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AWeber: A Reputable Autoresponder Helps with Email Marketing

AWeber: A Reputable Autoresponder Helps with Email Marketing

AWeber, a reputable autoresponder service since 1998, helps with Email Marketing. They continue to make improvements to their service.

They know what they are doing. How does that help you?

Well they now allow you to use their services for free with no time restrictions.

Commissions May Be Earned

AWeber Smart Designer

This allows you to actually build up your subscriber base so that by the time you have 500 subscribers, you are making enough extra money to cover the monthly autoresponder fee.

Autoresponder companies usually charge a monthly fee for their services which is usually based on a number of subscribers you have, the number of emails that they send out on your behalf every month and the like.

The problem is that for many businesses starting email marketing is that they have no subscribers starting out.

Most autoresponder companies expect these businesses to pay this monthly fee from the very beginning of their subscription.

Okay most business have customers and may have obtained their email addresses over time. However, with email marketing it is very important in my opinion, to be able to show third parties that you do indeed have your customer’s permission to send marketing emails.

When a business uses an autoresponder service, the autoresponder service usually leaves an “audit trail” showing that their subscribers gave them permission to send them marketing emails. Over time, your subscribers who completed this process may forget that they gave you permission to send them marketing emails.

The autoresponder service usually allows people receiving these emails to opt out. They simply click a link on the email and the person is then usually automatically removed from the email list.

If you are a business owner, you know that sending emails to your prospects, customers and contacts is a great way to build up sales.

However this can be a labor intensive process. You also need to ensure that you have permission from these people to actually send them emails in the first place.

This is for two main reasons. One so that you stay on the correct side of the law. And two, you stay on the right side of your subscriber. No one likes to receive emails (including spam) that they do not want. I know I don’t. I assume, you don’t as well. 🙂 🙂

Sending your contacts emails manually is a labor intensive and error prone way of sending emails.

There is a better way. Use the AWeber autoresponder service to automate and streamline this work, so that the solution arranges for the emails to be sent automatically, using rules that you specify.

The emails would be sent automatically when you are doing other things. This is a very smart use of your time.

Below are links to additional resources which will help you out in this regard. Some of these additional resources includes videos. I hope that you find this information useful and helpful in your email marketing adventures. 🙂

AWeber a leading autoresponder service allows people to use their autoresponder service for free with no time restrictions to help with their email marketing activities.

Doing email marketing by sending emails manually is very time consuming. Obtaining your subscriber’s permission to send them emails is also a time consuming activity when done manually. Filing their opt-in permission which you may have to show to a third party is also a potential issue.

The solution is to use the AWeber autoresponder service.

Using AWeber Autoresponder Conclusions

Commissions May Be Earned

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Using the AWeber autoresponder to help your business (online or offline or both) with your email marketing is a brilliant idea.

Sometimes businesses will use different autoresponder services and go from one to the next.

A potential problem with this approach is that it is harder to prove to third parties including law enforcement that you really have your subscribers opt-in permission to send them emails in the first place.

I have heard that asking them again for opt-in permission for the new autoresponder service will most mean that you will lose a large percentage of your email list.

Ah, that hurts. So does the potential fines from law enforcement if you can’t prove you have your subscribers’ permission to send them emails.

Using an autoresponder service like AWeber may help you out in this regard. AWeber are a leading player. Furthermore they are one of the original autoresponder services. They have been around since 1998.

Does AWeber have a free version?

Commissions May Be Earned

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Yes. AWeber does have a free version. See the video below for more details.

Be aware that this post was written in May 2021. It is possible that AWeber, as a third party, may remove the free version in the future. You will note from the video below that this free version has no time restrictions so that gives you enough time to see if this solution works for your business. That is very helpful when your business is building up its list of qualified opted-in subscribers.

AWeber Educational Videos

Aweber Educational Videos

AWeber, a leading autoresponder service since 1998, can help you with your email marketing. For businesses of all sizes it makes sense to automate as much of the email marketing function as possible.

AWeber can help with the process of getting new opted-in subscribers to your email list and help you ensure that you can prove that you have the permission of your opted-in subscribers to send them emails.

Each email you send out using this service has a unsubscribe button. This makes it easy for your subscribers to request that they be removed from your email list. When they click that unsubscribe button, they are automatically removed from your email list without actually involving you. This is an automated process that happens behind the scenes as you have other things to be doing.


Video – Introducing AWeber Free

Use an Autoresponder Service That Has Been around since 1998

Enjoy the following short video that explains what AWeber Free is about. 🙂 🙂


Video – How to build a Landing Page

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