My Domain Story Since April 2002

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Hey there, I am David and this is my domain story since April 2002. So far!

I registered my first domain back in April 2002. And I have renewed that domain ever since. I currently have a number of domains registered.

I renew domains on a regular basis. Of course, I sometimes don’t renew domains as my plans for specific domains change over time.

I registered the domain back in August 2005 and have regularly renewed it ever since:

WHOIS Result for

Compared to my last domain register, who charges $9.99 per domain per year for privacy services, I am saving this per domain per year for privacy services alone.

Domain Cost Club provides their domain privacy services for no additional fee for domains currently registered with them.

I also save money on each domain that I have registered and/or renewed using my Domain Cost Club Membership.

I explore and compare actual pricing in my Domain Cost Club review.

My Domain Story Started in 2002

I have been registering/renewing domains and related privacy services since April 2002. By November 2014, I had done business with a number of different domain registrars. Some were good, some okay and some crap.

In November 2014 I discovered Domain Cost Club and tried them out.

I became a member then. That was a good experience. I moved one of my existing domains to them in early 2015.

Since then, Domain Cost Club has got all of my domain related business. This includes new registrations, renewals and transfers. Turns out I find them good.

Their support is also good. I have asked them various questions and queries since November 2014. In every case, they have come back with a prompt and professional reply. So all good there.

Since April 2002, I have lost count of the number of domains I’ve registered and renewed.

So as you can see I have been a bit of a serial “domains guy” since April 2002. There is no end in sight! 🙂 🙂

No way am I going to pay full retail price for a domain now nor for domain privacy services. I would have paid the full retail price for each of these domains (registering/renewing them) prior to April 2015.

Plus I would have also paid the full retail price for domain privacy services on a per domain per year basis.

Enough is enough.

This is no longer the case.

By the end of April 2015 I had moved all of my existing domains to Domain Cost Club. When moving the first one I had a few unexpected obstacles that were thrown up by my previous domain registrar.

I explain these along with my solutions in my moving domain article.

Now I no longer pay full retail price for any of the domains I own, now or in the future. Also I no longer pay full retail for domain privacy services.

Why Pay Retail?

I’m a Domain Cost Club member which allows me to buy my domains via my Domain Cost Club membership using At-Cost Pricing.

This is the exact same price that domain registrar’s pay. I save costs which appeals to me. Why pay more for domains and related services than you have to?

The member’s area inside Domain Cost Club has a fresh modern feel to it. I find this very refreshing. As well as very easy to use. Plus it’s very easy to find things.

Large Range Of Top Level Domains Available at Domain Cost Club

As well as the very familiar domain extensions like .COM, .NET and .ORG being part of a small limited set of domain extensions, a large number of new domain extensions are now available.

In the future more will become available.

New domain extensions like .GURU, .NINJA, .GLOBAL, .SCIENCE, .PARTY, .DANCE and many more are adding options for you when registering or renewing domains.

This of course assumes that your domain register offers these new domain extensions in their offers to you.

My last domain registrar did not allow me to register a .SITE domain back in 2015 however Domain Cost Club did. That surprised me. As they are a long time player in the domain business. Just saying. 🙂

If you register or renew domains, you may as well register and renew your domains using Domain Cost Club current pricing (retail or member). You are spending money on domains anyway.

Domain Cost Club
If you buy or renew domains, you should look at them. They are a no-frills low cost domain registrar, who also provide free domain privacy services for domains registered with them.
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