

Some of My History Using GeneratePress Premium since Early 2019

The free version is pretty good. Yet I wanted some of the extras that come with GeneratePress Premium. I installed the free version. Then I purchased GeneratePress Premium on January 31st 2019.

That license key was valid from January 31st 2019 to January 31st 2020. I extended my license key for another year a few times. Usually a month or two before the current one expires.

Support is Good, Prompt and Professional

I find their support to be good, prompt and professional. What’s more, they answer technical related questions well.

The Pros – What I Like

Here are some things that I like:

Generous licensing terms

One license caters for up to 500 websites.

Good support

Support is prompt and professional.

Library of Prepared Designs

This consists of importable demo websites. These designed for different types of websites. This is a great kick-starter. For one thing these save time and effort. Of course, you may need to add to this to make the design your own.

For instance I use the “marketer” demo to kick-start the look and feel for my websites. I have changed it a bit so that the look and feel for my websites is my own.

Hook system

There is an advanced hook system. This adds extra functionality for selected pages and selected posts. For instance, this makes it easy to add or remove current special announcements. This is awesome.

Good documentation

They have lots of user documentation.

wordpress generatepress theme: documentation
Some of the documentation for GeneratePress Premium.

The Cons – What I Do Not Like

Here are some things that I don’t like:

Uses up a WordPress plugin

Until March 2021 I was using a WordPress host that encourages using as few plugins as possible. Because each plugin requires time to install, configure and maintain. So only having plugins you need is a good idea.

My new host doesn’t care how many plugins I have active.

Yet I still like to use as few plugins as possible.

Discovered small glitch

I discovered a small glitch with the “marketer” kick-start look from my point of view.

When displaying the right hand sidebar, the default background was a “horrible orange”. I identified the “root cause” and changed it.

“Section” functionality – Can not use standard WordPress comments

Can not use WordPress comments in WordPress when using “section” functionality.

A solution documented in their support area.

“Section” functionality – Can not add the right hand sidebar

Can not use the right hand sidebar when using “section” functionality.

Changing WordPress Themes

If you are changing WordPress themes read my changing WordPress Themes article. This based on my real world experience.

GeneratePress Premium Overview

In the final analysis, my review of GeneratePress Premium is that it’s a good theme. It comes with extra useful time-saving functionality built in.

Its licensing terms are generous. Currently one license caters for up to 500 websites. I have found their support to be good, prompt and professional.

I’ve been using GeneratePress since January 31st 2019. I opted for GeneratePress Premium as it has extra functionality that I wanted. In 2022, I am still using GeneratePress Premium on all my websites.

You can download the free GeneratePress theme now and explore it. The free version has loads of functionality. Yet the premium version has extra functionality that is worth paying for.

Get Your GeneratePress Theme Now

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