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17 Reasons To Avoid Stress

17 Reasons To Avoid Stress

Rather than listing and then discussing briefly each of these 17 reasons, I decided to use the following infographic to convey this information instead.

I hope that you find this presentation easy to understand. It very clearly shows why it is extremely important to look after yourself.

17 Reasons To Avoid Stress
17 Reasons To Avoid Stress - Sources

Kudos to Fawne Hansen for designing the original version of the infographic above.

Want to Learn More About Stress and How It Can Affect Your Health?

A disclosure, I may earn if you buy using links on this webpage.

Fawne Hansen is an expect in stress-related conditions and the author of The Adrenal Fatigue Solution.

Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy!

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