What Makes Domain Cost Club Different?

What Makes Domain Cost Club Different?

If you want to pay the same trade wholesale price that ICANN accredited domain registrars pay the registries for domains you have two main options:

  1. Become an ICANN accredited domain registrar. This involves paying an annual accreditation fee of US$4,000 per year along with other ICANN variable fees. Plus of course the costs of running your business.
  2. Become a member of Domain Cost Club and use their at-cost pricing for domains. Their at-cost pricing for domains is the same trade wholesale price that domain registrars pay the registries for domains. This involves paying an annual membership fee between US$9.99 and US$99.99 per year based on a selected membership tier. Members can move upwards from one tier to another should they want to registrar or renew more domains.

Domain Cost Club members buy or renew or transfer domains using at-cost pricing. They pay nothing extra for domain privacy. Different membership tiers available based on the number of domains members expect to registrar or renew with them. Optionally very cost effective cPanel website hosting also available.

Domain Cost Club members can optionally also earn commissions on membership subscriptions sold.

Membership TierMembership FeeMembership Main BenefitReferral Commission
Lite$9.99 per year5 Domains At-Cost$1.00
Basic$29.99 per year19 Domains At-Cost$5.00
Plus$49.99 per year49 Domains At-Cost$10.00
Unlimited$99.99 per yearUnlimited Domains At-Cost$25.00

With each domain registered or renewed via Domain Cost Club, their is currently no additional charge for domain privacy services. This is a brilliant plus as it keeps more money in your pocket or purse to spend on other things.

Some well known domain registrars do charge up to $14.95 per year for domain privacy services for each domain name. With GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club, from what I can figure out, it looks like the cheapest option for domain privacy with them is an additional $9.99 per domain per year. This after paying nearly $120 per year to become a member of their discount domain club. Their discounted domain prices are not as competitive as Domain Cost Club membership prices. My conclusion is that the pricing at Domain Cost Club is more competitive.

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