Buy At-Cost Domains at Domain Cost Club

Do you want to buy domains and renewals at great prices? Or do you want to get domain privacy? Or do you want to earn money? If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, I have good news for you below.

Buy At-Cost Domains at Domain Cost Club

As anyone who visits this website will know, I am a big fan of Domain Cost Club. I am very passionate about this because I think everyone should have at least one domain name and this approach appeals to me.

Please understand, I currently have over 5 domains registered with Domain Cost Club. I became a Domain Cost Club member in November 2014 because it makes so much sense to me.

I am not asking you to do something that I have not done myself. 🙂

Unlike other people out there promoting products and services, I actually use this myself, find it good and hence can speak from “real-world” personal experience about this. 🙂

Just saying. 🙂

If I wanted to start a business using the franchise model for say McDonald’s, I would have to find quite a bit of money. I read somewhere that the total startup costs to get franchisee rights and open just one new outlet in the United Status of America would cost $1,600,000 (give or take $700,000). I don’t know about you, but if I had anything from $900,000 to $2,300,000 in my back pocket, I am pretty sure I would spend it on something else. 🙂

Domain Cost Club Members with a paid up membership can earn referrals when people they refer purchase Domain Cost Club Memberships. They have different membership options, depending on whether you buy or renew many domains or a few.

This is a low cost entry route into starting your own internet based business, compared to starting up say a McDonald’s franchise in the United States of America.

Get Two Birds with One Stone Approach

To want to kill two flies with one stroke, same as to kill two birds with one stoneThe image shows a man wanting to kill two flies with one stroke which today is the same as wanting to kill two birds with one stone. Interesting the way old sayings and new sayings evolve over time.

This article assumes that you are not yet convinced that becoming a Domain Cost Club Member is a good idea and so suggests that instead of becoming a fully paid up member of Domain Cost Club, you approach it from a slightly different angle.

It also assumes that you are going a buy a domain name anyway and hey, you may as well check out Domain Cost Club from that angle before proceeding.

Just so you know, if you are not currently a candidate for this or convinced yet that it is a good idea, you could buy a domain, using my Domain Cost Club link paying the current recommended retail price, instead of the current Domain Cost Club Member’s price. In this case I do not get a commission. However I am hoping that you find Domain Cost Club good, and decide for yourself that you want to become a Domain Cost Club Member. If or when you do opt to upgrade to Domain Cost Club Membership in the future, I will be awarded a commission on the sale of the Domain Cost Club membership at that time. So all good. 🙂

Some Really Good Savings Information as of August 26, 2015

Currently, there are some really good savings to be make now (August 26, 2015). These vary from time to time depending on promotional offers made to Domain Cost Club from the underlying “owners/managers” of the domain extensions.

For instance the “owner/manager” of the .XYZ domain extension is different to the “owner/manager” of the .COM domain extension. From time to time, these “owners/managers” have special promotions. Currently (August 26, 2015) some really good promotions offers include:

Domain Extension Domain Cost Club Member Price Recommended Retail Price (Registration) Domain Cost Club Member Savings
.REVIEW $0.25 $38.00 $37.75
.RACING $0.25 $38.00 $37.75
.WIN $0.25 $38.00 $37.75
.XYZ $1.00 $14.00 $13.00
.LOL $2.00 $38.00 $36.00

Please note that these may or may not be applicable when you read this as these are special time limited offers.

As you may or may not know, Google’s parent company brought ABC.XYZ a few days ago, so you would be in good company if you buy .XYZ domains.

Some Really Good Savings to be Made

As you can see, Domain Cost Club Members can make some really good savings on as many domains they buy via Domain Cost Club.

I am a big fan of Domain Cost Club. If you are interested in buying/renewing domain names at good prices or in becoming involved in the huge domain name business and would like to work from home and vacation anywhere, this could be ideal for you.

This is a low cost entry route into starting your own internet based business, compared to starting up say a McDonald’s franchise in the United States of America.

Domain Cost Club sells domain names and website hosting at really good prices to members. I use them. I joined as a member in late 2014.
All of my domains were transferred over to them by the middle of 2015. They are my preferred domain supplier since then. I wrote a detailed review which you will find here.
If you purchase domains, I recommend you visit Domain Cost Club and buy a membership. Then you can buy domains using very good pricing. You can also optionally buy hosting for the domains you have registered with Domain Cost Club.
To learn more about Domain Cost Club or to see if the domain name you want is still available, I recommend you visit Domain Cost Club. I may earn if you purchase a Domain Cost Club membership using this link.
Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Buy At-Cost Domains at Domain Cost Club”

  1. Really good info, this will really help me for my customers, since I am always searching for the best prices for domains, thanks a lot for this post, are there any other places to get cheap domains?
    also I am wanting to build a website where I can sell domains what advice can you give me?

    • Hi Dannyboy,

      Domain Cost Club have the following comments re Pricing:

      Domain Cost Club works like any other registrar; you pay for domains and we register them on your behalf at the TLD registry. Where we differ from other registrars is that we sell domains at-cost to our Club Members. Other registrars take the price they receive from the registry and mark up the registration price, like a middle man. Domain Cost Club aims to remove the middle man by giving you access to the same prices we get from the registry, the wholesale price. Whether you have many domains or just a few, Domain Cost Club has a Club Membership option for you!

      If you want to learn how to create and build a website, and learn about internet marketing, SEO and so forth, I suggest that you start by reading my getting started in affiliate marketing article here.


  2. Very interesting and eye opening. Will look up your website later because I will need another domain name.

    • Hi Leighann,

      That’s great. You should also know that you may have the option of moving your current domain name over to Domain Cost Club.



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