About David at WorkFromHomeNotes.com

This article is about David at WorkFromHomeNotes.com and his mission for this website.

I’m David, the founder here.

Welcome to my website.

Here I write about work from home topics.

As my mission for this website is to help you to up your work from home game.

About David

Now I do this by writing articles that include my work from home experience. I also include articles on website building, website hosting, WordPress, affiliate marketing and so on.

Of course, I think getting the work life balance right can be difficult. Especially true for people who work from home. As work and non work activities can blur.

For this reason, I include some of my non work from home experiences. Including relaxation, meditation, walking, sleeping and other self-care activities.

I’ve Always Been Interested in Working from Home

Before I went to college, I founded a few businesses working from home. Including a mail order business.

Once I went to college, I paused and then stopped those businesses working from home. As I wanted to focus on my third level education. Later I was awarded a special prize for my department while I was at college.

Then I obtained my third level qualification in Systems Analysis and Programming. After that I got a corporate job and started climbing the corporate ladder. Then I spent over twenty seven years working in various corporate roles. Now I work from home.

Since launching WorkFromHomeNotes.com, I have published articles on website building, website hosting, WordPress, self-care, reviews, and more.

My Articles Are Based on Research or Experience or Both

I registered my first domain in April 2002. Then I hosted my first website online on that domain. Of course, these days it makes sense to use WordPress when hosting websites.

As I know topics like domain registration, website hosting and WordPress, these are some of the topics that I write about. Since they are important to many people who work from home.

Other Work from Home Considerations

Definitely these days, it’s important that you have self-care, stress management, relaxation, meditation, sleep and the like under control when you are working from home. As it can be hard to set apart different areas of your work life balance.

What to do now?

If you are here it means you too are looking to up your work from home game.

Work From Home Articles

The good news is that I have written articles to help you:

  • See my list of Reviews. As these may help you to up your work from home game.
  • See my list of Articles. Of course, these discuss different work from home topics. And may help you to up your work from home game.

Self-Care Articles

Below are some of my self-care articles I have written to help you:

  • Read my Relaxation Techniques Guide which contains over 20 different techniques. Even if just one of these techniques work for you, then reading this article is time well spent. For the most part, most of these techniques are fairly easy to do. And this type of self-care can help you to up your work from home game.
  • Read my David Writes about Relaxation Article. I remind you that many relaxation techniques are also stress management techniques. Having your stress levels under control can help you to up your work from home game.
  • Read my Healthy Sleep Hygiene Article that outlines over 14 ideas. Of course, it’s possible that a mixture of them will help you to sleep better. And sleeping better can help you to up your work from home game.

One of My Recommendations

As I work from home and have a number of websites, I have a number of different domains. My domain story started in 2002 when I registered my first domain.

These days, I don’t pay retail prices for my domains. Nor do I pay extra fees for domain privacy services. As I use Domain Cost Club. To see why, read my Domain Cost Club Review Article.

In Closing

I hope that my articles help you to up your work from home game.


– David
Founder of WorkFromHomeNotes.com