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A Single Simple Email Strategy That May Increase Sales

A Single Simple Email Strategy That May Increase Sales

Here I outline a single simple email strategy that may increase sales for you.

You have sent a personal email to a new contact of yours and heard nothing since. Here we will assume that a reasonable amount of time has elapsed by, at least a week, in my opinion.

What do you do?

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One idea that I learned recently is to grab the email you originally sent and reply back to it, including the person to whom you sent the email. You can simply ask did they get the original email. And because the new email has the earlier email included in it, it allows your contact to see the contents of the original email. This allows that person to review the information.

Remember that this person is someone you met in the offline world. Your email content may need to remind them of where you met and why you are emailing them in the first place. You need a good reason to be sending them that email.

Some will reply, others will not

A percentage of your contacts will reply back at this stage and say one of two things:

1) Yes, I got your first email and I am not interested.

2) Yes, I got your first email and I am interested.

If you get reply 1, you know to drop that contact from personally following up. This is good to know, because this allows you from spending more time trying to contact them and getting no where.

Time saved in this context means that your time is freed up to be spent doing other things. You do not spend more of your valuable personal time with this contact.

If this contact is already included in your double opt in automated email service, you let them unsubscribe themselves seeing as they opted into this in the first place.

If they are not interested in these emails, they will unsubscribe themselves. If they are ‘kind of interested’ they may stay in your double opt in automated email service and may buy something in the future, don’t just bank on it. You may need to be extremely patient with this approach however as it is part of your automated approach it is not costing you your valuable time. If however, it is costing you money to send this automated email, you need to determine if it is worth the cost against the potential gain.

Double opt out considerations

If your double opt in automated email service has a ‘double opt out’ you might decide to unsubscribe them, your automated email service sends an automated email to them which they must click a link on to confirm the unsubscribe. This is best in my opinion. That way if they do not complete the process, they are “still interested” however not interested in personal email contact. Also, it is possible that your contact sent your email with the double opt out link in it, and it is your contact’s contact who performs the opt out to remove your contact from your email list. You don’t want that.

Still no response from them

As well as options 1 and 2 happening above, the other option is ‘complete and utter silence’. In this case, you might decide to wait a week or 10 days, and then reply to your second email. This time, you ask do you want me to stop contacting you. This allows the person to review the email correspondence to date. Again, a percentage of your contacts will reply back at this stage and say one of two things:

a) Yes, I got your emails and I am interested along with maybe a reason for why they hadn’t responded yet. This could be anything, remember that life is full of different events, and you could be attempting to exchange emails with someone during one of their life’s events, like maybe their wedding or one of their holidays, so your timing was all wrong.

b) Yes, I got your emails and would like to take you up on your offer not to contact me again.

If they reply with b above, and if they are included in your double opt in automated email service, start the process to unsubscribe them.

Still no response

If there is still ‘complete and utter silence’ I would suggest that they are moved over to another list, and maybe followed up again in a months time, then 3 months time, then 6 months time, then a year. If no word from them at this stage, this being almost 2 years after you sent the first email, then drop them completely from personal email contact. If they are still in your double opt in automated email service, leave them in it until if and when they unsubscribe themselves.

If they were in your double opt in automated email service at any time during this process of you trying to contact them and they unsubscribe from that, I would say don’t continue following up with them as this would appear to be a complete waste of your valuable time.

Just remove them from the list of people to contact via personal email as this is not ‘complete and utter silence’, they just did not ‘shout’ to tell you.

Email marketing can be very effective once everything is very well targeted.

The process of getting email addresses when people visit a website and then following up with well targeted appropriate emails can be very effective.

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15 thoughts on “A Single Simple Email Strategy That May Increase Sales”

  1. Hi David,

    I have not looked at an auto responder as yet. Now i think it’s long overdue as i need to understand my customers needs and it’s hard to do with just looking at my google stats. Plus my ‘product’ is a high ticket item, so I’m no way going to make a sale on the first click, or at least I am not expecting to.

    • Hi Doug,

      I hope that you find that the auto responder service that you select helps you build your business and your following. As long as you do not email your subscribers with “junk emails” or “irrelevant emails”, you should find the service helpful.

      There are statistics that says it takes up to a number of contacts before someone will buy something.

      I wish you all the best with your auto responder experiences.

  2. Hello David,

    This is a great way to follow up on email subscriptions, very civilized and correct. It surely will save you time. And as you say, you must be extremely patient in some cases. You will not become a known spammer. I am also interested in how you collect email addresses.


    • Hi Loes,

      My article was more related to collecting the contact details of people off-line. For instance, you are at a trade show or a farmers market or some business conference. You are collecting the contact details of people who seem interested in your offer, and now you are in the process of following up with them.

      Sometimes at these events, people will give you their contact details and it is hard to determine how keen is their interest in your business and/or offering. The fact that they gave you their email address at a face to face meeting should mean that it is okay for you to send them emails, manually, because they would not have given you their email address otherwise, right?

      Of course, in your first email to them, you would refer to the fact that they gave you their email address at such a trade show on such a day. And that you are now simply following up on that.

      However you need to be really careful because you do not want to be seem as a spammer. You really want to get them unto your double opted in automated email service because that way you can focus on your offering.


      • Hi David,

        I get the point, I do attend sometimes conferences and there is a lot of exchange of business cards going on. So I think it is wise to go there the next time with a pocket full of business cards, so I can join the exchanging. πŸ™‚

        Thanks for your point of view,

  3. I’d have to agree 100% with your strategy here, it’s all about building a relationship with your list and it all comes down to being responsive and genuine with everyone on the list.

    It all comes down to numbers, as far as conversion and such goes.

    • Hi Colton,

      Yes indeed, it is all about building and maintaining a relationship with your list. You don’t want to lose leads because you did not follow up and you don’t want to become an annoyance to someone who just provided their email details at some show just so they could do other things at that show.

      Some emails never reach the intended person due to email filters or an email server along the way was not able to complete its task and that information was never relayed back to you. So the next time you email after a decent interval may not actually reach the person. Some email services will actually report that fact back to you, so if yours does, be sure to follow up with them in other ways.

      And of course, it is also possible that the email address is not correct, a small typo and it does not go to the intended person. And you may never know.

      Regarding statistics, it is overall key performance indicators that are important overall. On the email front, I follow what I think is “doing the right thing for the right reasons” approach bearing in mind my understanding of various applicable laws.

      Sometimes with statistics, you can end up looking at numbers which you shouldn’t be looking at. It is important to know which statistics make the most sense in your business and to change as required what statistical information you review as the environment in which your internet business interests change.


  4. Hello David This a nice strategy to politely establish if you still have a prospect (or an eventual client) I read somewhere that on average you need to have seven points of contact with people before they become a customer. have you heard of that?. So regular contact is an important thing to do. Some people make the mistake of building a list and when they have ‘enough’ they then begin to ‘market’ to their list and wonder why they do not do very well. A list is of no value if it is not an active list do you agree? And if so how often should you be in contact with you list? Appreciate your reply. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Peter,

      Yes, I have heard that it takes anywhere from 7 points of contact to 12 point of contact before someone becomes a customer. It is very important that these points of contact are releasing a lot of value to the prospective customer, so that you are seen as an authority.

      Sure, if all you had to do was get loads of emails and then send those people emails selling anything and everything, everyone on the planet would be wealthy. πŸ™‚

      It would be so easy and everyone would be doing it. πŸ™‚

      Yes, your list needs to be an active list and the people on it would still need to be interested in what you have to say, otherwise they will unsubscribe or worst, just delete your emails.

      How often should you be in contact with your list depends on a number of variables, including what you are offering, is it a high price item or service, is it recurring, and have you really got something else to really add to your earlier emails.

      You are building your brand. In my opinion, no more than 2 a week for the first week or two, then no more than 1 a week. If they email you, answer them as quickly as possible.


  5. HI David,

    That’s exactly the way I would want to be followed up when I would subscribe for something. There’s also a group of people that signed up just to have a look and actually don’t want any more information. Usually these people will just ignore your emails, but calling them to action makes them think about what they really want and that’s good for him/her as well as for you as you know what’s happening. Thanks for the advice, I will surely use it in the future! Cheers

  6. Hi David,

    Very interesting content here.

    Sometimes email marketing can be challenging and we might not know how to deal with different responses or “no-responses” as covered here.

    Just starting an online business myself and the beginning is tough as traffic is low and google won’t trust us! But with emails we can always get to our target audience in a more direct effective way.

    Thanks for the good information.


    • Hi Gabriel,

      Thanks for your comments. I always like to provide what I think is good information and I am pleased that you thanked me for the good information. Know that if you do email marketing, your emails may get blocked before they reach the intended audience or your intended audience may simply delete your emails without reading them. Just make sure that you have their permission to send them emails and if you can follow up using alternative ways of communicating with them, you may find that a better use of your time.


  7. Hello and thanks a lot for sharing, I have heard that creating a email list will put you in a good position where you will have more traffic which means more sale, I am interest also in email marketing just need to spend more time studying it. You have done a great job with all of the information that you have here, everything is so well detailed. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Norman,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your feedback.

      Email marketing can very effective once everything is very well targeted. The process of getting email addresses when people visit a website and then following up with well targeted appropriate emails can be very effective.

      Good luck with your email marketing,


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