Are New Domain Extensions Worth It?

Are New Domain Extensions Worth It?

With a wide range of new domain extensions available today, I was wondering are they worth it. I did some research. This is what I came up with:

Using a new domain extension may not be worth it if your audience expects to see a country domain extension or to see a .COM domain extension. .COM domains account for over 50% of the domain name market. .COM is still the domain name extension of choice.

There are a number of factors to consider:


New domain extension domains are usually registered with new registries. Their future costs and practices are unknown. Remember that they have make a major investment in securing rights to the new domain extension. They have to earn a good rate of return to make that investment pay off for them.

I prefer to deal with a domain registrar that is accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). A domain registrar that is accredited by ICANN has to follow rules and policies laid down by ICANN or face the consequences.

Some Are Very Expensive

Some of the new domain extensions are very expensive (examples include .AUTO and .FORUM) when compared with the traditional .COM domain extension.


There is no advantage or disadvantage in using a new domain extension. Google treats them the same. Just be aware that country domain extensions are known to return localised results only. For example, searching when based in America is usually unlikely to return results for a United Kingdom country domain extension. New location domain extensions like .LONDON and .BOSTON may potentially also have this problem. If not now, maybe sometime in the future.


Your audience may expect to see a country domain extension or a .COM domain extension. If your audience is trying to guess your domain name, chances are high that they will not quess that you are using a new domain extension name. Worst still, they may visit one of your competitors instead and never get round to visiting you.

Continuing Business Operations

Other services are based off the full domain name. Email is one such example. It is surprising how many different important organisations and people (to you) have your business email address over time. Over time, many materials including promotional materials include the full domain name. If the full domain name changes for any reason, there are going to be costs involved in that process.

Self-Explanatory Extensions

The extension usually hints at what the website is about. Extensions like .PLUMBING and .FLORIST indicate what the website is likely about before visiting. Whereas the .LONDON extension and the .BOSTON extension indicates the likely location.


Many domain names in the .COM domain are hoarded by people who want to sell it on for a high price. Your options are to pay the asking price, or to wait and hope that they forget to renew it. Then you hope to grab it when it is available again. Good luck with that approach.

Another option is to keep looking for a suitable name in the .COM extension. Then another is to see if the domain name is available in one or more of the new domain extensions.

Ahead of the Pack

Using a new domain name extension may indicate that you are ahead of the pack. This may backfire if you are way ahead of your audience.

Interesting Market Statistics

The market for domain names actually decreased by about 0.9% for the first quarter in 2021 when compared with the first quarter in 2020. However .COM and .NET domain names increased by over 4.5% in this time period (Source).


Although new domain extensions have been available for over six years now, and more are coming on stream every year, over 50% of domains registered or renewed are still in the .COM domain extension as noted on August 26th 2021:

Domain Extensions Share in August 2021

This statistic surprised me as it used to be closer to 40%. However it tells me that many people prefer to stick with the tried and familiar .COM extension for the foreseeable future.

What Is the Bext Extension for a Domain Name?

Using the .COM extension is usually the best extension for a domain name unless you are marketing to a specific country using a country domain extension. .COM domains account for over 50% of the domain name market. .COM is still the domain name extension of choice.

When people see a domain name, they may notice the domain’s extension name. Many people are very familiar with their country domain extensions along with the old familiar ones of .COM, .NET and .ORG

When a domain name ends with an extension that they are not familiar with, they may just decide not to visit that domain name.

Which Domain Extension Is Best for SEO?

Using the .COM extension is usually the best extension for a domain name unless you are marketing to a specific country using a country domain extension. .COM domains account for over 50% of the domain name market. .COM is still the domain name extension of choice.

When people see the SERP results and potentially notice that the domain extension is not .COM, they may not click through to the website. The search engines notice that lack of clicks and may promote other websites instead. If the domain extension was .COM, they may click through to the website (because they are familar with the .COM extension) and give a bit of “Google juice” to that website.

How Much Do You Pay For Domain Registration and For Domain Renewals?

Domain Cost Club Review: Excellent for Reliable Domain Registration

If you are not yet a Domain Cost Club member, you might be paying too much. Furthermore, if you are paying for domain privacy services, you are paying too much.

Domain Cost Club members pay nothing extra for domain privacy services whereas some domain registrars charge up to $14.95 per year per domain name for domain privacy services.

If you have ten domains that need domain privacy services, you could be spending up to $149.50 every year, just on domain privacy services alone. Ah, that hurts especially when you know that Domain Cost Club would have charged you the grand sum of $0.00 (zilch, zero) for their domain privacy services for domains registered with them.

I use Domain Cost Club for domain registrations, renewals and transfers. I been using them now for over six years. I find that they do the job and do it very cost effectively.

How Does Domain Cost Club Work?

This is a good question. I let them answer this question:

Domain Cost Club works like any other registrar; you pay for domains and we register them on your behalf at the TLD registry. Where we differ from other registrars is that we sell domains at-cost to our Club Members. Other registrars take the price they receive from the registry and mark up the registration price, like a middle man. Domain Cost Club aims to remove the middle man by giving you access to the same prices we get from the registry, the wholesale price. Whether you have many domains or just a few, Domain Cost Club has a Club Membership option for you!

Source: Domain Cost Club Home Page

Domain Cost Club members can registrar and renew domain names using “wholesale” pricing. For a small annual fee, Domain Cost Club members can use their membership to registrar or renew domain names at the “wholesale” price.

Optionally if domain privacy services are also required, Domain Cost Club don’t currently charge extra for this service. Some other domain registrars are still charging up to $14.95 per year per domain name for this service, allthough some domain registrars like Domain Cost Club do not charge for this service. I think the ones that do are greedy.

Domain Cost Club charges “at-cost” pricing for domains registrared or renewed through them. This is the same price that domain registrars pay domain registries to registrar domains. Domain registries are the managers/owners of a domain extension. For example Verisign are the domain registries for the all domain names that use the well known and extremely popular .COM domain extension.

If you registrar or renew a domain with the .COM extension, Verisign get the wholesale price associated with that transaction. There is no escaping that.

Buy a membership to buy or renew up to a specified number of domains at the same wholesale prices that domain registrars pay.

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