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For anyone working from home or interested in working from home, this site discusses different work from home topics.

These are not just restricted to people who work from home. Many others find this content of benefit.

Meet David Who Runs This Website

Meet David Who Runs This Website
Over time, I have accumulated a wealth of practical knowledge and practical experience about working from home. There are many different facets about working from home. These are my Work From Home Notes. Enjoy.

The content here is not 100% exclusive for only people who work from home

Others also benefit from the content here. Examples include:
  1. Meditation is discussed on this website. Most likely you can benefit from doing meditation every day, whether you work from home or not
  2. Buying office chairs is discussed on this website. Most likely you can benefit from using a suitable work chair, whether you work from home or not
  3. Affiliate Marketing is discussed on this website. Most likely you can benefit from learning about affiliate marketing as there are many different skill sets involved, which may be transferable to other areas in your life. Many affiliates work from home. Many other people who work from home are not affiliates. Many of them could be.
You get the idea! Just saying!


David is an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer who works from home. Over time, he has accumulated a wealth of practical knowledge and practical experience about working from home.

David blogs about his practical knowledge and practical experience about working from home. These are topics which help him to work from home. Currently, David runs this website, so you know he has the knowledge to help you to make the right choice.

Passions covered here

David is interested in all things related to working from home. He is especially interested in the following work from home passions:-

  1. Affiliates also known as Affiliate Marketing
  2. WordPress
  3. Domains
  4. Relaxation
  5. Computer Technology
  6. Home Appliances

Affiliates also known as Affiliate Marketing
Affiliates doing Affiliate Marketing is a popular way for people to work from home. These are my notes on this popular way of working from home.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Kickstart your affiliate marketing career with Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketing is a passion here

One very popular way of working from home these days is to work as an affiliate doing affiliate marketing. Here’s a plan:

  1. Read David’s start with Affiliate Marketing very short article that outlines at a high overview level four main affiliate marketing topics.
  2. Then read his Affiliate Marketing Discussed In Free Online Guide article. This article is a more detailed guide about affiliate marketing.
  3. Then read David’s Wealthy Affiliate Review – Kickstart Your Affiliate Marketing Career With Wealthy Affiliate article. Wealthy Affiliate is a leading platform for affiliates. They provide online education and online training about different aspects of affiliate marketing as well as providing website hosting.
  4. Within that review, there is a link to grab your free starter trial Wealthy Affiliate account. Once you have that, then when your schedule allows, do the free starter trial Wealthy Affiliate training including doing the associated tasks.
  5. This approach builds your practical Affiliate Marketing experience. This helps you to build your online business. If you do this fully, you will have a starter Affiliate Marketing website up and running with some content.

Many websites use the extremely popular WordPress Content Management System. This passion of ours includes WordPress Themes (designs), WordPress Plugins that extend the functionally of a WordPress based site and other WordPress related opinions.

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Secure WordPress hosting provider Review: Wealthy Affiliate WordPress is a passion here

David knows that many people working from home need a website to showcase their offerings to the world.

  1. This website for instance is based on the very popular content management system called WordPress.
  2. David uses secure WordPress Hosting and explains 17 different requirements that his secure WordPress Hosting provider. Read the Secure WordPress hosting provider Review: Wealthy Affiliate article.
  3. If you don’t yet know how to use WordPress, this hosting provider has online training materials that help. Hint, this is the Secure WordPress Hosting this website uses.
  4. David’s passion of WordPress include secure WordPress hosting, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins as well as WordPress in general.
  5. If you are looking for a good deal on secure WordPress webhosting, David recommends that you use the secure WordPress webhosting he uses (The SiteRubix website platform at Wealthy Affiliate).
  6. You can learn more about this hosting which includes David’s 17 requirements by reading David’s review:

Domain names are an important part of today’s modern internet. WorkFromHomeNotes.com is the domain name for this site.

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Domain Cost Club Review - Good Reliable Domain Registrar Domains are a passion here

David knows that the demand for domain names continues to make the domain name industry to be an interesting one. Without domain names, the internet would not be able to function as it does today.

  1. Most if not all websites visible on the World Wide Web use a domain name to allow web visitors to visit their websites. This makes it easy for people to visit websites otherwise people would have to remember a string of numbers with dots in order to visit a website.
  2. This website uses the WorkFromHomeNotes.com domain name.
  3. If you are looking for a good deal for a domain name, David recommends that you use the domain registrar he uses (Domain Cost Club) as they have really good prices for domain registration, domain renewals and domain transfers. You can learn more about this domain registrar by reading David’s review:
  1. The number of domain names registered or renewed every year continues rising. On March 7, 2020 there were over 417,000,0000 domain names registered worldwide.
  2. Domain business, could it be the perfect home based business?Each of these 417,000,000 domain names would have been registered or renewed with a domain registrar. This is therefore a huge International industry.
  3. Many domain registrars have affiliate or referral programs which allows people to become involved in the Domain Name Industry.
  4. I have been involved with Domain Cost Club as a loyal customer since 2014. All of my domain names are now registered with them. I have also referred people to them. Most of whom renew every year. All Domain Cost Club members have the opportunity to refer other people to them if they want to. You can learn more by reading David’s Question and Answer Session about Domain Cost Club:

These days, many people, including people who work from home, would be well advised to include Relaxation in their daily activities. By relaxation he means such activities as meditation, walking (if fit enough and circumstances allow) and other activities that you do for “pure enjoyment”. Of course, what some people would consider as relaxing, David would not. The key thing of course, is that you do things that help you relax.  

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23 Relaxation Techniques, most are immediately actionable now Relaxation is a passion here

David himself worked in a high stress working environment for way too long before deciding to work from home. Although while working in that high stress working environment he considered that he was doing enough relaxation. In reality he was not. Things like going for walks, eating properly, doing things he liked doing, self-care and so on. It turned out that he was not doing enough relaxation.

Working from home means in his opinion that you need to include enough relaxation in your daily life. Of course this is not just for people who work from home. Everyone needs to include enough relaxation in their daily lives. Different people do it in different ways and for different amounts of time based on numerous factors.

Meditation is mentioned quite often in those relaxation posts. Meditation is a life skill which can act as a “pause button” in your working from home activities. It is important in his opinion to do meditation every single day, even if only for one minute on those extremely busy days we all have from time to time. Those are the days that doing meditation is especially important in his view.

Healthy Sleep Hygiene: 15 Effective Actionable IdeasOne important aspect of relaxation is to ensure that you get enough quality sleep. Read David’s Healthy Sleep Hygiene: 15 Effective Actionable Ideas post to see if there are ideas that may help you sleep better.


Computer Technology
David is also interested in using computer technology and has a number of related posts about different opinions about computer technology as well as how I solved some of my computer technology related issues. If you work from home or not, most adults today need to be able to use computer technology to help them with their lives.

Home Appliances
David is also interested in home appliances and has a number of posts on how to save energy or save water or save money using home appliances. If you work from home or not, most people running home appliances are interested in ways to save energy or save water or save money using them.


David has written a number of posts on this website about these topics which will help you in your working from home activities. Naturally he wrote these posts by working from the comfort of his own home.

David works from home and these days he finds that the resources available at Wealthy Affiliate help him nearly every day. This is because he works as an affiliate marketer and uses the web hosting at Wealthy Affiliate every single day. This web hosting showcases his web sites every single day even when he is sleeping. 🙂 🙂

Many affiliates work from home. Affiliate Marketing is a Work From Home occupation. Affiliate marketing and working from home have overlapping skill sets. For instance, many people who work from home have websites, have domain names and use WordPress to develop their websites. The platform at Wealthy Affiliate will also help these people to various degrees as well as their primary audience of affiliate marketers.

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Platform: Wealthy Affiliate

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Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy!
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12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, David!
    Love your links!
    I too am a full time work at home person and I love it!
    Funny, one of the links you have here goes to Wealthy Affiliate University, which is where I started to learn how to do this over three years ago and I am still a member!
    re you a member there too?
    Look me up if you are!


    • Hi Shawn,

      I am delighted and thrilled that you love my links. 🙂

      Yes, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I found them at the start of 2015 and have not looked back since. They have a brilliant way of bringing all this technology together so that you can actually do something with it.

      I compare it a bit to driving a car. You don’t have to be a mechanic to drive a car, so likewise you don’t have to be a software developer to build out websites. They show ‘how to do things’ which I love.

      You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.


  2. Hi David,

    Love the links for tips on home appliances. Will you consider doing an article on the best way and times to run your clothes dryer? I do laundry on a daily basis and believe that this one culprit is responsible for the high electric bill I have.

    Wealthy Affiliate, hum, Is it all it is cracked up to be? So many scams out there today, it is no wonder people are susceptible! How does it measure up to many of the other programs promising to make you money online working from home?

    Thanks David, Suzette

    • Hi Suzette,

      Delighted and thrilled that you love the tips on home appliances.

      Have a look at the following link. It shows all of my articles relating to home appliances, including laundry saving tips. 🙂

      Wealthy Affiliate is good. They provide a lot of easy to follow video type of training online, so you can rewind and listen to points as many times as required. Because it is focused on the right things, you provide information on the areas where you have a passion, and you build up your website. It is like learning how to ride a bike, you start, you learn to use it, and then before you know it, you are using your bike to go everywhere. Same idea here.


  3. Hi David, It looks like you have experience in internet marketing and can help a lot of folks with starting an online business. As I can see you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate which means a lot to me because I’ve been a member of this program since 2013 and understand what you are talking about. Since you’re a member of this community, all I can say is that your readers are in the right hands and you are not one of those scammers that are trying to scam people. Wish you all the best.

    • Hi Rufat,

      Yes I have an amount of business experience working in the online world.

      Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has helped me and many other people to develop an online business. I joined at the start of 2015 when a contact suggested that they would be a good match for me. How right that person was.

      The tools and techniques learned within Wealthy Affiliate are really good. Read my start Affiliate Marketing article to learn more about some of the basic concepts of Affiliate Marketing.

      Of course, people interested in affiliate marketing are interested in domain names. I have some experience with domain names.

      Kind Regards,

  4. Your page layout looks very organized. Not too overly done or underly done. Just the right amount of doses. It just seems very calm and clean for some reason. I’m still new to online business so I’m still going around looking for new website ideas. I wish you a great journey on your business.

    • Hi Joon,

      Thank you. Let me know if I can help you on your online journey. One thing that online marketers need are website domain names. I get mine at very good prices.

      Kind Regards,

  5. Great tips and generally useful information. It’s great to be able to find sites like this that immediately offer very practical information that can be put to use right now. Your domain article looks quite interesting. With 284,000,000 registered domain names, and plenty of room for more, there really is tremendous opportunity online. Thanks for all the great information.

  6. Hello and thanks for sharing your review. Wealthy affiliate has the best online business in the world and their model is so awesome, they make it possible for anyone to join this wonderful community. The community is just so awesome with how they work along with you to make sure that you can experience success. The tools are also awesome, with this type of training you can experience what others are experiencing. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hi Norman,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your detailed comments. Wealthy Affiliate has great web hosting in conjunction with great training on how to build websites. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

      Kind Regards,



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