Black Friday At Domain Cost Club

Domain Cost Club have got super low Black Friday pricing all Black Friday 2020 weekend for people who have a current valid Domain Cost Club annual membership.

Black Friday At Domain Cost Club

Black Friday Deals 2020!

Domain Cost Club’s at-cost pricing for Club Members is always competitive, however some of the prices below are the best they have offered in a while. These are member prices for the first year of registration and are only valid during selected times. Other terms and conditions may also apply, you get the idea. 🙂

TLDRetail PriceUsual Domain Cost Club Member PriceDomain Cost Club Member Price During Special Promotion Period That Includes Black Friday 2020 (Nov 27, 2020)
  • These pricing details were correct to the best of my knowledge at the time this post was published on Nov 26th, 2020.
  • I always recommend verifying the information against the current information at Domain Cost Club as prices and deals change all the time especially any that are only going to be valid for a short time around Black Friday 2020 (Nov 27, 2020).

The “wholesale” pricing for domain names is up to the individual registry who owns the underlying top level domain. The .COM registry is owned by its owner, a registry. The .ORG registry is owned by its owner, a registry. Many other top level domains (eg .XYZ, .NET, etc) are owned by their own individual registries.

Some top level domains are owned by the same registries. Each of these separate registries have their own “wholesale” pricing arrangements for domain names using their top level domains.

These are run by competing businesses. They compete against each other. They may have their own separate special promotions from time to time (different time periods, different prices, etc).

Domain Cost Club sell domain names in over 420 different top level domains, so they deal with a number of different businesses who own these different top level domains. Different top level domains have special promotions from time to time.

To see the special promotions that are current right now, click here. This list changes as time goes by, as promotions expire and as new promotions become active. I have seen promotions last for a few days around Black Friday, others lasting a calendar month, and others lasting a year. I have seen very good pricing if you are interested in purchasing new registrations for domain names in some top level domain names.

Just know that the lowest tier is Lite membership and costs less per year than some domain sellers/registrar charge for privacy services, so all good there. Currently domain privacy service are free with Domain Cost Club for domains purchased through them. They also allow non-members buy domain names at their current retail prices. So non-members can either:

  1. Buy domain names at the current retail pricing
  2. Or Buy a membership tier (Lite is $9.99 per year) and buy the domain names at the member price

The non-member decides at purchase time, so all good there.

Right now you can register a 10 year .ICU domain for only $25! This is a time limited very special Domain Cost Club member’s offer so be quick to grab it before this expires. Once you grab an available .ICU domain name, add it to your cart, then go to the cart and change the term from 1 year to 10 years to get the special $25 price for 10 years. The cart will add up any additional items if they are applicable such as the ICANN fee and any processing fees associated with your payment method.

Here are some of their top deals for Domain Cost Club members. Some don’t start until November 27th 2020 at 00:00 UTC, and they all have their own individual start date/times and end date/times as different registries have different prices and different deals.

See over 30 TLDs with domain registrations for $2 or less on the first year on the Domain Cost Club’s Special Promotions page for Domain Cost Club Members:

See Current Deals!

Of course, this list of special promotions for Domain Cost Club members is updated on a regular basis with the current offers so there may be more or less TLDs with this particular offer of domain registrations for $2 or less on the first year for Domain Cost Club members right now. 🙂

I have been a continuous member of Domain Cost Club since November 8th 2014, over 6 years now. I transferred all of my active domains to them by the middle of 2015. Since then, I have all of my domain names registered through them and renewed through them. I wrote a review about them which you can read here.

Domain Cost Club sells domain names and website hosting at really good prices to members. I use them. I joined as a member in late 2014.
All of my domains were transferred over to them by the middle of 2015. They are my preferred domain supplier since then. I wrote a detailed review which you will find here.
If you purchase domains, I recommend you visit Domain Cost Club and buy a membership. Then you can buy domains using very good pricing. You can also optionally buy hosting for the domains you have registered with Domain Cost Club.
To learn more about Domain Cost Club or to see if the domain name you want is still available, I recommend you visit Domain Cost Club. I may earn if you purchase a Domain Cost Club membership using this link.
Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday At Domain Cost Club”

  1. David – Thanks for sharing details of the Domain Cost Club membership program.  

    Always looking for a source where I can buy unique TLDs and it sounds like Domain Cost Club offers the largest resources, at least that i am aware of.

    • Howdy Marco,

      Yeah, Domain Cost Club is always expanding the number of TLDs that they offer.

      Currently in late November 2020, they offer to registrar new domain names for you in 429 different TLDs.

      These include the standard very familiar ones, including .com, .org and .net

      These also include popular new ones, including .best, .monster and .xyz

      As well as registering new domain names in these 429 different TLDs, they also empower you to renew existing domain names. You will have to move existing domains over to them if you are currently using a different registrar in order to benefit from most likely, the better member prices at Domain Cost Club.



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