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Building Websites Is Fun

Building Websites Is Fun

In these times, many business owners want to grow their business and they want to grow their business fast. Today, because life, business and the internet are all closely related, I want to discuss the idea of using internet based options which may help you to grow your business.

This is a bit like thinking outside of the box, if you will. I believe that knowing how to build websites is a key skill and expertise that many business owners should consider when looking at ways to grow their businesses.

They might very well be able to grow their businesses fast. This is because using website hosting, their website (or websites) would be available to their audience and their customers for way longer than traditional businesses, which are open for “limited” hours (9 to 5).

Many people find building Websites is fun, will you?

Graph Showing Growth

This website provides information on how you can grow your business. As there is a lot of growth in the internet world, it mainly focusses on the internet world. A lot of traditional businesses can benefit by having an online presence and therefore this type of information can benefit these businesses too.

I believe that knowing how to build websites is a key skill and expertise that many business owners should consider when looking at ways to grow their businesses.

Growing your traditional business

For instance, say you have a traditional “brick and mortar” business and want to explore options to create an online presence, you could learn how to create and build your own website yourself. That way you maintain total control over your website. How cool is that?

Growing your work from home business

Or say, you need to work from home for whatever reason, you could learn how to create and build your own website, then you could have the possibility of offering to create and build websites for businesses in your area, or you could look at becoming an online affiliate (or becoming involved in the domain name business by selling Domain Cost Club memberships online, one of the things I do), or you could look at marketing/selling your offerings online.

Learn how to create and build websites the proper way

These days it is relatively easy to create and then build a website (or indeed websites) using WordPress based web hosting. All you need is hosting and a domain name to get started. The domain name for this website is workfromhomenotes.com which I have registered with Domain Cost Club.

Domain Cost Club is my preferred Domain Name supplier. They also provide cPanel Website Hosting which I also use. If you have little or no experience of website hosting their offering might not be right for you. In that case, I suggest BlueHost who is a WebHost actually recommended by WordPress. BlueHost also have a wide range of options.

Building websites is fun

Beside building websites is a lot of fun. There is a lot of free information and free videos (look up how to do videos on YouTube) on the internet that help. A lot of the free information online is really good. There is really no need to pay for knowledge or training from online sources as the free information is so good.

People learn crawling first, then walking, then running and so on. It is the same idea here. Remember learning how to ride a bike when you were a child. It is the same idea here.

Learn about affiliate marketing

Before you say, what has affiliate marketing to do with my business, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Would your business benefit with a website built from the ground up that uses affiliate marketing techniques? I be very surprised if your answer is honestly no.
  • Would your business benefit with you knowing and implementing ideas that help you write articles for your website that are designed with getting traffic to your website using the search engines? Again, I be very surprised if your answer is honestly no.

I am saying here that affiliate marketing techniques techniques applied to a traditional brick and mortar business may very well give that traditional brick and mortar business additional ways to grow that business.

Two things that a traditional brick and mortar business considering going online is registering a domain name for their business and looking at website hosting.

For their domain name I would suggest that they choose a .COM domain name unless there are good reasons not to. I would also suggest that a domain name ending with your country’s domain extension would also be an idea.

Usually to register domain names or renew domain names in most domain extensions costs between $10 and $60 a year.

On April 25th 2021, .COM domains cost $7.85 to register at Domain Cost Club for Domain Cost Club members when the recommended retail price is $15.

Likewise .UK domains cost $9.32 to register at Domain Cost Club for Domain Cost Club members when the recommended retail price is $15.87

And .US domains cost $6.50 to register at Domain Cost Club for Domain Cost Club members when the recommended retail price is $11.

I always recommending visiting Domain Cost Club for the current prices as they deal with over 439 different domain extensions including .COM, .UK, .US and .CFD

.CFD is a new domain extension positioned for the Clothing Fashion Design industry. If you are in this industry this is one domain extension to consider.  Domains in this domain extension were generally available since April 20th 2021. They are available at Domain Cost Club since then.

Some domain extensions do cost more than $60 to register and you would have to justify to yourself in my opinion if those ones are worth the additional expense. Again on April 25th 2021, .REALTY domains cost $272 to register at Domain Cost Club for Domain Cost Club members when the recommended retail price is $542.

If the domain name you want is already registered to someone else they might sell that domain name to you, however they may want a lot of money for that. So again, you would have to justify to yourself if those ones are worth the additional expense.

Man Holding a Light Blub Representing OpportunityI recommend Domain Cost Club if you want to register or renew a domain name. This domain (workfromhomenotes.com) has been registered with Domain Cost Club since the middle of 2015. Between 2005 and 2015 I had registered this domain with different domain registrars. In 2015 I moved it to Domain Cost Club. Since then, it has been registered with Domain Cost Club.

Since March 2021 I moved my website hosting over to Domain Cost Club. I am finding that they are good. The “but” is that their support is provided during normal business hours which may be problematic. However I am saving over 80% of what I was paying for website hosting so good there.

If you are new to website hosting or feel that you might need more  support, I suggest Bluehost as they have a lot of website hosting offerings and options.

Totally up to you

Person Walking Up a Graph: Onwards and UpwardsOf course, if you have already started a business or a website, you could continue on with your business or website. It does give you an opportunity to think and re-assess. You might decide upon reflection, to re-group, re-build and then continue. That is totally up to you.

Look for Your New Domain at Domain Cost Club

Why Domain Cost Club?

Domain Cost Club Review: Excellent for Reliable Domain Registration

For many years now, I have been using Domain Cost Club. I find them reliable, responsive and competitive. This domain name (workfromhomenotes.com) for instance is registered with Domain Cost Club.

If you purchase domains, they may save you money. If you currently pay for domain privacy services, chances are higher that they will save you money. They also have an optional cPanel hosting option which is also extremely well priced.

Learn More about Domain Cost Club
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David from WorkFromHomeNotes.com
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12 thoughts on “Building Websites Is Fun”

  1. You are right that building a website is fun. Well, it definitely is when you use WordPress. I can’t believe people used to try creating websites the slow way before WordPress came along. I remember doing this back in the late 1990s. It was a really time consuming process. Now, with WordPress, anyone can have a great looking website up and running so quickly, and it’s really easy to keep it maintained and updated.

    What is your favorite thing about WordPress?

    • Hi Marcus,

      My favorite thing about WordPress is that when you have a technical issue is the amount of technical information out there, just do a google search with the right terms and quite often you will find quite detailed ‘how to’ information on how to resolve.

      Sure beats asking the question of technical support and not getting the ‘correct’ answer. It is also way faster.

      I also love the way that you can change WordPress themes which can give a website a new look very quickly without losing the pages and posts which make up the website. That is really cool.

      I have changed my WordPress theme a few times now and the process itself is really easy and fast. I compare it a bit like ‘driving a car’, when you drive a car, you do not need to be a mechanic, you just drive it to where you want to go.

      Same concept with building websites using WordPress, you do not need to be a web developer, you just need to add content about your passions and away you go.


  2. Great Post!

    I have to say I am brand new to website development but in less than a week I have two fully functional niche sites. I am finding building websites to be a lot of fun, way more fun than I expected.

    • Hi Chris,


      Wow, that is super fast.

      You are brand new to website development and in less than a week, you have two fully functional niche sites. Well done. No doubt you are extremely proud of yourself.

      Once you do some online research and learning using YouTube free how to videos, put in some time and practice what you learn, you are away. I think learning, doing and building websites this way is super smart and super fast compared to other ways of learning.

      I am always learning things. I am loving it.


  3. Building websites really is fun! I remember when I started, and it was a whole new world to me….it was absolutely terrifying. That was a little over a year ago, and with no formal training. Thank goodness I was able to learn using online videos and online materials. I think it’s really important to get some form of training, though, before jumping into the online business world, because it simply speeds to process up for you massively.
    Thanks for sharing this great information. I hope that people listen and act upon it- it’s really very straight forward to get started 🙂

    • Hi Chloe,

      Yes, building websites is fun, and a brilliant bonus is that when you do, you pick up loads of additional skills and know how that can be used in other areas of your life. I hope that the information and resources mentioned in this website help you out in your building websites activities.

      Kind Regards,

  4. Fast is a relative term. Businesses don’t generally grow ‘fast’ and it would be foolish to think one would. But starting somewhere is surely ‘faster’ than not making any moves at all. I’ve learned so much since I became involved in the online business world. Setting goals and learning new things daily is very smart in the online business world. I’m so thankful to have my business online and am loving it.

    • Hi Gina,

      I am so glad that you are so thankful for your online business. As you know having an online business involves learning and doing online business techniques to grow your online business “fast”.

      This is a fast moving environment where new approaches are the norm most of the time. However building a business online involves getting a good domain name and getting good website hosting.

      These are two things that must be done. They are the foundations upon which a successful online business is built. Branding a business is very important. Branding an online business is even more so.


  5. Hey David,

    Thanks for this. I can see that your content is interesting and useful about building an online business.

    I am sure any such business owner who needs more paying customers would be happy to learn how to achieve those goals via the internet.

    So many people use the web these days to search for things so learning how to do business online would be key to getting additional business that would help business owners to grow their businesses fast using the internet as a vehicle.

    I just thought I would add my two sense here 🙂


    • Hi Travis,

      I agree with you.

      The information referred to here is mainly focused on using affiliate marketing online business techniques for any online business. Many of these techniques overlap.

      Many local offline “brick and mortar” business in my opinion should have an online presence as well.

      Websites and social media “work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a day”.

      Having the ability to accept orders online, delivering goods locally and getting paid when the goods are locally delivered would increase turnover and profits.

      Thanks for adding your thoughts on the subject.



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