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Work From Home Notes – The Home of Working From Home

Here, I talk about affiliate marketing, which is a great business activity. I also talk about Wealthy Affiliate, a great affiliate marketing platform. These combined are a powerful and a flexible solution if you are looking to work from the comfort of your own home.

Work From Home Notes does Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform tool used by Work From Home Notes. Affiliate Marketing is a great work from home activity. It has a lot of flexibility and can be started part time.

Start Wealthy Affiliate Part Time

“Absolutely everything you need to create and grow a successful business online is included at Wealthy Affiliate. We cater to all levels of experience. Someone with zero knowledge to someone with years of success online, we can help.

Source: Wealthy Affiliate – The Home of Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Is a Platform Designed for Affiliate Marketers of All Levels

This platform consists of different components, each designed to help affiliate marketers of all levels.

Education and Training

Learn and practice affiliate marketing online.

Websites and Hosting

World class secure managed WordPress hosting.

Keyword Research Tool

Research keywords and spy on competition.

Create Content Tools

Write content effectively and efficiently.

The Number of Internet Users Worldwide Continues to Rise

Internet Users

The number of internet users worldwide continues to rise, as shown in the following table:

YearNumber of Internet Users Worldwide
Oct 2020Almost 4,660,000,000

Source: Statista

The Number of People Worldwide Purchasing Online Is Huge

Purchasing Online

This was a huge number in 2019, as shown in the following quote:

In 2019, an estimated 1.92 billion people purchased goods or services online. During the same year, e-retail sales surpassed 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide

Source: Statista

In fact the average online buyer spent 1,822.92 U.S. dollars in total on multiple online purchase during 2019. Divide 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars by 1.92 billion people to arrive at the 1,822.92 figure.

Why the Huge Difference between Online Buyers and Internet Users?


Here are some reasons why some internet users are not yet online buyers:

Reason One

Many people conduct research online and then drive to the local offline store to purchase what they want.

Reason Two

The number one reason for abandoning online carts is high shipping costs. In fact many people drop the idea of completing that purchase online. They of course may complete the purchase offline.

Reason Three


When ordering online, delivery times can vary greatly depending on a huge number of variables outside of the buyer’s control. The buyer is not always provided with a clear date/time when their order will arrive. Many buyers in this situation will simply decide to pick up that product from a local store with none of the drama sometimes associated with receiving online deliveries.

Reason Four

Many people are still hesitant to provide personal information online or pay online. There are still too many security breaches or data breaches where unauthorized people obtain credit card information and other personal information.

Reason Five

It is possible that children are included in the number of internet users. Of course, they are too young to be online buyers. They have to wait until they are older so that they can become potential online buyers.

In connection with this reason, it is also possible that many people including some older seniors, some seniors and some other people enjoy using social media to stay in touch with their loved ones may also be disinclined to purchase online.

My Suggestion Is to Focus on What These Huge Number May Mean for You in the Coming Days, Weeks, Months and Years

After all, each of these potential reasons is true. Of course an internet user who is not an online buyer may use one or more of the reasons above.

Difference Not Huge In Comparison Terms

Online Buyers

In any case, using the 2019 figures mentioned above (1,920,000,000 online buyers and 4,130,000,000 internet users), there are about 2.15 internet users to every online buyer. To put it differently, there are only 1.15 internet extra users for every online buyer. The difference is huge in number terms however not huge in comparison terms. Remember that most, if not every online buyer is also an internet user.

Over the coming years, the number of online buyers will increase and the average amount that each online buyer purchases per year will also increase.

Lots of Opportunity


This leaves a lot of room for online purchases to increase quite substantially in the coming years. In the coming days, weeks, months and years, the average amount spent per year per online buyer will increase and the number of online buyers is also going to increase.

Surely this is extremely good news for anyone who is interested in looking online for opportunities in the online space, especially in affiliate marketing. As you may know, many affiliate marketing skills are transferable to other areas in the online world and some are transferable to areas in the offline world.

Knowing this, now is the time to take steps to capitalize on this information. This is where Wealthy Affiliate, a online platform for affiliate marketers can help.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that “hits the nail on the head” for many people who are interested in affiliate marketing or are thinking about it. A point often overlooked is that people do need education and training on affiliate marketing if they want to make progress.

Work From Home Aspect One: Education and Training

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate’s platform has a great Education and Training platform. You learn and do affiliate marketing using this great platform. This does require work at your end as well.

Learn and Practice Affiliate Marketing Online

The core training available at Wealthy Affiliate uses the “learn and do” approach. You view online materials including online videos to learn different affiliate marketing concepts. Then later, you do tasks to reinforces the learning. The great advantage with online videos is that you can “stop and rewind” as many times as you want. By actually doing it as well, this reinforces the learning. By using this approach, you pick up affiliate marketing skills. Naturally some of these skills are also useful in other life areas.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Flexible Business

The Affiliate Marketing Education & Training provided is excellent, especially the materials in both of the core courses developed by one of the co-founders. He has a good communication style and uses a mixture of online video and text in his well-structured relevant training courses.

These particular courses also have tasks that you do after learning. This means that as you go through his courses, assuming that you are doing the tasks, you are also doing tasks to build your affiliate marketing business. Other members also develop education and training in different aspects of affiliate marketing, a lot of which is pretty good.

Work From Home Notes Logo

Focus initially on the education & training provided in one or both of the two core courses developed by one of the co-founders first and do the associated tasks first before looking at other education and training resources within Wealthy Affiliate.

David from Work From Home Notes

Work From Home Aspect Two: Website and Hosting

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate’s platform includes a great website and hosting solution. This allows you to test, experiment, learn and so on with your own website to learn and do affiliate marketing, even on the free offer.

This way you see for yourself your own website up on the internet. Anyone online will be able to view your own website. Of course, they have to find it first. Your own website that can be viewed by anyone online, including you and anyone you tell about your new website as well as potentially loads of other people. Again, although a lot of work setting up the “bare bones” website is done for you, it does require hard work at your end to make this truly exceptional.

World Class Secure Managed WordPress Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting

In my opinion, the websites and hosting provided are excellent. You should know that this is secure managed WordPress based hosting.

What Is a Secure Managed WordPress Host?

I define a secure managed WordPress host as a host that manages WordPress, manages security and manages a range of time consuming technical tasks for you so that you do not do these time consuming technical tasks yourself. This is my definition and in my experience this is what this host does.

Of course, I think that this type of hosting is way more high grade and way better than other web hosting solutions out there. I have noticed that other secure managed WordPress hosts do not seem to define a secure managed WordPress host in this manner. They have a much looser definition, if they have one at all.

Why Use a Secure Managed WordPress Host?

In my opinion, a secure managed WordPress host should allow you to free up your time to focus on the important stuff rather than spending your time doing those time consuming tasks. I read that it can take somewhere between 100 hours and 150 hours just to learn about how to manage WordPress. You should note that this does not include the time to actually manage WordPress.

I think that it makes a lot of sense to let your secure managed WordPress host do this. Of course, you may from time to time need to do some hosting tasks. In my opinion, you should backup your website as often as you deem necessary. Even if your host does daily automated backups.

Your WordPress based websites can in theory be moved to other WordPress hosting solutions. However you should know that this is not always guaranteed as there are variables that can affect this process. If you are moving from one web host to another, I recommend strongly that you test out this process in advance of the real move. If you do not, you only have yourself to blame if things do not go well.

Easy to Use Website Builder

They have an easy to use website builder and provide video based step-by-step training that shows how to build a “bare-bones” website in less than a minute on their platform. This website is then available on the internet when that process is complete. Pretty impressive. Of course, once the website is built, you do need to add your content. 🙂

Build Beautiful Profit Ready Websites
Work From Home Notes Logo

Open up your free trial and create one free website using this. Of course, there are more premium functions & features available to premium members however you get quite a lot of functions & features on the free trial.

David from Work From Home Notes

Work From Home Aspect Three: Keyword Research Tool

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate’s platform also includes a keyword research tool. This allows you to do research and determine what keywords you will use based on objective findings. It is no use writing a great post if Google does not send you any traffic. This tool helps you to determine what keywords to use.

Research Keywords and Spy on Competition

The Keyword Research Tool provided is excellent. As an affiliate marketer, the content you create on your website is going to determine how successful you are. You create content, your readers read it, some of those readers take you up on your recommendations. For example, buy something using your affiliate link.

Keyword Research Is an Important Activity

Keyword Tool At Wealthy Affiliate

To put it another way, it is no good creating good quality content if no one reads it. So an important activity is to do keyword research. You want to determine good keywords to use so that over time, the search engines find your content and include your articles in search engine results. A percentage will click through to read that article and a percentage of them will buy from your affiliate links in that article.

Work From Home Notes Logo

Spend time going through the training on this so that you understand these concepts very well. This may save you a lot of time later on in your affiliate marketing business.

David from Work From Home Notes

Work From Home Aspect Four: Create Content Tools

Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate’s platform includes tools to help create content. There are a number of default templates already setup. You can create your own templates starting from scratch. Or you can create your own templates using an existing template (either your own or one of the default templates).

Write Content Effectively and Efficiently

The Tools to Help Create Content are excellent. These tools are designed to help you to write content in an effective and efficient manner. You can design your own templates and then use these templates as you create content. This is a brilliant time-saver.

Of course, you do your research. Then you can create content very effectively and with efficiency using this tool. Certainly, you have access to an image library of over one million images. You use their search function to help find suitable images. If that is not enough, there are also articles written by other members which explain how to find more images.

Work From Home Notes Logo

Spend time using these tools and see for yourself how effective and efficient they are for you.

David from Work From Home Notes

Work From Home Conclusion


All things considered, becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate was a good decision. Firstly, I work from the comfort of my own home. Secondly, I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This helps me with my online presence.

You can do the same. You can unlock your membership package now by clicking the link below.

Disclosure: I earn from qualifying purchases made through links in this post.