.ACADEMY Domains – Great for All Kinds of Academies

.ACADEMY domains are great for all kinds of academies. This includes high schools, secondary schools, military academies and highly specialized schools/colleges.

.ACADEMY Domains - Great for All Kinds of Academies

.ACADEMY Domains Are Now Available

.ACADEMY domains are now available. These are domain names ending with the top domain level extension of .ACADEMY, an example would be say nyc.academy

An .ACADEMY domain could be an asset to your academy. This is ideal for academies of all kinds. 

What immediately comes to my mind are:

  • dance.academy
  • computer.academy
  • electronics.academy
  • learnhowtodrive.academy

You get the idea.

.ACADEMY Domain Registration


Having an .ACADEMY domain name is a brilliant method to make your academy more visible to the world, both offline and online.

There would be no doubt what your organization does before your website visitors visit your .ACADEMY website.

Having an .ACADEMY domain name is a great marketing ‘brownie point’ for businesses in this arena. The general top level domain of .ACADEMY may help your marketing activities, both online and offline.

Show off your technical brilliance in registering your .ACADEMY domain name today. Be ahead of other academy organizations.

If you are running a dance academy, buying dance.academy if it is still available may make perfect sense for you. There would be no doubt about what you do, that is for sure.

This extension makes it much clearer that the organization is an academy.

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An Example of an .ACADEMY Domain

Domain NameImportant Note
spanish.academyI have no affiliate link with this website.
I am only providing this as an example.
I have no idea if they are any good or otherwise.

Other Educational Extensions

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Other Popular Extensions used in Education

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