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.DANCE Domain Names Are Available: You Going to Dance?

.DANCE Domain Names Are Available: You Going to Dance?

.DANCE Domain Names Are Available – You Going to Dance?

The domain extension is the name on the right of a website name. The ones that you are most likely to be familiar with include .COM, .NET and .ORG

These are called “Top Level Domains” (TLDs”) and over the last while a number of new TLDs have been released, including  .DANCE

These are adding additional options when people and organizations are considering domain names.

.COM is no longer the only game in town!

Domain Cost Club allow you to register domains in over 438 different domain extensions, including .COM, .ORG, .NET and .DANCE

.DANCE domains are available

It is now possible to get a domain name ending with .DANCE

This is a great way for organizations that facilitate dancing. This lets potential dancers know about upcoming dances in the area. 

Now that you know that there is a TLD extension name of .DANCE in use at the moment, you are better informed than most. 🙂

Does your organization have a .DANCE website, should it?

By organization I mean any social group, like for example, your high school, your college, your university, your work social club, your youth club and so on.

Any of these organizations could have dance websites that could for example post the expected dance schedule for the next while, along with numerous pictures and maybe numerous videos of past dances that your organization held in the past.

There could be learning and training schedules as well along with numerous pictures and videos as learning and training sessions in action.

This opens up loads of possibilities:

So lets say your high school has a few dance clubs, like a line dance club, a belly dance club and a formal dance club, and is located in NYC.

In this case you could have one dance website, named NYCschool.DANCE which then has three main sections, one for line dancing, one for belly dancing and another for formal dancing.

Or if your dance organization wants to a separate .DANCE website for each one. For example NYCschoolline.DANCE, NYCschoolbelly.DANCE and NYCschoolformal.DANCE

Of course, you know in the above examples, to replace NYC with the name of your local town, right? 🙂

Dance lesson schedules could be posted on .DANCE websites

Each of the applicable websites could show a lot of related material that members and other applicable people could find of great interest and be a great way to open up conversations.

There would also be information up on the .DANCE websites that show people how to dance. Dance lessons along with dance lesson schedules could be posted on the .DANCE website letting people know about this.

Some of these areas could be set up in such a way that they are only available to members.

Festival dance information could be put up on .DANCE websites

Many towns also have festival dances, what better way than in this example for NYCsummer.DANCE, NYCautumn.DANCE or NYCfall.DANCE, NYCspring.DANCE and NYCwinter.DANCE – Each of the separate websites could really then focus in on its special area of interest.

Like earlier in this article, you know to replace NYC with the name of your local town, right? 🙂

Anyway, back to the dance. Many people like and enjoy dancing. Many people dance many a night away dancing. 🙂

If you are ready to .DANCE (pun intended) look no further. Are you going to dance?

On April 12th 2021, Domain Cost Club members can registrar a .DANCE domain for the first year of registration for $7.50 (Usual recommended retail price was $30.00 for the first year of registration on that date).

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