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My Thoughts On Becoming a Domain Cost Club Member

This article is about my thoughts on becoming a Domain Cost Club member. Domain Cost Club is a low cost domain registrar. They use very cost effective pricing.

My Thoughts On Becoming a Domain Cost Club Member

I became a paid up member of Domain Cost Club in November 2014. Over a period of time I moved all of my domains to them. I usually have between five and fifteen domain names active at any one point in time so being able to register domains, renew domains and move domains at-cost makes good sense.

It costs me less than $9 to register a .COM domain for a year and get domain privacy for it as well. I am of the opinion that if a good domain name jumps into your mind and you can do something about it, you should consider registering it before someone else does.

Naturally you do need to be sensible about it. You do need some sort of outline plan of what you are going to do with that domain name. For instance, I registered a domain name a while back and did not really do anything with it for over nineteen months, apart from putting up an almost empty secure WordPress Hosted website a day or two after I registered the domain. I just had the idea I was going to build up this website. If I had waited nineteen months before registering the domain, it is possible I would have forgotten the name or it is possible that someone else would have purchased the domain in the interim.

At this stage, I have been with Domain Cost Club since November 2014. It is easy to contact their support on the internet. This involves completing an online form and once you submit that, you can expect to hear back from them within a timely manner. Any time I used this online form, I have heard back from them in a timely manner. I find them good.

They have a good offering and are good value. I find their support team to be good. I’m manage my domains using their control panel. I like it. I find it slick, clean, modern and easy to work with.

Domain Cost Club is a fully ICANN accredited domain registrar. This is not always the case with other businesses offering domain registrations. Some are domain resellers who then deal with a domain registrar to register your domains for you. Domain Cost Club is typically nearer the top of the domain name industry than many other businesses offering domain domain registration services.

If you register a domain name and look up its whois record, you might notice that your registrar details are not what you expected. One possible reason is that your domain registrar is in fact a domain reseller.

Below is a screenshot of a whois search on this WorkFromHomeNotes.com domain and you can see that Domain Cost Club is listed as the ICANN accredited domain registrar domain registrar associated with this domain:

Domain Cost Club Review - Good Reliable Domain Registrar - whois record
Domain Cost Club
If you buy or renew domains, you should look at them. They are a no-frills low cost domain registrar, who also provide free domain privacy services for domains registered with them.
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