Heads Up: I am no longer a fan of Wealthy Affiliate. I explain part of my reasoning here, here, here, here, here and here. There are alternatives. The content below may not fully reflect my current opinion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work Now? Update Trainings.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work Now? Update Trainings.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work Now? Update Trainings. Some of their cornerstone affiliate training is plain wrong. Leading to serious unexpected wastages.

This may lead you down a time consuming unproductive path.

In my opinion, the worst part of this is that this is something that you do not expect. You expect their cornerstone affiliate marketing training to only include tactics that are effective now.

You expect them to have “weeded” out their content to only include tactics that work now.

Personally I am not impressed that some of their cornerstone affiliate marketing training is now so wrong and ineffective in today’s world. As their training is so called “Training as a service” I was expecting their training to be continuously updated.

This does not happen to the level that I expected.

In my opinion, some aspects of their cornerstone affiliate marketing training should be updated to only include tactics that truly work today. Tactics that they know to be ineffective should be removed.

Do They Live Up to the Extremely High Expectations They Set Themselves?

They do not live up to the expectations that they raise themselves on their website. They way oversell themselves. Moreover they raise expectation levels very high.

If you seriously apply these cornerstone affiliate marketing tactics today you expect to be financially successful in affiliate marketing using Wealthy Affiliate.

After all, that is why I became a Wealthy Affiliate member. I joined in January 2015. I updated to Premium in February 2015. I continued paying Premium yearly until March 2021. In March 2021, I stopped paying Premium. I was learning and doing affiliate marketing on a part time ad hoc basis as I was doing other things.

I became a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate to learn cornerstone affiliate marketing tactics that get results today.

However some of these as taught by Wealthy Affiliate do not work today. I am not thrilled about that as I faithfully followed their training.

I was expecting that all of their cornerstone affiliate marketing training worked. After all, that was why I was paying for Premium membership.

You might have similar expectations.

However success is not guaranteed. And it can’t be. However some of the cornerstone affiliate marketing training is wrong which if followed faithfully will in my opinion not lead to financial success in affiliate marketing using Wealthy Affiliate.

You as an affiliate do different interrelated tasks

You need to do a number of them well. This reminds me of a three legged stool. If one of the legs is off, then the stool can not be used. However none of the legs needs to be one hundred per cent perfect.

Some tasks are strategic. The strategic tasks need to be done extremely well. Especially niche selection.

You need to select a good rankable niche. This is harder than it sounds. You do this because some niches are way harder to rank in Google than others.

For instance, new affiliate marketing websites in the health niche are extremely difficult to rank. Knowing this means that you select a different niche. Or at the very least, do a lot more due diligence.

I recommend spending time on selecting a good rankable niche as this is a stragetic activety. You want to build a good foundation for your affiliate marketing business. If you get this wrong, it may actually be smarter to start again.

In my opinion, the Wealthy Affiliate cornerstone affiliate marketing training on niche selection is no where near as good as it should be. Niche selection is a stragetic activity.

The Wealthy Affiliate training on it does not give it enough attention. Even though I think that Wealthy Affiliate know a lot more about niche selection than explained in their training.

After selecting a good rankable niche you need to write enough good quality rankable content. This involves research including keyword research. You do SEO tasks on this article. Then you publish your content.

Optionally, you let Google know that you just published that article and invite them to visit sooner rather than later. You do this because you want your content to rank as highly in Google as it can.

The Wealthy Affiliate cornerstone training does not fully focus in my opinion on how to be a commercial affiliate marketer. Their training does not have much actionable proven content on how to really create rankable content based on other affiliates doing these steps which leads to financial success.

Likewise, their training does not provide much in the way of actionable content based on various Google search engine algorithm changes. There is no real discussion on what these various algorithm changes mean for affiliates.

Does Wealthy Affiliate’s Cornerstone Training Discuss Google’s Product Reviews Update on April 8th 2021?

No. Not by July 16th 2021 and as far as I know, cornerstone affiliate marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate has nothing to say about this Google update.

According to Google themselves, this search engine algorithm update affects product reviews. Wealthy Affiliate’s cornerstone affiliate marketing training covers writing product reviews that gets ranked by Google.

I would have liked if Wealthy Affiliate cornerstone affiliate marketing training covered this in some detail.

One of Wealthy Affiliate’s competitors less than two weeks later had a podcast that discussed this in some detail from an affiliate’s viewpoint.

Wealthy Affiliate does not have an easy way to follow “important” affiliate marketing news and how this “important” affiliate marketing news may affect you. I find this out disappointing.

Wealthy Affiliate cornerstone training teaches you have to apply some SEO technical details to your content. They also teach doing keyword research their way using their own in-house developed keyword research tool.

This tool is ok if you are okay with looking at television in black and white when everyone else is looking at television in color.

After doing your keyword research and doing your other research during the writing stage, you write your article. Then you publish your content.

Then you hope that the search engines find it and rank it high enough. . hoping that the search engines find it and rank it high enough so that people looking for answers see your SERP and click on it.

Once the content so that the search engines send enough high quality traffic that they are able to convert into buyers, then that person would most likely have a different opinion. , and is able to convert those web It also depends on what you think Wealthy Affiliatou. They are selling a huge dream. Personally I think that they raise your expectations sky high. In my opinion, they do not deliver those sky high expectations. Nor do they deliver lower level expectations.

When I asked the question “Does Wealthy Affiliate Work Now?” I mean does it work today.

Just to be clear and in my opinion, you could never start doing affiliate marketing the Wealthy Affiliate way from a “zero” base of “no affiliate marketing skills” and get what I call meaningful profits quickly. This is because there has always being a lot of different aspects to affiliate marketing:

  1. It takes time to learn these different aspects.
  2. It takes time to practice them.
  3. It takes time to master them.

As far as I know, Wealthy Affiliate never claimed that people could achieve “overnight success”. It for sure is not a “get rich quick scheme”.

In other words, if you don’t know how to do affiliate marketing right now, there is no way you are going to have a thriving affiliate marketing business in a few minutes, or a few hours, or a few days or a few weeks from now. No matter what anyone says.

Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion way oversell their offerings. Their marketing creates the impression that becoming a success in affiliate marketing is easy. All you have to do is implement their affiliate marketing training.

My Wealthy Affiliate corner within my blog is full of information regarding Wealthy Affiliate, my Wealthy Affiliate review, and my Wealthy Affiliate articles should you want to take a deeper look into researching Wealthy Affiliate.

In this particular post I discuss why implementing some of the cornerstone Wealthy Affiliate tactics may not work now. It is slightly negative because these are things that Wealthy Affiliate have known for years. Or if they did not, that raises questions. These are things that I think Wealthy Affiliate should have resolved years ago.

A One Stop Shop for Affiliate Marketers? Yes and No.

Wealthy Affiliate market themselves as a one stop shop for affiliate marketers. In my opinion, they are not a one stop shop. Many affiliate marketers use autoresponders. Wealthy Affiliate do not provide an autoresponder service. Technically you may not require an autoresponder. Many affiliate marketers use SEO techniques. SEO from an affiliate marketers viewpoint is huge and requires constant learning and education.

Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate do not provide ongoing relevant actionable SEO training. For that, you have to go elsewhere. I quickly mention Brain Dean of BackLinkO.com as he seems to provide this type of actionable information on an ongoing basis. I recommend that you subscribe to Brian Dean’s newsletter and read his blogs at his website. Two huge resources there are The Content Marketing Hub and the SEO Marketing Hub 2.0. He provides a lot of good actionable content for free in the hope that you buy stuff from him in the future. Oh, I do not receive any financial benefit from providing Brian’s link. You still need to do your own due diligence.

I think that if you spend time reading free content on Brian’s BackLinkO.com website that you will learn a lot about SEO and about Affiliate Marketing. Their information in my opinion is more factual and is more based on objective testing and is more based on real world experience. This in my view, makes the information very relevant.

Affiliate Marketing is a huge subject which is ever changing

Affiliate marketing is an extremely competitive space. There are many different aspects to it. Many of these aspects change on an ongoing basis.

One extremely important aspect in my view as Wealthy Affiliate mainly promote the free route of using SEO. There is nothing wrong with that. However, this tactic is heavy dependent on the Google search engine algorithm. This changes on an ongoing basis. Websites including affiliate marketers websites are regularly hit with these changes. Wealthy Affiliate contains very little actionable ongoing information in connection with these algorithm changes.

Whenever Google change their search engine algorithm, this can seriously affect current search engine rankings. This in my view has resulted in some of the keystone training that Wealthy Affiliate heavily depend on outdated and wrong which Wealthy Affiliate has not changed even though Google changed their algorithm years ago. People following this outdated and wrong training are not likely in my opinion to get decent results.

Wealthy Affiliate provide affiliate marketing training, managed WordPress hosting with great website support, a keyword research tool and other affiliate marketing tools and services.

They sell all these and more using a membership model. In my view the membership model is expensive if you don’t use these enough or release ongoing value from it in other ways. You need to release ongoing value from your Premium membership as it costs about $50 a month every month. And Premium Plus membership costs about $100 a month every month.

However none of what they provide in my view is “truly world leading on an ongoing basis”. Many affiliate marketers who are successful don’t use Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Managed WordPress Hosting with its great website support is good enough for most affiliate marketers. However, web hosting is an extremely competitive field with many well known and established players. There are many good web hosts (for example, Bluehost) that provide shared hosting for between $4 to $12 a month in most cases.

The problem is that following their core affiliate marketing training today, it is harder to earn a profit. After paying for your Wealthy Affiliate membership and your other affiliate marketing expenses.

I know no affiliate who came into affiliate marketing with the intention of not making a profit. Wealthy Affiliate then sell you on the idea that building an online business is going to take time, however their marketing gives the impression that it is extremely easy and simple to achieve success. Many people I suspect become Premium members with the expectation that they will provide step by step training that will make them successful sooner rather than later. Else, why go Premium?

They mainly then advise their membership to write more content in the hope that the additional content will help Google search rankings and the like. By the time that members create the additional content, they may still not be generating a profit. It then become harder to justify continuing spending about $50 a month on Wealthy Affiliate membership if the member is working on their affiliate marketing business following the Wealthy Affiliate approach and not achieving profits.

According to Wealthy Affiliate, members are 100% responsible for their success or otherwise. However I think that if members follow their training, and the training is outdated or the training is wrong today, than I think otherwise. The outdated or wrong training should be removed completely. And then replaced with training that works today. And that the training should be regularly reviewed and changed when required.

I also suspect that many Premium members do not remain Premium for long. Because Wealthy Affiliate are failing to supply step by step affiliate training that works today to help affiliates achieve success in a timely fashion. If the training mainly worked five years ago for a decent percentage of members, but does not work today for a decent percentage of members for whatever reasons, that training is useless today.

There is actually no way that a member can objectively know how good or otherwise the training really is in the real world, based on the number of successful members. This information is not collected nor is it known. And how would the word successful be defined? The number and trends of paying Premium members and Premium Plus members over time (monthly and yearly), along with the numbers of renewals would be interesting. However this is information that Wealthy Affiliate is keeping to itself. If it is available from a reliable trust worthy source, it is not easy to find. Anything else is just speculation.

Some of their affiliate marketing training is just plain wrong today

Those approaches and tactics may have worked years ago. Their training is heavily depended on the Google search engine. When Google makes changes to their algorithm, some of the main keystone affiliate marketing tactics taught by Wealthy Affiliate can take serious hits.

Some of those approaches which Wealthy Affiliate heavily teach just no longer work. Members follow these approaches expecting these to work. However decent results don’t come in a lot of cases. People who are following this training are prepared in a lot of cases to put in the time to learn and work on their affiliate marketing business.

And if members don’t get decent results in a timely manner, why on earth should they continue paying for Wealthy Affiliate membership? Which costs about $50 a month for Premium.

They have some secretive policies which in my view are not great which really annoys some people, including me. Now that I know about these secretive policies. You can read about them in my Wealthy Affiliate complaints post. That way, you can determine for yourself what you think.

In order to determine does Wealthy Affiliate really work, we need to ask “What is Wealthy Affiliate?”

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for Affiliate Marketers. They say they cater for affiliate marketers of all experience levels, from no experience to highy experienced. And to all in between. This might have being true back in 2014/2015.

However in 2021, I disagree. Their keystone affiliate marketing is outdated. If they updated their training so that a decent percentage of people doing the training who then go ahead with implementing that training achieve some sort of decent return that would help a lot.

Some of their training today is outdated and some of their advice is seriously so wrong that it is not fit for the purpose of providing people with good current affiliate marketing tactics that work currently.

All right, some of the Wealthy Affiliate trainers were successful in affiliate marketing years ago. I am not sure if today the main Wealthy Affiliate trainers (Kyle and Jay) have had decent recent affiliate marketing successes, excluding their Wealthy Affiliate associated stories.

This is important in my view because affiliate marketing today is quite different to affiliate marketing a few years ago. Therefore it is important that affiliate marketing training is current and relevant for today’s world. This is what their membership needs and expects. If they don’t deliver on that, members are not going to remain Premium or Premium Plus for very long.

Is Wealthy Affiliate truly changing/updating their training with the times? No.

Loads of things have happened since then which have make some of the good advice back in 2014/2015 good but really bad advice now in 2021.

If I go to a specialist in any field, I expect that person to be up to date and current in that field today as some of the more recent developments may help me today. But worst, some of the old information may now be so outdated that it is no longer relevant.

Likewise, when I do Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing training, I expect that training to be up to date and current. I also don’t expect in that case to be taught affiliate marketing techniques that no longer work or are just plain wrong.

Backlinks and SEO

Backlinks (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links”) are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

What are Backlinks? And How to Build Them in 2021 (backlinko.com)

This is what Wealthy Affiliate say about backlinks in their core Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

You don’t need backlinks.

Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Getting Your Business Rolling – Getting Your Website Ready for SEO

That Wealthy Affiliate training had been last updated in March 2021.

Brian Dean of BackLinkO.com talks about over 200 factors that affect Google’s search engine algorithm. 47 of these are in the Backlink Factors section where he lists and talks briefy about factors 86 to 132. This is almost a quarter of the factors.

If you don’t need backlinks, Brain Dean of BackLinkO.com would have simply said “you don’t need backlinks”.

Backlinks are important however they must be done right. Do it in a white-hat way and a natural way else you may trigger Google’s algorithm the wrong way. Buying backlinks is not a good idea.

Some people think it is better to rank without using backlinks at all. Remember that time spent building links is time when you are not producing content. Some non white-hat link building tactics cost time and money to actually implement.

If you are trying to game Google’s backlink algorithm, it may catch you at some point. Some successful affiliate marketers don’t do this backlink building process and just write good content that in turn gets ranked.

Does Their Core Affiliate Marketing Training Work Now?

Wealthy Affiliate provide online affiliate marketing training and education. They use a mixture of text and video materials to show you different affiliate marketing concepts. You are recommended to do the associated tasks to reinforce this training and education.

This is the learn and do approach. This approach allows you to build up your affiliate marketing skills. This includes building a WordPress website from scratch.

They also include training on using some WordPress plugins. They recommend one of the extremely popular Search Engine Optimization WordPress Plugins.

As it happens I have looked at some of the other WordPress Plugins that have Search Engine Optimization functionally. I even installed and implemented some of them. Wealthy Affiliate are right. The free version of the All in One SEO WordPress plugin has enough functionally for many affiliate marketers.

Video Training Issues When Software Changes

They have loads of video training showing how to use various WordPress Plugins, usually from an affiliate viewpoint with the minimum amount of configuration changes. This is good. However plugins change their looks, their user interface and their functionally over time.

And Wealthy Affiliate’s training on using various WordPress Plugins becomes out of date over time. Wealthy Affiliate give the impression that the training content is up to date, whereas it is not always up to date.

People using the training then get confused because they were expecting their screen layouts to look the same as per the applicable Wealthy Affiliate video.

To be honest it would be difficult for Wealthy Affiliate videos to be always up to date especially with third parties changing WordPress, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and so on all the time.

However this is back to expectation levels being raised high by Wealthy Affiliate in the first place.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work on their Affiliate Marketing Training as a service concept?

The short version is no, if you are looking to implement the training in order to build your affiliate marketing business. This is because some of the keystone content is outdated and no longer works. However, they do have a good structure for delivering their training. It would require from their side a good solid overview of what works today in the affiliate marketing world and putting that content in. And removing content that no longer works.

If I was getting say some Microsoft Word training where I attended a training facility for a few days, I would expect that training to be on the current Microsoft Word product, not on a Microsoft Word product released a few years ago. I don’t expect that training to include old information that is not relevant to the current Microsoft Word product. Full stop. I expect the same from any training provider including Wealthy Affiliate.

Microsoft Word was first released in 1981. It has been improved, upgraded and updated numerous times since then to the current version.

Wealthy Affiliate use a recurring subscription membership model for their training and services. Once your Premium membership expires, you can’t access anything meaningful within Wealthy Affiliate. Starter members who never paid for services there are treated better. To say that this does not impress me would be putting it mildly.

Their training is provided online. You can not download any of their training videos and training materials for later viewing. This is “training as a service”. As such I expect it to be up to date. I expect “old uneffective” techniques to be dropped and replaced with “new effective” techniques. I expect this to happen on an ongoing basis. This simply does not happen to the level I expect. Making minor adjustments and tweaks does not cut it.

Kyle, one of the two co-founders does a lot of the core Affiliate Marketing training. However some websites estimate that Wealthy Affiliate is taking in at least $10 million dollars a year. Surely Wealthy Affiliate can hire professional trainers to get their affiliate marketing training up to date and ensure that their affiliate marketing training is kept up to date (within a reasonable time frame)?

They have very little official training on the new WordPress Block Editor

WordPress back in December 2018 came out with the new WordPress Block Editor. Wealthy Affiliate at the time promised to provide training on this. It took Jay, their chief trainer over two years before he provided some training on this. My problem is that they promised training on this and then did not deliver that quickly. They oversell themselves and then don’t deliver those oversold services.

If I was starting to learn about the WordPress editor today for the first time, I would expect to be taught about the new WordPress Block Editor.

Two Core Affiliate Marketing Courses

Wealthy Affiliate have two core affiliate marketing courses. One is split into five levels and each of those five levels consists of ten lessons each, making fifty lessons in total. Starter members have access to level one of this course consisting of ten lessons.

The second course is split into seven levels and each of those seven levels consists of ten lessons each, making seventy lessons in total. Starter members also have access to level one of this course consisting of ten lessons.

Members who actually complete level one of one or both of these courses should have a good basic understanding of Affiliate Marketing along with some useful practical experience, assuming that they do the associated tasks. However, some of this content in my opinion is outdated and wrong. As beware.

However they may not get the expected results as main keystone affiliate marketing tactics taught by Wealthy Affiliate are outdated.

Their Managed WordPress Hosting uses old version of PHP (Not Great)

This hosting is pretty good for many affiliate marketers. Some affiliate marketers may have additional needs which might require them going elsewhere to get web hosting.

They consistently use an older version of PHP for their website hosting. Up to about mid year in 2019, they were using PHP 5.6.33 which at the time was a very old version of PHP as noted in the following screenshot:

Using old version of PHP

On June 10th 2021 I created a new test website using Wealthy Affiliate hosting. The PHP level was 7.3.9.

PHP level at Wealthy Affiliate Below What WordPress Recommend

At the time, WordPress recommend that the mimimum recommended version of PHP is 7.4 (as noted in the screenshot above).

Starter Members Limited Functionally Hosting

Starter members can build one WordPress website as a sub-domain on the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix platform.

This website comes with a few WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins automatically installed. You can activate any of them.

However you can’t install additional WordPress Themes or additional WordPress Plugins. You have to upgrade to Premium for that functionally.

However Premium pricing is steep if you only want to host a Managed WordPress website or two. Especially when you are in learnign mode. When you are learning affiliate marketing, you may not want to fork out around $50 a month to Wealthy Affiliate for Premium membership.

You can usually buy website hosting for a lot less from well known players in the website hosting business, one of whom is Bluehost. Go for one of their shared hosting budget options and pay for your hosting on either a monthly or yearly basis, your choice.

You can also register a domain name (mine is workfromhomenotes.com) from domain name registers. I use Domain Cost Club.

Premium Members and Premium Plus Members Hosting

Premium members can build up to ten WordPress websites. Premium Plus members can build up to fifty WordPress websites.

These WordPress websites either be sub-domains on the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix platform or using their own domain names (mine is workfromhomenotes.com). These websites come with a few WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins automatically installed. You can activate any of them.

You can install and activate additional WordPress Themes and additional WordPress Plugins from the WordPress depository.

There are also additional WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins supplied by other parties which are also available. There may be costs associated with them. The costs usually cover licences to use the software along with help and support. Some of these are on a per website basis.

Back to Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting, Premium members and Premium Plus members have direct access via an online helpdesk ticketing system to 24/7 support. They usually resolve the technical issue very prompty and get back to you very prompty.

Their Online Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate teaches that a post needs to have a focussed and targetted keyword. The keyword can be a few words. Their online keyword research tool helps with this task.

A Starter member has a overall limited number of 30 searches using this tool to show what this tool can do.

Of course, a Premium member has an unlimited number of searches along with a specified number of SiteRank Analysis Scans per month. This determines if a specified website is ranked now for a specified keyword within the first page of results. These scans can be scheduled to happen every day, every week, every month, etc. The results are stored as that you can view them later.

Additionally, a Premium Plus member has an unlimited number of searches. They can do up to five times the number of SiteRank Analysis Scan per month than a Premium member. Their SiteRank Analysis score is way deeper as it checks within the first twenty pages of results. And they also have instant competition analysis.

Wealthy Affiliate Provide Content Tools

Wealthy Affiliate have created a number of templates to help you to create content more effectively and with more efficiency. This includes using their Image search tool which allows you to search very easily a database of over one million free domain images.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work Conclusion

The answer to this is Yes and No. It really depends on what you were sold before you joined and what they implied before and after you join.

Wealthy Affiliate way oversells itself. They do not live up to the expectations it sets itself on their site. They raise expectations in the content that they create on their site. Just look at the expectations raised on their logon page.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

I wonder how many of their members became truly wealthy using Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing. I would be extremely surprised to find out if this is a substantial percentage of their over 2,300,000 members. They have 2.3+ Million Members according to their Log in page (in June 2021).

Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing training

They do provide affiliate marketing training. However, the affiliate marketing training is not always up to date with the latest advances. After some Google algorithm updates, some of the affiliate marketing techniques taught by Wealthy Affiliate have become seriously out of date and are no longer fit for purpose.

In my opinion, they should be updating their training with new techniques. Even more importantly, they should be removing techniques that are out of date and are no longer fit for purpose. Or clearly state the limitations of those techniques today based on objective testing.

Members need to be taught what is working in the real world now, so that they can implement those techniques now. Spending time learning and implementing techniques no longer effective is wasting their members’ limited resources.

Otherwise, why should members be paying about $50 a month for Premium membership? To learn about outdated affiliate marketing techniques that are no longer effective, I don’t think so.

Wealthy Affiliate’s managed WordPress hosting

They do provide Managed WordPress Hosting. They do provide a very responsive online ticket based 24/7 website support for Premium members and for Premium Plus members.

There are many website hosting options out in the wild. Some better and some worst.

Wealthy Affiliate’s useful tools and services

They do provide some useful tools and some useful services for affiliate marketers.

Although Wealthy Affiliate does offer very general advice about selecting niches, it should provide in my opinion, more objective ways to determine if a certain niche is worth going into. They give the impression that all niches are profitable. If the niche you select is unprofitable, they say that is on you. All niches are not created equal. Some niches get hit harder with Google updates. Some niches are extremely competitive. New affiliate marketing websites in the health niche are extremely difficult to rank due to many factors. Factors include the Google algorithm updates over the last while.

All niches are not created equal. Some niches are way harder than they used to be. And so I think Wealthy Affiliate should use their experience and expertise to help members choose profitable niches. Or at the very least, niches to stay away from.

Some tactics no longer effective

They include some tactics and techniques that are no longer effective. This means members spend time learning about these and then implementing them in good faith.

This means that limited resource is then effectively wasted. That limited resource could have been better spent on more effective tactics and more effective techniques.

In my view as Premium members are paying about $50 a month for membership, Wealthy Affiliate as a service to their membership should be constantly updating its training and education with up to date effective approaches so that their membership can quickly and effectively implement that content.

I also think that they should either remove techniques no longer effective. Or clearly state that the technique was effective earlier and is no longer effective.

Timely actionable relevant information on Google’s search engine ever changing algorithms

You find very little timely actionable relevant information in Wealthy Affiliate about Google’s search engine ever changing algorithms. There are over 200 ranking factors.

These affect your websites over time, as Google changes their algorithm. This is problematic as Wealthy Affiliate mainly teaches the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method of promotion. And so websites built for SEO are very dependent on Google and their ever changing algorithms.

Wealthy Affiliate does not update its core training to reflect the latest changes that Google’s search engine uses. Years ago you could build a new site, writing articles targeting very long specific keywords which Google then ranked.

That tactic does not work now and has not worked for a few years. However, I believe that Wealthy Affiliate are still teaching this approach in their training.

However today Google will not rank this content as the new site is not yet an authority website in Google’s eyes. Google puts a higher value on detailed posts on sites that it considers as authority websites.

No way is a new website going to be considered as an authority website. The authority websites rank for the very long specific keywords and associated keywords.

Google does not currently value exact match as it once did. This means that new websites loses out to the authority websites. This makes it extremely difficult for new sites to rank as Google simply does not value that content. This makes it difficult for new sites in some niches, including the health niche to rank.

There is not much point in having a number of similar articles about almost the same thing using similar keywords. Google is smart enough now to know that you are mainly talking about the same thing.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work Final Verdict

In my opinion, because they way oversell themselves, they do not live up to the expectations created by themselves.

The final bottom line for me is how many of their over 2,300,000 members are wealthy due to affiliate marketing using Wealthy Affiliate services.

For me, they failed to help me become wealthy using affiliate marketing

My definition of becoming wealthy using affiliate marketing is a thousand dollars a month profit from those activities. So I don’t think I am being greedy or unrealistic. My expectations were based on the expectation levels that Wealthy Affiliate raised themselves.

I was a Premium member for six consecutive years and worked on it on a part time basis on and off during that time. I did learn about WordPress, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, getting website support, different SEO concepts, getting images, using Canva, applying for and getting approval for different affiliate programs, etc. I did put up and then down a number of different websites during this time.

However none of my websites with the help of Wealthy Affiliate training and education, website hosting have been successful in the financial sense within a reasonable time period.

This is down to me and the other things happening in my life during this six year period. However I did implement many of the techniques and tactics that Wealthy Affiliate teach and so I should have had more success.

So my answer is: Wealthy Affiliate does not really work. In my opinion, they need to update their training so that members do not waste limited resources following techniques and tactics that Wealthy Affiliate know or should know are no longer effective.

So my opinion is: Wealthy Affiliate does not really work for the vast majority of people who join, who become Premium members, who faithfully follow the training, who faithfully put up websites and who faithfully write articles following the approaches taught by Wealthy Affiliate.

And remember my definition of Wealthy Affiliate really working is a thousand dollars a month profit from Affiliate Marketing using Wealthy Affiliate training and/or services.

With expectations raised sky high from their content and promises, this should be a breeze. For me, and I suspect for the vast majority of their 2,300,000 plus members, it is not a breeze.

Of course, with 2,300,000 plus members, there is always going to be a number of successes anyway. And people define success in different ways.

I believe that if Wealthy Affiliate can’t provide actionable affiliate marketing training that leads to measurable success like a thousand dollars a month profit within at most a year for a major percentage of their 2,300,000 plus members there is something very wrong.


In the end, Wealthy Affiliate do offer a lot if you are looking at affiliate marketing. However as some of the cornerstone affiliate marketing training is wrong today in my opinion, you would be well advised not to implement those tactics.

But how do you know which of their tactics are wrong today, that is the question. I don’t have the complete answer to that.

However, all niches are not created equal. Some niches get hit harder with Google updates. Some niches are extremely competitive. New affiliate marketing websites in the health niche are extremely difficult to rank due to many factors. Factors include the Google algorithm updates over the last while.

Quoted from earlier on in this post.

I just feel strongly that the cornerstone affiliate marketing training should be updated continuously by Wealthy Affiliate to only include tactics that work today.

In my opinion, that is clearly supposed to be Wealthy Affiliate’s job seeing as they provide “Affiliate Marketing Training As a Service” at about $50 a month for Premium members and at about $100 a month for Premium Plus members.

Looking for Affiliate Marketing Training?

When looking for affiliate marketing training, look for people who are currently successful doing this who are teaching their current proven successful approaches and who are not teaching outdated or ineffective appoaches. Look for proof of this recent success from independent well-known trustworthy sources.

If you are looking for affiliate marketing training I do suggest that you look at a number of companies in the teaching affiliate marketing space. Funny enough all the ones I started following recently also have active YouTube channels.

Most of them also have courses which may hit the sweat spot for you. Some of these courses are not cheap so you do need to do a lot of due diligence yourself to be sure that they actually fulfill your needs.

For the moment anyway I am reading their blogs and following them on YouTube. I have already subsribed to their email newsletters. Of course, if you decide to buy anything from those emails be sure to do your own due diligence as well.

I am finding that this approach is working for me. It may also work for you.

Here is my current list as in September 2021.

These are not affiliate links. I do not earn anything if you purchase at these websites.

I think if you are interested in affiliate marketing, you should get an overall view provided by different people who are currently doing affiliate marketing today before spending money on affiliate marketing training if you ever do. If you ever go ahead and spend money with them, be sure to do your own due diligence as well.

Here’s my current list in no particular order as in September 2021:

Income School

Their website and YouTube channel are full of useful information. Their videos are entertaining and full of good information. Their information is based on their real world recent experiences doing affiliate marketing. Their approaches that I am aware off make sense to me.

They change their recommendations and approaches over time in response to the changing world. They do testing and experimentation on their own websites. They regularly start off new websites from scratch.

For instance, they used to recommend three different types of post along with recommended word counts. Since about May 2021 they now recommend two different types of posts along with recommended word counts. These recommendations are based on them doing different experiments on their own websites and what they recently found out. They do that on an ongoing basis. They also recently changed their keywork research process which they call search analyis.

Website: https://incomeschool.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/IncomeSchool


Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko provides a lot of actionable information mainly about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you are doing affiliate marketing, you need to know and do good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you look around in his blog you will find a lot of affiliate marketing related resources.

Website: https://backlinko.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BrianDean

Authority Hacker

Their website and YouTube channel are full of useful information. Their videos are entertaining and full of good information. Their information is based on their real world recent experiences in building authority websites.Their approaches that I am aware off make sense to me.

They are data driven and scientific driven. They recommend using a $99 a month keyword research tool in their approach. They don’t earn commissions from that recommendation. In their eyes, that happens to be the best tool for the job. Their idea is to be very smart about deciding what to do (or not do) based in part on figures that this tool provides.

They change their recommendations and approaches over time in response to the changing world. They do testing and experimentation on their own websites. They regularly start off new websites from scratch.

Website: https://www.authorityhacker.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AuthorityHacker

Diggity Marketing

Matt Diggity, the founder of Diggity Marketing provides a lot of actionable information mainly about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). His information is mainly based on tests he has done. He’s not into theory stuff.

Matt also usually blogs near the end of the month with a “News roundup of what is happening in the search engine world, in the google search world and in the SEO world in general”. That blog post usually contains useful timely information.

Website: https://diggitymarketing.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MattDiggity

My Affiliate Marketing Training Conclusion

These are the people and organisations I feel comfortable sharing with you at the present time. I have learned not to be totally dependent on one source of affiliate marketing / search engine optimization information.

Some of them on occasion disagree with others in approach. So knowing that and maybe knowing when they have their opinion and maybe knowing why they have different opinions leads me to form my own opinion.

I hope that you find the above information useful in your affiliate marketing adventures. If you ever go ahead and spend money with any of them or with anyone else on the internet, be sure to do your own very detailed due diligence as well.

Here Are Some Recommendations

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful. Here are some recommendations that I hope you’ll also find helpful. Of course, I may earn commissions if you buy using my links.

Domain Registrations, Renewals and Transfers

I use Domain Cost Club for domain registrations, renewals and transfers. I been using them now for over six years. I find that they do the job and do it very cost effectively. You can read my review of them by clicking here.

WordPress Hosting

A good WordPress Hosting webhost is Bluehost. They have a good interface and they have 24/7 support. I wrote a short post outlining some of the packages Bluehost have available. Click here to read that post.

If you are more technical and already have practical cPanel Hosting expertise, you might find the cPanel Hosting solution I currently use hits the sweet spot for you. Just know this solution does not have 24/7 support.

I wrote a post explaining my definition of managed WordPress hosting which includes a pricing comparison at the bottom of that article. You can read that by clicking here.

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