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Domain Name Stats Are a Source for Domain Statistical Data

Domain Name Stats Are a Source for Domain Statistical Data

Domain Name Stats are a source for domain statistical data. As a matter of fact, I have used Domain Name Stats as a source for domain statistical data.

From time to time I like to visit the Domain Name Stats website and do research. Equally important I find the data there fascinating. In addition I like the way that they include the number of current domain names in the different top level domain extensions. That data still clearly shows that the top level domain .COM is still extremely popular.

Executive Overview of Domain Name Stats

Domain Name Stats is a website that displays interesting useful data about each of the top level domain extensions currently available in the public domain.

This information is retrieved on a regular basis and the most recent data it has for each top level domain extension is displayed.

What I Use Them For

I used their data to determine the number of top level domain extensions available in March 2021. See My Related Post.

Where to Find Out More about Domain Name Stats

Domain Name Stats

They have their own website as follows:


(I have no affiliate relationship or anything like that with Domain Name Stats)



All things considered, I am happy to credit and cite them when they are the source of the information that I have published at this website.

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