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About David at was founded by David. He’s the owner and operator of this blog. He’s also the author for all articles on this website. You could say that as the only author, he’s also the chief writer and the chief editor. 🙂 🙂

David Has Always Been Interested in Working from Home

When he left school, he founded a vinyl repair business working from home. He also founded a mail order business also working from home. He also became involved with a few other work from home businesses. Then he went to college and got his third level qualification. Once he had that, he got a corporate job. He started climbing the corporate ladder. After over twenty five years or so in a corporate environment, he left.

This now allows him to pursue his work from home interests. He created to share what he has learned. Since launching, he has published articles. These cover such topics as website building, website hosting, WordPress hosting, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, other WordPress topics, search engine optimization (seo), meditation, relaxation techniques, reviews, and more.

His Articles Are Based on Research or Experience or Both

Topics like domain registration, website hosting and WordPress are important to many people who work from home. This is especially true for bloggers, affiliate marketers and WordPress specialists. These are topics that he writes about.

Below are some links to his articles split up into helpful sections. For your convenience he also includes some links here. Just know that he may earn commissions if you buy using his links.

Domain Recommendation

He uses Domain Cost Club for domain registration, renewals and transfers. And has used them exclusively for over six years for these purposes. You can read his review of Domain Cost Club here.

WordPress Hosting Recommendation

A good WordPress Hosting webhost is Bluehost. They have a good interface and they have 24/7 support. You can read his quick overview of Bluehost’s wide range of offerings and pricepoints here.

If you are more technical and already have practical cPanel Hosting expertise, you might find the cPanel Hosting solution that he currently uses hits the sweet spot for you. Just know this solution does not have 24/7 support.

Other Work from Home Considerations

In his opinion, if you are working from home, it is important that you have stress management, relaxation, meditation, sleep and the like under control.

Mobile EKG Device Recommendation

His cardiologist recommended that he use a device in conjunction with his smartphone to capture his heart EKG. This solution also provides an interpretation of that EKG. You can read his very detailed review of that solution here.

Relaxation Techniques Recommendation

His doctor also advised him to take it easy, to relax more and to manage his stress better. So he has learned a number of relaxation techniques (some may call them stress management techniques) and documented those techniques. You can read those relaxation techniques here. Even if just one of these techniques work for you, then reading that article is time well spent.

Meditation Recommendation

One thing that he does now every day, even if just for a minute, is meditation. He uses the Insight Timer App on his smartphone. You can read his review of the Insight Timer App here.

Getting to Sleep Recommendations

Another thing he does every night is sleep. However like many people he used to find getting to sleep sometimes difficult. So he did some research. You can read his healthy sleep hygiene article here. This outlines a number of ideas and approaches which he find works for him most of the time. You may find the same.

Good Luck with Your Work from Home Activities

He wishes you all the best with your work from home activities.

As you know, he is also interested in self-care approaches including relaxation approaches.

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